Elite Pilates Teacher Training  UK –  Breathing & faulty muscle recruitment

Elite Pilates Teacher Training UK – Breathing & faulty muscle recruitment

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment! Elite Pilates Teacher Training hi I’m tanja from Elite Pilates
teacher training and this video is about faulty muscle recruitment with breathing
so we’ve done some videos on those generally we don’t pass any specific
breath as right breathing because it depends what you’re doing and you can
get singing as dancers people have done yoga for a long time
they tend to breathe in a different way so to try and force someone to breathe
in a way that is not natural to them goes against the grain so all have to
what isn’t money to that but what we do you can get is faulty muscle with people
when you breathe and this generally will happen worth people that maybe drive or
hearts may be set to the desk that depends on the upper body posture so as
people that tend to be in that kind of shape
so all these muscles in the neck down into the chest under the arm tend to be
quite tight and stuff so from being in the position there’s not a lot of
freedom or range of motion in that area so if you can imagine your postures like
this most of the times the shoulders are rounded when it comes to breathing how
this kind of person would breathe and if you’re not sure if this is if you have a
look in the mirror where I’ll agree that you might be able to see it since how
people would change when you start to become aware of it so people like that
would tend to go so the whole body lifts up this is using everything that
shouldn’t be working so for people like that generally we like to do a lot of
neck stretching in the tarsals because most people have a stiff necks how you
can use the breath to stretch that off so for example we were talking about the
map sometimes I’ll take away your to your
shoulder and now we will going to direct the breath into there so ever think of
expanding now that’s gonna be your easy part because if you’re quite tight that
your body will naturally be able to pull up a little bit but by your challenge is
going to be when you breathe out is to pull it all back and down
so as you stop the muscles from doing that you want to pull it away so you
might find oh that’s quite an something to lift my neck again so just hold it
there few breaths in here when the exhale pull it back and down and then
you can do the other side as well so I can pick it up a lot tighter on right
side so breathing in it you might feel that shoulder lift a little bit and then
exhale pull it down as you breathe out and you can feel that you can see my
muscles there that’s quite a little bit so that is how we can try and stretch
these muscles off to relieve these over dominant muscles when you breathe in
because what we need to do is start teaching you how to breathe either fill
er lateral thoracic or belly breath it’s this whole thing that is is not writers
so we need to retrain the brain so to speak so that is a good way of for the
next stretches when people breathe in the spots the
chest they tend to be quick breathers and they tend to be brave shallow
breathers and so where normally you’d send the air down to the lungs they’d
probably breathe out to the about that much so what happens then is your body
functions in the sympathetic nervous system so sympathetic nervous system is
your fight and flight mode and it will body’s releasing cortisol adrenaline
because it thinks it needs to save the life starts getting ready for a fight
now what happens when those hormones are in your body everything else shuts down
so in this house everything starts to shut down because you will break your
bones so you can think your your awareness is always higher a
fight-or-flight mode and that’s not a good state for a human being to be
living in constantly there’s times when yes you need to be aware and alert and
all of those things but we should actually be in our parasympathetic
nervous system the calm State and that is what I did the other video on baby
breath so if you go and watch that one it’ll bring you back into
parasympathetic so parasympathetic is when we are calm we are relaxed the
digestion is switch over because the body is thinking right I’m safe I can
digest the food I can be taught out and this will relieve stress if we reduce
your cortisol so especially if you menopausal
perimenopausal cortisol plays a big big role in weight gain in menopausal woman
so if you can reduce cortisol levels you can reduce weight gain so it has lots of
benefits helps you to sleep yeah we need to change these 40 muscle recruiting
breathing techniques to either lateral thoracic and it’ll take time it’s a
habit and how long do these go how long do habits take a break and
we’ll be making us SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel Like Share and Comment!

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