Does Cardio Kill Your Gains? (Doing Cardio and Weight Training Together)

Does Cardio Kill Your Gains? (Doing Cardio and Weight Training Together)

One of the more bro-type questions of life
is… should we do cardio? Now, any true bro won’t even know what cardio
is. But really, there has been cause for concern
from the fitness community about cardio potentially hurting our muscle gains. A notion borne from a simple understanding
of muscle physiology. To build muscle, we need resistance training
to create an muscle-growing stimulus and we need more nutrients to feed said muscles. With cardio, we’re trying to burn calories
in order to burn more fat. So, on one hand, you’re trying to lose mass
and burn more calories. On the other, you’re trying to gain mass
and consume more calories. Not exactly complementary goals. And there’s also the matter of competing
muscle fiber adaptations. Cardio, specifically steady-state cardio,
stimulates type 1, endurance muscle fibers. Resistance training leans more into type 2
fibers. Trying to stimulate both simultaneously supposedly
hinders maximal adaptation for both. Now, these potential gains-killing excuses
to not do your cardio sounds fine and dandy, but do the results actually reflect these
issues? A quick dive into the scientific literature
would suggest… maybe, but not as bad as some bros would think. Some studies do show that concurrent aerobic
and resistance training has slightly worse muscle and strength adaptations when compared
to resistance training alone. However, other studies show that concurrent
training didn’t impact muscle adaptations much at all. So, why the difference in findings? The findings differ depending on how and what
type of cardio is used in the study and what measures were observed. When we see cardio getting in the way of gains,
it often applies to the gains of the lower body. This makes sense since most of the implemented
cardio in studies involve leg-based exercises, like jogging, sprinting, and cycling. Strength and hypertrophy measures for the
upper body were largely unaffected. Another varying factor is time resting between
sessions. A very clear trend shows that the more time
you can rest between sessions, the less it will hurt muscle and strength adaptations. 24 hours seem to be the best outcome. Cardio intensity also plays a role. Pairing resistance training with low-intensity
steady state cardio usually hurt muscle and strength gains. Interestingly enough, pairing resistance training
with short-duration high intensity cardio, like HIIT, had little to no impact on strength
and muscle gains. This actually matches the competing adaptions
theory mentioned earlier. Steady state cardio is type 1 fiber dominant,
which competes with resistance training’s type 2 fiber stimulation. HIIT, on the other hand, stimulates more type
2 fibers, sharing similar adaptations to resistance training. Other things to note:
Cycling versus running, where running, specifically high-intensity running, seems to be a slightly
better option. Cardio duration matters as well, where the
longer the cardio session, the more we see it hurt strength and muscle adaptations. And lastly, cardio frequency, where the more
cardio sessions performed, the more it might hurt adaptations. This might very likely be a matter of overreaching,
creating a constant stress level that is difficult for the body to overcome. Now it’s clearer as to why cardio MIGHT,
but not necessarily will, hurt your gains. And even if it did, when you think about the
benefits of cardio, it’s clear you should do it regardless. It is cardio that improves our heart health
and aerobic capacity, things that we sorely need for overall health and fitness. Just lifting weights won’t get you that. Also, when paired together, fat loss is much
higher compared to either cardio or resistance training alone. So if you want to burn fat AND build muscle
at the same time, concurrent training is the best option. These cardio pros, in my opinion, heavily
outweigh the cons. And now, with all this information, we can
be smart about it to avoid the cons all together. Best practice is to do higher intensity cardio
for a short duration, maybe no more than 20 minutes. Try to take at least a full day between your
lifting and cardio sessions. If possible, avoid doing your cardio close
to your leg days. And make sure you gauge how your body is responding
to the additional cardio workload and adjust when needed to avoid overreaching and overtraining. So, let’s strap on your running shoes as
you would your lifting belts. Let’s get your cardio going. Let me know what you think about cardio and
gains in the comments below. And a quick reminder, I’m currently giving
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100 thoughts on “Does Cardio Kill Your Gains? (Doing Cardio and Weight Training Together)

  1. Could you please link any studies that show that strength training alone will not increase heart health?

  2. I rather be able to run hard for 3 miles than squat 300 and not be able sprint a hundred yards without dying. Both are are achievable but if I had to pick one I would have to go with cardio.

  3. If u care abt muscle mor than its effectivness and what its actually used for theres nohope for u anyway

  4. I watched D. Johnson doing cardio and lifting alternately which i did it too with a couple of months but some part of my muscles get lost and was looks i'm thinner especially to my chest and shoulders. I'm comfortable enough of lifting only.

  5. so what if we do cardio to lose X Cal , but instead we pump that energy into the muscle growth cycle? where can I get my PhD?

  6. For MASS – Train with weights 💪🏻

    For better cardiovascular health – Do CARDIO

    Suit yourself ✌🏻

  7. Tbh I had the best gains when I alternated gym workouts with cardio session (steady 30' run 3 times a week): that gave me huge appetite boost that allowed me to eat more without force-feeding myself, more overall energy and better sleep quality, and I generally felt less tired.

    I guess, just like every other thing in the world, it's a matter of balance. Drink 2l of water per day and you're healthy, drink 20 and you're dead

  8. Can you do HIT cardio and muscle on the same day

    Like for ex
    Cycle for 5 mins
    16 kmph for 5 mins
    Barless squats

    And later go with the muscle


  9. What if i do the byke machine and increse the endurance level to max while keeping a steady 18-20 miles an hour speed on the machine for 30 minutes will it hinder or does it count as hit? And also increasing the trendmills height to the max and keeping a steady 4 to 3 miles an hour does it hinder or does it count as hit?

  10. Wtf is hit I just always sprint at maximum speed ever and not stop and keep speeding up even though i get so tired and muscle pain Keep going until I pass out and collapse on the floor automatically and muscles I lift the heaviest weight at my gym and do as many lifts as I can until my arms reach failure point and cannot lift and just drop it

  11. There is not enough current scientific literature out there so rule out resistance training improving cardiovascular fitness. For example, bodybuilders have higher capillarisation and stroke volume than untrained individuals. Furthermore, the cardiovascular health impacts of resistance training are not clear either, however the literature also shows it can improve CVD risk.

  12. I lift during the week and bike and swim on weekends. I’m pretty slim and cut but not big. I think it’s a good balance

  13. Bro, been preaching this for years as a physiology major.

    I usually start my workout with power training/ HITT on the stairs at a high rate for 9 mins. Last minute, I'm at the machine's maximum for about a minute till exhausted. 10 minutes of good cardio and I'm seeing PRs in lower body endurance (875 steps/10min).

    I usually reserve leg "strengthening" for Saturdays so as to not impede my HITT sessions. It's important not to lean on the machine or else it reduces the load on one's lower body. At that point, just get on the bike. SUMMER GAINS HACK!

    Jacob's ladder is also a good one for HITT.

  14. I have been doing HIIT for 20, min then going hard with my upper body and it has been rewarding. Can you doo a video about heart rates ? What should I try to keep mine at while running ? ( I doo 180-190 for the time I am running then I doo cooldown)

  15. If you are still confused about it and worried about muscle mass don’t worry just make sure you eat enough and if you are doing cardio what I did for a week is workout for an hour and then go on the treadmill afterwards for 20 minutes

  16. I lift and do cardio everyday. Even if I’m losing some gains, I’m ok with that. I can breath when I walk & im not fat….

  17. What if i do shoulders and lats Monday.. Tuesday cardio Wednesday weights Thursday cardio Friday weights Saturday cardio.. Will it still kill gains?

  18. Is doing push ups and sits ups every day bad for you? As well as running? I’m trying to get to 200 push ups, not all at once, and I run 8 mi and I increase that by 20% each week.

  19. I got a question wat about swimming that hasn't been touched on that it's a low load on joints and water is over 700 times more dense than air so it would be classed as a resistance training aswell so would that kill you gains if done on the same day after power or hypertrophy traning or will it just add to then since swimming is resistive

  20. What a lot of BS.
    I run 3-5K every day and do full body 3x week. It has never hurt my gains. Of course I don't (want to) look like those bloated non-functional muscled steroids freaks with distended bellies.

  21. As a calisthenic dude. I enjoy cardio alot, it helps me overall on my handstand time and overall hold exercises. Strong heart better helps your body, mind, focus, energy etc.

  22. I have been training Muay Thai for 2 years (in class we train both cardio and resistance) and I have gotten gains really well…

  23. Hmmm. What about after you finish your leg workout, you go back and do 200 reps of super light squats like 135lbs. Even if its 20 sets of 10. Keeps your heart rate up the entire time and it takes a while to get through.

  24. If you have enough time early morning empty stomach with 500 ml warm water do cardio session for 30 minutes and evening do weights training

  25. What if I do my weight training session for muscle building and the next day I do some liss for fat loss? Would that work?

  26. Cardio doesn’t kill your gains. I know a shit ton of people who do cardio. News flash these people got muscle for days.

  27. Guys this is the reason i hate cardio
    I do resistance training at all times but sometimes i do cardio unintentionally everyday which totals up to about 45 minutes of cardio a day

  28. As a certified PT with ACE and years of experience I'm here to tell you that this video is not well made with bad points. I'm not here to pick out every wrong point he made but do your cardio B4 lifting weights if you dont want it to touch your gains. Doing any type of cardio AFTER lifting weights you will guarantee affect your gains. Basic knowledge and i do cardio for 2 hours before lifting. So no it doesn't affect your gains the longer you do it but the harder you do it yes for a longer amount of time you will burn your muscle. You need to be more specific

  29. For general health.. having big muscle is less important than having healthy heart.. so i guess do have both beautiful physique and heart.. we should incorporate the two. Its just that your muscles wont be as big.

  30. i do cardio hiit and it's more better than jogging cause you immediately have that fat burning stage within just a short time i love it jogging for 30 mins is just too long just to burn like 300 cal doing hiit and strength training is very effective.

  31. Never seen any peer reviewed evidence that aerobic exercise impacts anaerobic gains or even anaerobic capacity

  32. Never seen any peer reviewed evidence that aerobic exercise impacts anaerobic gains or even anaerobic capacity

  33. I do both a lot! Lost weight, body fat, and gained hella strength over this summer! I run approx 3-4 miles a day at a 7:30 pace and lift 2 hours a day. Went from 182 lbs to 175 lbs and bench press went up from 260 to 280, pushups in doing 75 in 2 minutes, and 5K time is like 20:50! Key is more protein!!!

  34. It's better gains like a fighter on the ring (strong heart,power, ripped, fast, endurance) rather than gains like a Mr. Olympia (strong muscle, big, slow and very weak for cardiovascular activity)…Doing cardiovascular exercises is very good, but it is not mean you should do only running.. You can choose powerful exercises such as Slam Ball total body workout etc.

  35. Thanks for this…have lost 60 lbs (252 – 192) over the last 6 months primarily for steady state cardio (eliptical), diet changes and fasting…loss included muscle, so now refocusing on strength training and less cardio…have been doing 1 hour strength training with HIIT cardio for 1/2 an hour for past 2 weeks, and results have been good…weight loss has slowed, but fat loss hasn't and muscle coming back. I am 5'11"…goal is to be in the mid 180s with lean muscle mass….hopefully by October 1st.

  36. those studies are nonsense, at the end of cuts, pro bodybuilders would be doing 40 mins of cardio per day in addition to weights every day, definitely not 24 hours apart, to hit that ultra low bodyfat %. If you are maintaining your weights in the gym, it won't affect you at all, just a tool for fat loss.

  37. Yes do cardio, you want to look good not big, you also want to be able to last long during sex, it has many benefits, do both

  38. If u want to gain lean muscle mass. Do not do cardio, bulk up, store excess fat for fuel. After afew months then incorperate some Hiit to cut fat.

  39. Calories in and calories out. If you burn a hundred calories then your body will burn that many calories in muscle unless you burn body fat or unless you consumed a 100 calories before cardio.

  40. There was one study on the Internet that was written about sprinting for 6 seconds significantly increased testosterone levels in men. I don't know but the faster that blood circulates in the body the more times it cycles through the testicles and the testicles produce testosterone. In theory someone would feel the effects of testosterone faster. Another theory is that theory is that the body doesn't produce testerosterone fast enough so the body keeps telling it to produce Luteinizing hormone yet the body doesn't produce testosterone fast enough so it keeps cycling the Luteinizing hormone.

  41. I run high intensity short bursts and I sometimes do pull ups and my upper body is growing and getting stronger while still getting faster. I would have to agree with this video

  42. I decided to not care about this and to do cardio whenever and however I wanted. I'm happier for it because cardio is fucking awesome.

  43. Cardio will keep your body fat down. Strength training will do that at a slower rate because it keeps fat down when more muscles burn more calories. Cardio specifically targets fat rather than muscles.

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