Do You Have to Exercise to Lose Weight AFTER 40? (Answer!)

Do You Have to Exercise to Lose Weight AFTER 40? (Answer!)

Hey, everybody out there. Coach Dan Long here with
the Over 40 Protocol. And do you see this right here? Yes, it’s a gym. And I’m going to answer
the question today, do you after exercise if
you’re over the age of 40 inside a gym, or at all? Listen, I am 46 years old,
and I specifically came here Youfit Health Club, right? To talk to you if you’re
over the age of 40. If you’re not, I still
love you, stay with me. But if you are
over the age of 40, you see this link down
here or around here? Don’t click it. Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it
just yet, because I’ve got a couple of things
I want to talk about. I have been helping moms,
dads, professional athletes, military, you name
it, Olympians, for over 20 plus years. And, yes, I used to
work inside of a gym, and I used to help
a lot of people that were over the age of 40 not
only live a healthy lifestyle but maximize their results. OK? I want to do that for you today. And I have something for you
that’s brand spanking new, so stick with me. Because if you don’t want
to work out in a gym, and you don’t like to
exercise, guess what? I have a solution that
takes just one day. So stick with me, OK? Couple of things. First off, I want to
talk about your hormones, because here’s the thing– usually what goes with
this is fad dieting. Right now, Keto is hot, paleo,
still hot, vegan is hot. I failed miserably on all
three of those diets, OK? Keto, I cannot eat lard and
minimal protein and stay on that for a long
period of time. I just– I’m going to
call myself out right now. I cannot do that, OK? I need carbs. Because my brain does not
function properly not on carbs. Hey, for some people it’s an
amazing diet all three of them but most fail at
these diets, OK? Number two, right? Paleo. I failed at that
diet dramatically. Then you’ve got vegan. I’m telling you, I cannot
go without eating meat. God bless you if you can. But, again, I cannot function,
because I guess I have a lot of muscle on my body, and
it feels like I’m actually drained. You don’t want to be
around me once again. But exercising, right? Now I don’t mind exercising,
but there’s a lot of people, and you maybe one of them,
that are over the age of 40 that do not want to exercise. And if you’re one, that’s
who I’m talking to. Because I have a
one day solution. And I want you stick with me,
because this fad dieting, what it’s doing is it’s causing
hormonal issues in people that are over the age of 40. So if you don’t want
to do blood work and have to go to the doctor’s
and get a panel that’s $247 minimal, if you don’t want
to join a gym which, they have a sign right there by the front
door, it says Join for $10 a month. That’s like the going staple
right now when you go in there. It’s $10 a month, but
then they up charge you for all these other things. So if you want to
classes, right? If you want to do
group training. All those are separate charges. OK, if you don’t
want to do that, I have a solution for you, and
it only takes one day to start. You will start feeling
your hormone boosting, all the hormones that
release the midsection, they start boosting on day one. Also, the metabolism,
your metabolism, is going to boost
starting on day one, to help release this area, OK? And on top of that,
guess what else you do? You defy the aging process. Yes! If you’re like me, again,
over 40, that’s the number one thing that I know you know you
want to do, other than just be healthy, is to fight
the aging process. Now a tip that I have right now. If you do like to
exercise, what you can do is if you do 50 to 100 squats
per day, five days a week, you literally can shed
this very quickly. But if you don’t
like to exercise and you’re looking for a
one day solution, I have it. It’s called the Over
40 Hormone Reset Diet, and it only takes
one day to start. Now, you’re not
only going to see– you’re going to see my
best friend Shawn Hassell. He’s 47 years old and
he’s a ripped grandpa with six pack abs. When you click this
link in a second, you’re going to
see his wife Karen. She’s 59– 59. Did you hear that? Using this exact
protocol and system that starts on day one
living a healthy lifestyle. You’re going to see my wife. She’s 42 years old. We’re living with three kids. I want you to have
a healthy lifestyle. I want you to release
the unwanted cells here. And I want you to start by
doing it all on day one, without exercising,
without a gym membership. So if you’re excited and you’re
fired up and you’re ready, I want you to
click the link now.

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  1. Do you guys have any exercises I can do in my cubicle? Nothing that gets me sweaty but so I'm not just sitting at work all day. Thanks, I love your program!

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