You go into the gym.. You want success You want results You have to do something about it, you just can’t hope for it. You can’t expect it just to happen because you showed up. You can’t just expect it to happen because you did a few of these and a few of those .. .. And you know you ate some protein and all that stuff. You have to take ACTION. That you are NOT gonna go home a loser. I would rather DIE… Then acknowledge to myself that I’m that loser. There is nothing that I won’t do. I love the squat rack. To me it’s like a different sport. I mean the squat rack, the squat performance, the execution of the squat Is a different sport from powerlifting and from bodybuilding to me. To me it’s I have these feelings and emotional ties to the squat rack. Everytimes I do squat it’s sometimes I wonder if I’m gonna come back. You wonder if you’re gonna come back after all those reps.. I have every time so far. I’m not talented.. It was LIFE and DEATH.. Either you live or you die. Which one do you want? That was the decision. If you want something bad enough.. If you want something BAD enough you can’t let ANYBODY tell you that you CAN’T do something!! You will FIGHT to the DEATH to maintain your promise to yourself. You have to demand it, you have to promise yourself. This is it right here. You have to promise yourself. That you will NOT EVER BE A FAILURE. You have to do a lot more than just show up. You just can’t show up, you just can’t pretend .. You have to demand from the workout that you’re gonna get results. You have to have the results in your brain before you even get there. It’s gonna take ALL of you. It’s gonna take every ounce of your being.. EVERYTHING you got. And if you give it any less than everything you totally got and your not totally spend .. You’re not doing enough. You PROMISED yourself. You fkn promised yourself to be the best person you can be. THAT’S what makes you train. THAT’S what makes muscles grow. Nobody fkn knows the secret… THAT’S the secret. It’s who I am, it’s what I do, It’s what I’m good at. And if you think you could have done more, you’re a loser. I do not EVER want to go home from the gym, going I’m a loser I could have done more.

100 thoughts on “DON’T LEAVE THE GYM A LOSER

  1. Anybody with a functioning body can lift weights. It’s no great skill or task. I lift weights but let’s be honest it’s not all that difficult.

  2. In legs business, overall champ is Big Ron.
    If you only talk about best calves, that could be only Dorian Yates. However, you also cant ignored Kai Greens wheels made with steel 316L!

  3. 9.9/10 of guys leave the gym a loser these days. Only 3/10 woman leave the gym a loser. DO YOUR FUCKIN SQUATS!!

  4. For a bodybuilder he's squatting mechanics are on point! This is why Platz is one of my favourites joining with Dorian Yates.

  5. If I ever / When I step on Olympia stage, I'm dedicating that moment and all hard work to Tom Platz !!!

  6. This idiot thinks lifting weights is the most important thing in life lol. Btw. Is he still alive or did the roids kill em?

  7. “ Sometimes when i do squats i wonder if I’m going to come back, i wonder if I’m gonna come back after all those reps.” He said this in the most serious tone and i thought it was the funniest thing ever.

  8. the biger legend in the world the first man with the biggest legs in history with a lot of pain and sacrifice got them a hero that is in the heart of every bodybuilder Tom Plaz you are the best

  9. Take a page out his book bodybuilder's nowadays forget to do there legs everycunt are all about top half Tay show off but never forget ur legs fuck sake 😎

  10. 4:13. I was in the audience once when Tom hit that leg pose. It was somethin' to hear the whole audience, like 1000 people, just gasp.

  11. I have single handedly added 0.01% of all total views.
    Epicnesss has a new medium…
    Before, during and after the gym……

  12. Am i only one person that got goosebumps when he said "i would rather die than go home a loser" ?

  13. If you think this is how they trained every single day you’d be a fool , they are doing this for the camera , even pro bodybuilders have off days and bad training stretches that can last weeks or months

  14. People are not interested in training hard & being the best that they can be. They are only interested in playing with their cell phones & chatting🙂80s ruled🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏👏👏

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