DREAM MACHINE TUTORIAL FOR STILL RINGS – Gymnastics and Calisthenics Strength Training

DREAM MACHINE TUTORIAL FOR STILL RINGS – Gymnastics and Calisthenics Strength Training

Hey guys I’m Carl and today I want to go over a piece of fitness equipment that helps with ring strength called a dream machine. This particular one I made out of a trampoline spotting belt 2 cables that go through pulleys and attached to 2 handles. Uh it’s also called a Power Monkey Ring Thing and I’ll put a link in the description below on where you can get one on Amazon if you want I’ve made a couple of these over the years and I guess the hardest piece of equipment to get is the trampoline spotting belt. Uh this particular one has cables that have a coating over it which makes it go through the pulleys a little easier I have made some with rope that goes through pulleys but you do get a little bit of friction. And this is attached just to 2 handles I used from an old Crossbow of Bowflex machine but you could also use rings or straps or whatever you want. I usually attach it to the rings here by just taking these rings off And attaching these pulleys through here I also want to go over some exercises that you can do it this whether you are just starting off working on some tucked planches back levers front levers or muscle ups. Or if you’re more advanced doing maltese press planches or Azarian to crosses. This particular belt just connects like a seatbelt And you want to keep the cables behind your arms as opposed to in front of your arms for most of these exercises For muscles ups first you want to start off with a few pull ups and a few dips When you’re ready to try a muscle up in the beginning if you want you can jump a little bit off the floor or use a little bit of momentum to help you get up but you do want to go down with strict form and nice and controlled And then you want to try and do a muscle up without using any momentum. For planches you can keep the rings parallel to each other like this or turned out it’s up to you And you’re going to start off by holding a tucked planche and then you can slowly open up to a straddle planche and eventually try and get your legs together for a legs together or a full planche You can also do the same thing for a back or front lever by starting off in a tuck and slowly opening up to a straddle and then try and bring your legs together. For malteses you can start off with an exercise of doing some tucked planche push ups Followed by some tucked planche lower into tucked maltese and trying to press back out. And when you’re ready you can try doing the same thing in a straddle or with your legs together For crosses you can start off in a front support and I recommend that you go down a little bit at a time and pull back up and a little lower and a little lower until you can hit a cross because even though it’s a dream machine and it does cut your body weight down by about half you still don’t want to go too low on the first one and tear a chest muscle. And you can also do this for inverted crosses too and you want to make sure that the belt is nice and tight because when you’re upside down you can slip out. Also when you’re going upside down in the dream machine ideally for the belt you want these 2 hooks to be right by your sides or hips because sometimes if they’re too close together you might have trouble getting upside down and get a nice straight line. You can also do some backward roll work or some Azarian work in the dream machine To start with you can bend your legs and bend your arms and do a few backward rolls through to support and you can try and do it with straighter legs and straighter arms until eventually you can do a slow backward roll with straight body and straight arms to a support and then a cross and then eventually planche or maltese. You can also do some kip work you’re just not going to be able to compress all the way to a deep pike And the most difficult skill you can do in the dream machine which is the most difficult strength skill on rings is a victorian And for this one you’re also going to want to have your arms behind the cables As always thanks guys for watching and if you like this video please hit that like button and feel free to comment and subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  1. The hardest part in making this is figuring how to connect cables to a weightlifting belt..
    UPDATE: I found the solution: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LB3PD99/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=spencernsea0e-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07LB3PD99&linkId=57ae4163dc6482f2d67ac77f199bebe9

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