Faceworks Face Exercises: Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline

Faceworks Face Exercises: Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline

Lift your chin & tilt your head back, so your chin is pointing up Lift your chin and tilt your head back so
your chip is pointing up and out. Push your lower jaw forward a little Feel the stretch under the chin Feel the stretch under the chin Hold for a count of 10 Slowly lower your chin by 3 inches, then lift again Repeat lifting and lowering 20 times, moving slowly to work the muscles Don’t push the lower jaw out too far- there shouldn’t be any
pain or tension in the jaw joint under your ears The Focus Point is under the chin: make sure
you can feel the area working hard Keep the head straight, don’t turn or twist your neck Last 5 repetitions…keep focusing on the area under your chin Drop your chin down low to relax and release the muscles properly Lift your chin, tilt your head back and roll the lower jaw out slightly Hold for a count of 10 Drop your chin down 3 inches, then slowly lift it again Keep the movement slow The Focus Point is under the chin, feel the stretch here. Your lower jaw only goes out a little, there should be no
tension or pain in the jaw joint under the ears. This exercise tones double chins, lifts loose skin and streamlines under the chin. Nearly done…focus on the muscles that you feel working Last one… Drop your chin down low again to release the muscles and relax the neck

100 thoughts on “Faceworks Face Exercises: Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline

  1. I have a strange feeling of anxiety almost like I cant breathe doing these exercises? Anyone else? Not sure if its because of my thyroid or what?

  2. This is actually amazing thank you for sharing this I have done it twice and it's already started to work xx

  3. One side of her face looks fuller than the other, its really noticeable once you notice it. What is that from?

  4. I'm starting it today ….so how many times in a week do I have to do this ….and after how much time will I see the result ?

  5. I'm so excited for the result.. I just did it today! And I will do it everyday.. But I have 2 question:

    1. Does bending down your neck oftentimes could create double chin? Coz I'm usually doing it, putting my tab on my lap and my phone below my tummy most of the time when I'm using them.

    2. Does chewing gum really helps tone your chin but could create a wider face due to extended jawline? (I don't know how to describe it but you know what I mean right)

  6. I'm doing this for a month to see the results. Under 25 and no fat on chin but it is untoned and I would like more definition

  7. Can I do this on daily basis?? Like doing this excersie for months time won't cause any side effects right? Or can I stop after two to three weeks of time? Please reply if possible, it would be helpful! Thanks 😉

  8. Do you get a slimmer face or slimmer cheeks because i've got thick cheeks and i want a slimmer face/cheeks!

  9. I did this for over a week and if you do this EVERYDAY you will see results at the end of the week! BUT you really need to stop eating unhealthy, if you don't it won't work.

  10. is this permanent ? or you should do it again and again for it to not comeback? and is this will affect my teeth? because i just got my braces off .

  11. Thanks everyone for asking questions – one pretty please – please read the information under the exercise BEFORE asking your question – it saves time! thanks.

  12. I've done this for about 2 months now and I've gotta say if you stop doing it for a while, all the weight you've lost will come back eventually. After I've started to notice, I went back to doing it. And yes it does work after 1- 7 days. You will definitely start to notice a difference.

  13. Find out more about why face exercises work: http://www.faceworks.co.uk/blog/do-face-exercises-work/

  14. to get rid of a double chin, decrease your over all body fat percentage and you will notice a very clear change in your facial structure over time through a period of cardiovascular exercise. A healthy calorie deficit paired with a healthy clean diet will provide results in as little as 3-6 months. Take vitamins, stay away from unhealthy carbs and sugary drinks. Take a healthy variety of omega 3s (fish oil, flaxseed oil). Go for at least 2-6 miles a day and the results will be sufficient enough to where your face will finally restore itself a long with a aesthetic body, get healthy and get active.

  15. @Channeluser What is your opinion regarding tongue posture playing a role in the appearance of a double chin? If I hang my tongue low in my mouth then my neck skin (not really fat) droops down. Keeping it up instantly defines my face

  16. hi, i have a little question. i watched some exercise videos to lose my chubby cheeks and did exactly the same what they said. now i don't like how it turned out. it looks alot weirder…can you maybe help me by giving tips? i really miss my chubby cheeks 🙁

  17. 3 Great Ways to Get Faceworks: which will you choose? http://www.faceworks.co.uk/blog/best-face-exercise-program/

  18. ive been completing this workout every day for about a month now!! it really works like i can actually see results! its so amazing how just exercising the facial muscles for about 5 min a day can make a huge difference :))))

  19. I had the app on my iPhone, but now it doesn’t work as the developer has to update it to IOS 11. Very disappointed as I really like the app and I paid for it

  20. I do think is helpful. I tried it for two days and my chin definitely got a workout. I had to quit because the up and down movements were hurting my already compromised neck. Be aware to not do this if you have a neck injury.

  21. I want to join Faceworks and have a quesiton: I have been using NuFACE for years and it helps my jawline. This chin and jawline exercise seems great. Can I do this exercise and continue using NuFACE?

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  23. I kinda got a little double chin will this still work? And also does the stretching crest more flabbiness under the skin? Someone please reply

  24. I realy like to know if you have to keep your lower jaw forward when doing this exercise. Greetings from Holland!

  25. I ve built a very strong jawline from doing all of this, but I have one question is their risk of neck or back problems because I ve started getting tiny little pains at the top of my spine and my mid back is this normal have I just been overworking my jawline or is it something more serious, I don't overextend either so I don't know what's going on

  26. hey i so like your videos but i need exercise for small lips i have big lips and i want small thin lips do you have any exercose for me ?

  27. This actually really works. I did it 10x a day so basically 5 sets in the morning 5 sets in the evening it will definetely work fast. After day 1 i saw a slight difference already. Did this already for 3 weeks so far so good.

  28. After the exercise I mainly have pain on my chin and not the neck. Is this normal? Am I doing it right? Thanks!

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