Falling Push-Ups Tutorial (Dangerous!) – BTS Dionysus Dance Move

Falling Push-Ups Tutorial (Dangerous!) – BTS Dionysus Dance Move

Hey guys, Manuel here from Tykato Fitness. Today i’m going to show you how to prepare
your wrists for falling push ups, or even just normal falling. You can learn this, you can train your wrists
to take the load. But it takes time, so this takes a lot of
lot of time. So don’t rush it, because you will get injured
and wrist fractures, so the bones breaking, is one of the most common injuries in Germany
and not only for old people, but also for young people who fall and who have weak wrists. So from now on you will do this now and then. Don’t overdo it. But you will do this progression and learn
it – and in the end you can just go and fall as cool as i just did, okay? So let’s step into the progressions. Here is a quick safety and progression info:
safety first. Don’t do this exercise if you are fatigued. Only do it when you are fresh and thoroughly
warmed up. You need to warm up your wrists and you best
have training experience. So, bodyweight or gym training for at least
a year. That’s my suggestion, of course. For the progression: do this once a week,
the progression you are at. No more then once, so your wrists and your
bones and everything else has time to rest. And you do 3 sets of 10 reps. Rest between the sets for at least 2 minutes
and if you feel fatigued, stop the exercise immediately and call it a day. The first progression is on your knees and
i suggest that you find something soft, like grass, to train on. You just lean forward do a push up and you
can push yourself up back again into the knee position for some additional explosiveness
power. Focus on starting with a posterior pelvic
tilt because you will lose it somewhat when you impact on the floor. For the next progression, squat and do the
same exercise again. And as you can see, i lose some of the posterior
pelvic tilt when i impact on the floor and that is quite normal. So really, really focus on bracing your core
while doing this exercise. Once again: it is important that you don’t
arch your back but you have a hollow body position or even pike your hips a little bit. The more you pike, the less the impact will
go to your lower body. So when you impact your back will go a little
bit into anterior pelvic tilt, and that is quite normal. So really brace your core. And then you are at the last progression:
Let yourself fall over and fall into the push up position or even the chaturanga position,
which is the lower push up position. And that’s it! I hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions write them into
the comments and please leave a like!

14 thoughts on “Falling Push-Ups Tutorial (Dangerous!) – BTS Dionysus Dance Move

  1. Hi Manuel, I was wondering how much strain this would put on the chest muscles with it being an explosive movement? I currently have some ligament damage in my chest and I'm wondering if once it's healed if this would cause severe damage? love the videos, keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Now I know the name of this step! I need to add it to a choreo so this will be so helpful 😅

  3. I just woke up one day and decided to fall into a push up position, scary at first but after a few times of success, wasn't scary

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