EASY 20 MIN AT HOME WORKOUT – Tips on How to Stay Focused!

hello babes welcome back to the channel
we are back with another video I’m trying to film as much content as
possible for you guys and I’ve been as you guys know working up from home I
mentioned to you guys on IG if you guys are not following me on there its access
G Macedo don’t mind my talk if it looks like it’s a little bit wet I kind of
dirtied myself when I was eating breakfast and I’m also currently filming
a what I eat a day for you guys hopefully that’ll give you guys some
info and also just to keep you guys on track I know right now it is very very
hard to keep on track I’m super aware of that I do however have a ton of
discipline when it comes to my food and my portions but I’ll be honest with you
guys staying on track is extra like I really need to remind you guys it’s
extra extra extra important right now because we have so much freedom because
we’re getting a lot more lazy kind of buckle down and be like listen we have
to be serious because at the end the day you guys I was transparent with you guys
in what I gained I can’t wait back and right now would be a really crucial time
for me to either gain a lot more to maintain or I still have the ability to
lose weight I mentioned in my wedding a day actually just a few minutes ago that
I did lose a pound this morning there’s two options if you guys are ready eating
very little calories you you probably should up your workout because I don’t
want you guys to eat too little so if you’re even like 1,300 calories I
wouldn’t say to like lower them down I would say just to stay a little more
active and just kind of watch where you’re eating more stay away from like
buying snacks that you know are not good for you or that you’re just going to
chil them down like big strips cookies all those things not to say that you
can’t have them cuz you guys know I’m all about having a balanced lifestyle
let’s just use me as an example since I’ve gained like 10 to 15 pounds like
overall it’s like do I really want to gain an extra 10 to 15 and at the end of
this now I have to lose 30 like do you really want that I don’t want that for
myself because I’m already trying to lose the 10 to 15 you know name and
right now it’s more it’s getting closer to 10 I’ve been sticking to my calorie
deficit but some days I’ll eat under like a hundred calories or so I eat 1500
calories I don’t forget I’m not keeping the same activities I was before so at
the gym I’m like lifting heavy weights whereas here I don’t have those heavy
weights I do have the basics that we’re gonna be using today and we’re gonna do
is very quick and easy workout this is like a 20 to 30 minute workout and you
can kind of make it longer if you wanted to a full hour but I would say because
people are probably not gonna want to do an hour workout at home every single day
then just do twenty to thirty minutes maybe three to four times a week if you
can only do two and you feel like that’s where you want to start I recommend
starting off slow because I feel like when you just go too hard and you end up
like wearing yourself out and it’s not good so we’re gonna do a really easy
workout I was actually not planning on filming this but I’m like why not I’m
sure you guys want to see it I’ve been getting a ton of requests from you guys
to see every workouts if you guys are brand new to my channel my name is
Stefan don’t know already and I do a ton of different videos from cooking Fitness
Health fashion beauty basically everything and a ton of blogs as well
and if you are not subscribed yet and make sure you subscribe and click that
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using three things today I’m going to show you guys what we’re gonna be using
I’m linking everything that I use down below you guys can easily get it from
Amazon thank god they’re still operating please don’t shut down I’m just wearing
my Lululemon leggings since we are working out from home and I just have
this really quick and easy kind of thin core neck it’s not too thick I hope
everybody is doing well I hope you guys can follow this workout with me and I
hope you guys can use the throughout this entire time hopefully this does not
last long but I’m sending positive vibes out into the air right now into the
earth and hopefully this will all be over soon
I didn’t want to say it is okay if during this time you’ve gained a little
bit of weight let’s just be real if you have been on your calorie deficit and
you’ve been going to the gym and lifting heavy weights and you don’t have those
weights at home you might experience that you’re not losing as much weight
like at the end of the day a lot of us are spending way more time on our sofas
or at home there’s only so much we can do and if I can kind of help you guys
out or inspire you guys to kind of either stay at your same way maybe you
guys will lose but if you guys gain don’t get to like
hard on yourselves I just always want to be super real with you guys have to
remind yourself do I want to gain 10 to 15 am i okay with losing that way if
you’re okay with losing whatever you gain fine if you know it’s gonna be
super hard on you try your extra best to not do those things that you know we’re
gonna get you there like overeating buying snacks that are you know
something that you’re going to sit at your sofa and just eat the whole bag of
those things over time especially because we’re home every single day they
will affect your calorie deficit having a cheat day here and there is not going
to affect your deficit and your activity level for most of us it’s going to be
lower so that is the fact and I’m not trying to do that because I’m already
trying to lose the weight that I’ve gained slowly not even fast so I’m not
trying to add another 10 to 15 pounds on there watch yourself let’s get started
with our workout and hopefully you guys enjoy also I’m gonna be listening to
music that is really what inspires me to really get into my workout so this is
all we’re using today you guys I’m gonna leave everything down below linked for
you guys this also comes in a set these can come in a set as well with different
kind of resistance to them and of course dumbbells are really really great to
have Amazon has all of these things so again I will leave a link down below
these two are 10 pounds each just in case I forget to mention and now one is
the extra heavy one so that’s the hardest one in the entire package and
this one came on its own but I also have a set where it comes with a few
different ones for different workouts you might want different resistance but
for the ones we’re doing today I just need this one and I would say it’s like
a medium resistance but you can make it harder depending on how you do the
actual workout okay baby let’s get started so I’m gonna pull through this
resistance band through here we’re gonna be doing some pull throws so basically
go all the way down make sure your back is not like bent over make sure it’s not
winging upwards just make sure it’s nice and flat just like I’m doing right here
and then when you pull through to the top make sure you guys tighten those
glutes you can see the difference from when I go down and see when I come up
over here I’m tightening those glutes and these are just really good for the
booty next we’re gonna be doing some squat
jumps ease are a killer you guys to put the booty and the top of the legs it’s a
really really good workout this is considered a hip workout do as many as
you guys can if you can do two sets three sets good for you you can tell I
am dying over here but these are really good in between I wanted to show you I’m
having my water with my BCAA powder and I will leave it link down below so this
next one is with the extra heavy resistance band you guys these bands are
not a joke they are way way more harder to use when I first got it I was like
what in the world so if you are used to the normal rubber ones you can still get
so many good workouts with those but these ones are extra extra hard these
are basically hip abductions that we’re doing so the first one I just did a
normal hip abduction but here I’m actually holding it in place for about
10 to 15 seconds if you can and you can also do ones like these where you step
to the side you can stand up using the resistance band we’re gonna be doing
squats next with it but these are just really really good you guys and you will
definitely feel it in the booty try to keep everything nice and tight as well
and just kind of have fun with these resistance bands and again I’ll leave
the set down below for you guys these I definitely recommend especially because
we’re gonna be working out from home next is the classic squad so I like to
put my band just above my knees over there it really kind of depends and
it’ll make it even harder the higher you go with this band obviously they’re
really firm you guys um what you want to focus on here is again when you come up
it like honestly a lot of people say like go as low as you can
others say you don’t have to go as low honestly I just do my squats like this
and I feel them in my booty but make sure when you guys are coming up you are
tightening those squats you can see when I go down and again and then when I
tighten it’s just really gonna help to get the overall squat he’s over here I
would call side hip abductions they’re really really good it was really hard so
you guys can see I’m not like stepping too too far out if you guys have the
rubber bands and not these ones you probably can step out a lot further
with the extra heavy ones but with this one I’m telling you guys it looks like
I’m not stepping out a lot but it’s because this thing is extremely tight
and let me tell you I could feel it in my hips so we’re gonna be using our 10
pound dumbbells over here I like to call these the birdies because it looks like
you’re like flying these are really great for the arms and your shoulders
obviously and you will fill this in your arms if it’s like your first time doing
these tomorrow probably you’ll feel them and they look really easy but they are
not they’re actually quite difficult but I do love doing them so these are your
basic bicep curls there’s different ways you guys can do them I’m holding them
upright like this some people like to do them the other way but it honestly does
not matter you’re still carrying the same weight and honestly if even if you
guys don’t have these dumbbells at home you can use anything that’s kind of the
same way even if you guys want to rotate like this so let’s say you have like a
heavy bottle but you only have one of them just use it in the one arm do your
sets with that and then switch over to the other arm my arms are really tired
over here you guys can tell so I want to show you this is another way you guys
can do the bicep curl with still using that one piece of equipment there’s so
many things that you guys can do with this resistance band that’s why I really
recommend it especially with the handles so here you guys can see I’m going
outwards almost like the birdies like I was using with the dumbbells and you
guys can also just showing you guys different ways you guys can do one arm
at a time you can switch it up and go back to the bicep curls and just kind of
have fun with it also don’t forget that you can make this
workout any length that you want and do as many sets as you can and now we’re
gonna be doing some lunges you guys obviously weighted lunges it’s always
good to kind of put at least some weight again if you don’t have dumbbells use
two water bottles maybe use two bottles of something else maybe hold one thing
in front of you if you don’t have these hopefully you guys do have access to
these but it’s not the end of the world so do like maybe two to three sets on
each leg I like to do one set with one leg and then switch and do the other one
some people like to do all three sets with each leg this over
here I don’t really know what to call these guys but they are really hard to
do guys but I love them I love a good challenge if I’m not feeling challenged
during a workout to me there’s no point in even doing it so even though you
don’t want to make it too hard you still want to challenge yourself okay so I’m
just basically kind of laying down here but in an upright position and just
lifting up the dumbbells you guys will feel this in your shoulders and your
arms and just overall out of breath right now if you guys loved this workout
don’t forget to share it on your IG and take me asta and you Macedo I would love
to see you guys doing my workouts at home basically it for my easy at-home
workout you can shop everything I showed you guys down below today these three
things are super simple super effective and very easy to use at home but
hopefully this kind of helped you guys out if you want to like continue to use
this like every other day or every time you guys work out there’s nothing wrong
with repeating this maybe you’ll think of other things and you want to mix it
in with the workouts I showed you guys today you guys can also do that again if
you were I know thank you so much for stopping by my channel you are so
welcome to be here and don’t forget to subscribe
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for watching and I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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