Easy Strength Today

Easy Strength Today

I had a nice little question about the
concept of easy strength and the person asked me about loaded carries and it got
me deep diving into well really since 2003 which is you know 16, 17 years now
of doing this protocol along with all these new things that have come along
you know how would I put together easy strength today? Well really there’s four
kind of given exercises. The overhead press family. That’s the military, one-arm
work works fine but we have to double the number of reps, but the military
press, the vertical press, vertical pulls, which are obviously pull-ups or, if you
have to, a machine pull down, but what’s nice about those is if you watch you
know they are what we used to call super set you know you go in
both directions and the universal gym machines were basically designed to
train like that and of course the other two kind of givens are a member of the
deadlift family where you go like this and of course the ad wheel where you go
like this. So vertical press, vertical push, vertical pull, deadlift, AB wheel and
then the fifth. Well there’s two ways to go about that fifth exercise. We’ve had a
lot of success in the last few years with doing swings as the fifth exercise
either in the warm-up doing swings or just towards the end before the AB wheel
and we also notice an interesting thing. When I first started teaching this I
said 250 swings. Well that was way too much and then I brought down to 125 and
now we’re about 75 swings you can do that 5 sets of 15 or any other way you
want to get to 75 doesn’t matter. Now if you’re doing loaded carries, so the
workout would be slightly different. You would go,
you’d go vertical push, vertical pull, deadlift,
I would suggest AB wheel then, and then go outside or where you have to go to do
the loading carries and there’s a odd thing about the loaded carries that
doesn’t really fit the vision easy strength but the idea is that each
and every workout you do something radically different. So very simply one
day you could do suitcase carry left, suitcase carry right, next workout rack
walk left, rack walk right, maybe next day double rack walk, next day waiter walk,
waiter walk, next day farmer walks weights in both hands, next day add a
sled to it, next day add a heavy backpack to it, and then of course just
keep mixing and matching with load and distance and intensity. What we, what
I’ve always noticed about the loaded carry family is it doesn’t work like
other members of the weightlifting family.
You’re constantly, you seem to adapt. Let’s just say it this way. We seem to
adapt too quickly. If I have you do farmer walks with a trap bar with body
weight and we do that three times in a week, by the third time, and I don’t know
why this is true, you’ll have mastered the movement and it’ll just be too easy.
So I thought it was a good question, so if you could remember vertical push, a
vertical pull-pull up, deadlift, AB wheel and then go out and have some fun
on loaded carries okay thank you.

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  1. Dan, any further thoughts about the rep schemes? The first version was 2×5, right? Then the next version varied much more – some days were sets of singles others 5,3,2 etc etc. Is one much better than the other after further thought?

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