Do This After Every Workout

Do This After Every Workout

(upbeat electronic music) ♪ Listen ♪ – Sup guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OfficialThenX. Today I’m gonna be showing you guys something that you should be doing after every single workout. Maximize your gains, muscle definition, and build way more strength, but the best way to do this is when your muscles are completely fatigued. So before I show you
this super effective tip, I’m gonna go ahead and finish my workout, get my muscles fatigued, to show you how this can be applied. And I was just getting started
with the first exercise that’s explosive muscle ups
without letting go of the bar. I still got a couple more reps to go, so let’s finish those off. (upbeat electronic music) (huffing) That’s a crazy exercise right there. It really demands a lot of
explosiveness from my upper body. You wanna be giving it all
you got with every single rep, to really push yourself
to the point of fatigue, and that’s what I’m gonna be doing with every single exercise
for today’s workout. And you should wanna choose exercises that challenge you in that same way. Some or a lot of these
exercises may seem difficult, but there’s always progressions
to work your way up. Now my next exercise is
gonna be one arm pull ups. Let’s get it. (upbeat electronic music) Phew, all right there we
have one arm pull ups. Now these next exercises are gonna be a bit less
challenging for me, so I’ll be putting on the
brand new Heria weight vest for the next of the exercises
to increase the difficulty. Check out the brand new weight vest guys. It’s more compact, it’s a bit lighter, but the extra overload will
help you get to fatigue faster and tear a lot more muscle fibers. Building more muscle and
getting you way stronger for doing the same exercise. And if you need a weight vest to take your chains to the next level, visit
and pick yours up today. All right let’s get into this. Burpees. (upbeat electronic music) Now burpees is a total body-killer and with that extra weight on top, I’m starting to feel it now. Next we’ll be emphasizing on our shoulders with some handstands and push ups. A progression to work your
strength up to this exercise would be doing pike push
ups, elevated pike push ups, or even hand stand push
ups against the wall. Let’s go for it. (gentle bouncy music) All right there we have
hand stand push ups. Moving into the next one we’re
gonna be working on our legs. We go for box jumps. (upbeat mellow music) All right there we have
box jumps for our legs. Next we’re gonna go
into our last exercise. That’s gonna be explosive
dips for our chest and triceps. (upbeat lively music) All right now being as
explosive as possible, that’s gonna be the fastest
way to get to fatigue. So that’s gonna be round one for me. I got three more rounds to go to complete this workout routine and then that’s when we’re gonna start what you should always
do after every workout. Let’s get it. (upbeat electronic music) All right workout is officially over. All right so now I’ve
officially completed my workout, my muscles are pretty fatigued, so the tip I have for you guys is to add one last rep at the
end of your workout routine. That’s gonna emphasize
on the muscle groups that you just broke down. And to do that last
rep as slow as you can. The goal would actually be
to take at least one minute to do that one rep. For example if you just
worked out chest and triceps to complete fatigue, a great exercise would be doing a push up. Going as slow as you can,
30 seconds going down, and then 30 seconds coming back up. Specifically doing this
will not only, of course, increase your strength and endurance, but create hypertrophy, tearing way more muscle fibers
than you normally would have. By putting your muscles
in a constant strain for the whole duration of the exercise. And doing this is gonna be
hitting deeper muscle fibers, and getting you way more shredded. But most importantly if you do this a lot, you’re gonna feel superhuman
strength at that point. Every single move, every single exercise is gonna feel extremely solid because while you’re
going as slow as you can, you’re also working
your stabilizing muscles as well as firing up your muscles and working them in every
single range of motion. Sometimes when we’re doing exercises, we may be doing them so fast, we’re emphasizing on a particular part of the range of motion, that we don’t actually
give a quality contraction to every point of the range of your rep. When you do your reps faster
it actually adds more momentum to your rep which helps
you do the exercises. So the slower you do it, the more you’re engaging
the target muscle, which is why it’s a lot
harder to do it slower. If you’ve done 25 push ups and one push up that would last a minute, you would find out that
that one slow push up is a lot harder than doing 25 push ups. So I actually want you
guys to try this with me. Let’s get down on the floor real quick and let’s do one push up
that’s gonna last one minute. Let’s go for it. (grunting) Get into position,
perfect push up position, squeeze your core, the whole entire time you
should be engaging everything. All right get ready to come down. (lively upbeat electronic music) (exhaling) There we have one push up for one minute. And if you feel yourself
shaking during this exercise, that’s an indicator that
this is highly effective and it’s clearly something
that you’re lacking in that you really need. And imagine when you’ve
developed the strength to where you’re not shaking
anymore in that position, how solid and strong you’re gonna feel. And the best thing’s that this tip can be applied to any muscle group. For example today I did
a full body workout, I could do one of these for
every single muscle group. For example to fatigue my back, I can do a pull up as slow as I can or an Australian pull up. For legs I can do a squat, for shoulders I can do
an elevated pike push up or a hand stand push up against the wall. For core you can do a hanging toe step bar or with no equipment you can
lay right down on the floor and do a laying leg raise. And now I want you to start trying this after every single workout routine. You’re gonna see a major
difference in your strength, overall physique, and body control. And that’s the tip I
have for you guys today. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video
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8:00 p.m USA Eastern time. Mad love, peace out. (bouncy electronic music)

100 thoughts on “Do This After Every Workout

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    I want you to please make a intermediate level bodyweight workout without equipment covering whole body parts.

    Back – traps, lats, lower back, upper back
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    Shoulder – front, rear, lateral delts
    Legs – quads, hamstring, calfs, glutes

  4. Hi Chris,

    I want you to please make a intermediate level bodyweight workout without equipment covering whole body parts.

    Back – traps, lats, lower back, upper back
    Arms – bicep, tricep, forearm
    core/abs – upper, lower, middle, oblique
    Shoulder – front, rear, lateral delts
    Legs – quads, hamstring, calfs, glutes

  5. Hi Chris,

    I want you to please make a intermediate level bodyweight workout without equipment covering whole body parts.

    Back – traps, lats, lower back, upper back
    Arms – bicep, tricep, forearm
    core/abs – upper, lower, middle, oblique
    Shoulder – front, rear, lateral delts
    Legs – quads, hamstring, calfs, glutes

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