EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review - Worth the $$? [2019]

EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review – Worth the $$? [2019]

okay so we're talking about Equinox a two hundred and $40 a month chin is it worth it let's find out he's on the answereth leg tailored and on this channel we talk about everything that makes your life amazing make sure to follow me on instagram subscribe on the button below and I'll see you guys for more videos so is Equinox worth 2 $240 a month price the answer to me is yes here's why really quickly being healthy and fitness an essential part of my lifestyle the facility and equipment there is spotless everything is super clean and finally the energy there which is great I feel like a million bucks or maybe 240 bucks every time I walk in so let's take a little bit deeper as to why I chose Equinox and how it compares to other gyms in the area the secrets of right fit for you being fit and healthy is a huge part of my lifestyle I've worked at everyday for the past 15 years and it's an investment I'm making my body in my life that makes me feel good every day if you haven't seen it yet make sure to check out my transformation meal that helped me transform my body from my old body to my new body now when I say Equinox is clean I mean it's spotless it's sort of reminds me of those old like semiconductor rooms at Equinox the towels are fantastic so not only did it give you the regular towels you can use a lie down on all that sort of stuff but to give you these towels that are soaked in eucalyptus oil and they keep them in the refrigerator so what I do every time I go to the gym I grab a towel put it on my back put into my arm fit my shoulder and it kind of cools down and relaxes my muscles and gets me ready for my workout so like I said the vibe is great there when you walk in people are smiling they say welcome and you're good to see you again even if they haven't seen me or if they have seen me everyone just is in a great mood and I'll be honest I do work out all the time and it's a grind I'd much rather prefer to just sit at home he chose pizza and just relax but working out is the part of my life and I have to do it and Equinox makes it that a little bit more easy for me to go into the gym everyday and also makes it easier for me to stay there when the vibe is great I don't mind being there for two or three hours at a time and three hours is probably the max I've ever been at the gym I'm still insane but I've been there I did cardio for an hour did weights went back to cardio and just watched some YouTube videos and passed the time the tube itself so when the feels like some of these cool downtown loft apartment there's sleek surfaces everywhere metal lights are all really finely tuned and every little detail is thought of in the locker rooms they've got these benches that look really cool they're black and white and match with everything the tiles are really nice and just every little thing is thought of and when I went to a gym richland never really thought about having like a cool environment and actually caring about that but the equinox it makes that a little bit of a difference and it justifies their higher price point so the equinox equipment as you'd expect to stop knotch at our local Williamsburg location I've got dumbbells I go up to 120 pounds to squat racks I think three bench presses one an incline press about 30 or 40 Hammer Strength machines for cable row machines about 70 or 80 pieces of cardio equipment and only when it's completely packed do I have to wait for something but honestly I've never had to wait for cardio ever it's just sort of the squat racks I get really busy and the bench presses and flat benches and all that stuff no I'm not a class guy but the times I have gone to classes with dread therapy it's been awesome so the classes save everything we've got the hit classes the yoga classes the high-intensity interval training does it classes in the morning in the afternoon in the evening you can book everything through the app it's super easy it's really fun now I'm not a big steam room guy but they do have a steam room here great to cool off after a workout but the showers I'm a big shower guy the shower stuff is awesome they've got Kiehl's products so they've got this grapefruit soap that tastes so good it smells no way it smells so good you can taste it anyway it's fantastic I want to buy it for my house but it's too expensive so just go in there and take a little bottle and wait cut that out anyway but the soap it is awesome the grapefruit stuff it's Kiehl's they have lotion for your face lotions for your hands your everything now how this Equinox compared to other gyms in the area we've got two other gyms we've got retro fitness which is a cheap sort of bucket gym that reminds me of sort of like a McDonald's Playland area and then there's chalk Jim and chalk is kind of in between retro and Equinox chalk is about 80 bucks a month and a little fun fact that's where a broad city where Ally worked where she'd clean up the pubes from like the bathroom and all that sort of stuff the gym itself is in this in-between area where it's got you know decent equipment did sword a nice sort of trendy but just to me wasn't really worth spending the 80 bucks a month I'd rather be down at the retro fitness or up with the equinox so back to the original question two hundred and forty bucks for our gym seems kind of insane and a little let you in on louver the secret so two hundred forty bucks is only for these very extreme sore locations so the printing house in the West Village has a pool on the rooftop and the New York City getting access to a pool is a major pain point we tried to go as a boy in Vail one day it was about fifty or hundred bucks for a one-day pass so two hundred forty bucks a month to get access to a pool it's totally worth it it's crazy it's insane I never would have paid this before I moved to New York but now it's something I'd consider doing also there's two tricks to saving money on the equinox membership the first is to sign up whenever there's a new one in your area they've got early bird pricing which knocks maybe twenty or thirty bucks off per month also on when signing up make sure to do the single location I just go to the same gym every day I never travel and that saves in that there twenty or thirty bucks so my final all-in price for Equinox Williamsburg is by the hundred thirty bucks so again is Equinox worth the two hundred forty bucks a month absolutely it for me it is once you try it out you'll love it now if you love this video make sure to check out the other videos follow me on Instagram subscribe maybe triple click on the button down there and I'll see you guys for the next video

39 thoughts on “EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review – Worth the $$? [2019]

  1. Sorry to say, I go to Equinox in Boston, and the only complaints I hear are from people who can’t afford to go to Equinox. My complaint is that a lot of people don’t actually pay full price, most of the people in my particular gym are there on corporate programs. I pay full price, and I spend 1.5-3 hours a day, 6 days a week, at that frequency, I’d justifiably pay $500 a month, I don’t care, and I’m not rich, but I’m not poor either.

  2. 🤣 "I've worked out every day for the past 15 years" looks like the average person who has worked out one year

  3. There’s a gym in downtown san diego for $145/month, it’s beautiful but kind of pricey. The thing is a beautiful gym will give me motivation to want to get in shape, so I’m really considering it. I’m conflicted 😬

  4. It's hard for alot of people to understand because all they see are $values. But it's really about the environment. It's like moving yourself from the projects to your new house you just bought. The better the environment translates to better quality of workout, and that includes all the nitty gritty details such as cleanliness ,etc. Also, because of the higher price point, it makes it more convenient for those who can afford it. Time is luxury. Not to mention, also a good net working opportunity because you meet others who are willing to spend that money

  5. I live in Connecticut. I guess you can say a wealthier town. I live right next door to it. So my Membership is already like 60 bucks a month. I check out Equinox, and I sit-down with someone in the office. SIGN ME UP! ok, today it will be like 400 , and your monthly membership is like 170 a month. WTF. I'm like kiss my ASS. 🤔 I'm still debating though. ugh I needddd the Steam-room in my life. No gym has one!

  6. I have a Crunch membership with access to all of their locations in the city for $80. There are no eucalyptus towels or any pieces of gold accent furniture in the bathroom (lol) but I find it to be great value for money and I am happy to workout there!

  7. if they provide you with free Pre Workout drinks and isolate protein shakes & right after workout, then it has a worth of 240$
    Otherwise, a big no 😛

  8. I appreciate your review, screw the haters. Atmosphere makes a big difference at the gym you go to. Is Equinox 24-7?

  9. No, you don't need to spend that much money to get fit. In fact, you don't need to spend no money; look at convicts for example.

  10. First of all this 24hr super sport is better, 2nd you don’t need to work out for 3hrs that’s bullshit!! I look better than most of these pussies and I pay 30 bucks a month

  11. I honestly think it’s worth it if you fully take advantage of the steam room shower situation and make a spa day out of it everyday- can really contribute to your overall health!

  12. I’ve been watching for a couple seconds and already think he’s a douchebag. Maybe I should reserved judgement until the end of the video.

  13. Been going to Equinox in NYC for a year and the #1 reason I pay that much is because people go in there to actually work out. The vibe is much different than most gyms. There's no hoe in the way taking selfies fake squatting, douchebags texting on the machines for hours. Even during rush hour you can get it and get out in a good amount of time. Yes, it's a bit overpriced, but it's worth it for me. There's alot to love about it, but that's the main reason when people ask why Equinox.

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