DEVENIR UN ALPHA – ALPHABODY : Le Trailer – Fitness – Nutrition – Motivation

DEVENIR UN ALPHA – ALPHABODY : Le Trailer – Fitness – Nutrition – Motivation

AlphaBody – The trailer Birth of an Alpha Fitness – Nutrition – Mindset By surrounding yourself with people who are in your path the same path of self-help fitness, health, whatever you want, You’re smart enough to choose these people then you use this “group effect” to push you ahead to do the things you want to do If you surround yourself with entrepreneurs, you will become a entrepreneur if you surround yourself with athletic people, you’ll be athletic. When they announced what was behind, the real program, not only the “nutrition challenge”, i thought to myself “OK, let’s go” and i signed up immediately What makes AlphaBody what it is, is the Alpha’s community … Antho and Nico of course, but all the other people who’re going through the program with you. We became friends now, we often meet in real life, we will plan a week-end together, we are true friends. When you become an Alpha, you become another you, a better you. Here i’ve seen so many kindness between members. That is really the word , “kindness” each of us wants to help others, we are all here with that common goal, and desire, that is what is the Alphabody program! Create friendship that you couldn’t create anywhere else. Beyond weight loss, muscle gain and so on… The main goal for me was to get out my comfort zone. I’ve found friends Alphas. They are friends, coaches, they are two people who give a lot of themselves just to help their “students”, their “Alphas”, to succeed and flourish. This is truly a program that helps you to grow in your mind, physically and in your relationships. It has been 6 months that i joined the program and my life has completely changed. All those little things, these little bricks that you stack on top of each other, it makes us change, they make us grow, they give us happiness. You have to take a change, and just go! The worst thing that could happen is to fail, so what !! You fail and then try again. It’s made me see life in an another way. What you will go through, what you will experience and learn, you just can’t imagine! Go ahead ! Trust them! They really know what they are talking about It is something that changes you, it is only positive stuff, this is the only conclusion it is only positivity! Well, I can’t wear my old pants anymore, this is the only negative point, but thanks for your program guys And…see you soon.

16 thoughts on “DEVENIR UN ALPHA – ALPHABODY : Le Trailer – Fitness – Nutrition – Motivation

  1. Belle vidéo : il va falloir que je redémarre du début le programme, maintenant que mon dos est réparé. J’espère avoir conservé tous les mails

  2. J'ai la chance de faire parti des AlphaFirst et je peux vous dire que c'est un sacré programme qui ne vend pas du rêve mais avec de vrais résultats.

  3. Les gars, votre vidéo est magnifique. Super boulot. Le mec qui osera vous mettre une pouce négative est un rageux car votre trailer est réussi.

  4. superbe vidéo, ça a l'air très intense et très prenant!! le dépassement de soi, en groupe doit etre quelque chose de détonnant… je suis venu voir votre vidéo de la part de ks coaching et je ne le regrète pas. Je vais meme regarder les autres.

  5. Kratos 💪🏽 aller les gars, MOTIVÉS 👊🏽 que de bons conseils chez les Alpha et un mental en béton 🐅

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