Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

-Corporate profits
and CEO pay are soaring despite the president’s promise to be a champion
of the working class. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Donald Trump has many
weird rhetorical tics. He knows like five words. He’ll never correct himself if
he mispronounces something. And in general,
he sounds like Joe Pesci after five shots of novocaine.
[ Laughter ] But one of the weirdest
rhetorical tics he has is a story he likes to repeat
at public events. He keeps saying that
big, strong, tough guys are coming up to him and crying
because he’s saving the economy. He’s done it many, many times. And he repeated it again
during a roundtable on the economy this week. -A strong man came up to me —
a tough kind of a guy, and said, “I want to thank you,
Mr. President, for saving our country.” -Yes!
-Whoo! -And he had tears
coming down his eyes. Men that were tough and strong, women that were tough
and strong, they see me, there are tears
coming down their eyes. A man came up to me,
and he was crying — A strong man, big, tough guy,
but he was crying. I’ve had such an incredible
experience with the miners. Of the nine,
eight of them were crying. Steel workers came up to me,
and they were crying. Big people from big companies, they’ve been to the White House
50 times. In one case, I won’t say who, the person came into
the oval office and started to cry. -I mean, there are so many
things that are weird about Donald Trump,
but this is one of the weirdest. Who are these big, strong,
tough guys who are supposedly
coming up to him and crying? [ As Trump ]
You got to see them, they’re big, muscular
weightlifters, and, I mean,
they’re just bawling. One of them came up to me,
tears streaming down his face, and he asked me a question.
It broke my heart. He said, “Can you… smell what The Rock is cooking?
And I — [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] [ Normal voice ] Trump,
of course, tells these stories because he’s spent his political
career cultivating the myth that he is a hero
to the working class, while in reality, as we found
out yet again recently, he and the political elite
he claims to hate have overseen an economy
which corporate profits and CEO pay are soaring. In fact, one of the most
profitable companies in the world is even getting
a tax refund. -And NBC News report reveals that twice as many
corporations — Are you ready for this? —
are paying zero taxes under President Trump. -A new analysis found
twice as many companies paid nothing in taxes last year
under the Trump tax law. The number jumped from 30 to 60. -This includes major companies
like Amazon, Netflix, and Delta. -In 2018, Amazon reported
more than $11 billion in taxable income, and paid
zero dollars in federal taxes. And it’s even worse than that — Amazon is actually getting
a federal tax refund of $120 million this year. -I’m sorry, I don’t care
if you’re a capitalist or a socialist or whatever, but if one of the richest
companies in the world run by one of the richest men
in the world is getting a tax refund,
then the system is [bleep] up. I mean, Amazon —
[ Cheers and applause ] Amazon shouldn’t get a refund. It’s where regular people go
when they get their refund. “Well, thank you, Uncle Sam, looks like someone’s getting
that new Brita filter.” [ Laughter ] The imbalance between
what corporate CEOs make and what their employees make
is staggering and insane. And to demonstrate that, California Congresswoman
Katie Porter a former professor
of consumer law decided to do a simple
math problem during a hearing last week with
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. This year, Dimon got a raise
to $31 million. So Porter gave Dimon
a budget scenario involving a bank teller who
lives in Porter’s district to make an entry level salary. Porter asked Dimon how he would
deal with that budget, and he did not have an answer. Here’s just the first part
of that exchange. She had $2,425 a month. She rents a one-bedroom
apartment. That average one-bedroom
apartment is going to be $1,600. She spends $100 on utilities,
$400 for car expenses and gas. A low food budget is $400. She has a Cricket cellphone, the cheapest cellphone
she can get for $40. She has afterschool childcare
because the bank is open during normal business hours. That’s $450 a month. That takes her down to
negative $567 per month. My question for you, Mr. Dimon,
is how should she manage this budget shortfall while she’s working full time
at your bank? -I, uh… I don’t know that all
the these numbers are accurate. That number is generally
a starter job. She is a starting employee.
She has a 6-year-old child. This is her first job.
-You can get those jobs out of high school,
and she may have my job one day. -Maybe the teller
would be better at running your bank
than you are. Under Dimon, JPMorgan has been
fined $2.8 million over improper safeguards
for customers, $65 million for trying
to rig a benchmark rate, $135 million from the SEC,
$13 billion over bad mortgages, and another $1 billion for just
a bunch of other scandals. And on top of that, every time
I go to your bank, the pens have been stolen
from the chains. And how am I supposed
to fill out a deposit slip without a pen? Am I supposed to bring my own
pen to the bank? Because no one carries pens
anymore. Either have more pens
or get stronger chains. [ Laughter and applause ] Also, during that exchange, Dimon actually told Porter
those numbers aren’t accurate. So Porter responded by posting
a photo of herself on Twitter with a white board proving that her numbers
were accurate. Look at that.
She literally showed her work. This is the first time
anyone in Congress has ever gotten extra credit. Usually the only math
members of Congress are doing is counting sheep. -It’s about trying to do what’s
right for the whole country. And if your heart doesn’t break
when you… -[ Laughs ] Look at him. He just realized, “Oh, [bleep] I fell asleep live on C-SPAN.” And based on that camera work, C-SPAN realized that was
the most exciting thing that ever happened on C-SPAN. “Someone’s asleep,
take camera five!” “We only have one camera.”
“Move camera one!” But Porter kept going. She pressed Dimon on how
he would solve her constituents’ budget shortfall,
and he still would not answer. -She doesn’t have the ability
right now to spend your $31 million. She’s short $567. What would you
suggest she should do? -I don’t know.
I have to think about that. -Would you recommend she take
out a JPMorgan Chase credit card and run a deficit? -I don’t know.
I’d have to think about it. -Would you recommend
that she overdraft at your bank and be charged overdraft fees? -I don’t know.
I’d have to think about it. -So, I know you have a lot of —
-I’d love to call her up and have a conversation about
her financial affairs and see if we can be helpful. -See if you can find a way
for her to live on less than the minimum
that I’ve described? -Just be helpful. -You’re acting like it’s some
unsolvable math problem instead of just paying her
more money. Dimon’s going to be up all night
at a chalkboard trying to crack this one
“Good Will Hunting” style. [ As Dimon ] Let’s see, she has
$2,000, and I have $31 million. Damn it, numbers,
why won’t you crunch?! [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Now,
the reason these companies get away with this is basically
just because we let them. That’s it. They have teams
of lawyers that help them use deductions and loopholes, and many of them stash
their profits offshore, and that’s why
Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled a new plan recently to specifically target companies
that don’t pay taxes. -Today, Elizabeth Warren,
the senator from Massachusetts, rolled out a plan to tax
big corporations that use loopholes
in the tax code. She tweeted, “Giant companies
like Amazon shouldn’t be able to get away with paying
zero dollars in federal corporate income
taxes. -Her plan is called
the Real Corporate Profits Tax, and it focuses on raising
the tax rate for companies that make over $100 million. -We’ve got a corporate tax rate,
but as you know, the thing has just been
lobbied to death. It’s full of loopholes
and breaks and special deals so that a company like Amazon
that makes $10 billion in profits can walk away
paying nothing in taxes. That’s just not fair. -I love the idea that
Warren is taking on one of the most valuable
public companies in the world. She should publish her plan
on Amazon just so we can see the
recommendations below it. “You might also like,
‘Jailing Wall Street Bankers,’ or ‘Bernie Sanders
yelling at a billionaire.'” [ Laughter and applause ] We’re living in a gilded age, a massive inequality
that predates Trump. It’s baked into the system. He just lied about it
and made it worse. For example, for years,
the media has pointed to the stock market
as a sign of economic success. And Trump, of course, loves to
brag every chance he gets about how well the stock market
has done under his presidency, and he did it again this week. -We’ve created a tremendous
stock market. People are making
a lot of money. Our markets are hitting records
all the time. I have many, many records
of the highest stock market. The stock market is way up again
today. And we’re setting a record
literally all the time. The stock market is right now
almost at an all-time high. I have about 18 records. It then went down a little bit
because we had to do a couple of trade deals
and people didn’t understand. Now they’re starting to say,
“You know, that was pretty good. That’s good what he’s doing.” -Oh, they were saying that? [ Laughter ] Were they also crying? [ As Trump ] They were saying,
“It’s good what he’s doing, and they were — I mean,
tears streaming down their faces and then down onto their
jacked torsos. These guys were so strong
and so sad. Just pumping iron
and crying their eyes out.” [ Laughter and applause ] [ Normal voice ] But the stock
market is not the real economy. In fact, it’s mostly just a sign of how the wealthy few
are faring. One study found that nearly
40% of the market is owned by the richest
1% of the population, while the bottom 90%
of the population owns just 19% of stock market wealth. This is why it just makes basic
sense to people that the rich should pay more in taxes. On top of the corporate tax,
Warren also proposed a wealth tax on assets
over $50 million. And Bernie Sanders even
went on Fox News this week to attack Trump’s tax bill
during a town hall, and he actually got cheers
from the crowd. -I happen to believe that
a tax bill written and pushed by Trump who told the American
people that that tax bill, some of you may recall,
would not benefit the wealthy. You remember that?
-Yeah. -“Oh, it’s not going to benefit
the wealthy.” 83% of the benefits
went to the top 1%. So I think that’s a bad idea. And in my view, people,
whether it’s me, you — Probably make a lot more money
than I do. But whether it’s me or you
or anybody else, I think wealthy people
and large corporations that are making billions
of profits should start paying
their fair share of taxes. -But Senator —
[ Cheers and applause ] -And that was on Fox News! I mean, talking like that
and getting cheered on Fox News is like getting cheered for
praising the Yankees in Boston. [ Laughter ] [ Boston accent ] He’s right.
Jeter’s a legend, and Starbucks is
a superior option to Dunkies! [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] After that
moment, the Fox News anchors asked Bernie why he doesn’t
choose to voluntarily pay more in taxes than he owes. And he turned the question
around on them. -Your marginal tax rate was 26% because of President Trump’s
tax cut. So why not say,
I’m leading this revolution, I’m not going to take those? -[ Scoffs ] [ Laughter ] Come on. We’re nearing — I am — I pay the taxes
that I owe. And by the way, why don’t you
get Donald Trump up here and ask him how much
he pays in taxes. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I will. Yeah, we’ll — Look. -I am eagerly awaiting
your doing that. -First of all, there’s nothing
better than old man sarcasm. [ As Sanders ] Why don’t you
put your phone away at the dinner table?
-[ Normal voice ] I will. -[ As Sanders ] Well, I am
eagerly awaiting you doing that, and when you are done,
maybe we can participate in the social media I grew up
with called eye contact. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
And then after that, Bernie directly addressed Trump and challenged him
to release his tax returns. -I guess the president watches your network a little bit,
right? [ Laughter ] Hey, President Trump. My wife and I just released
10 years. Please do the same.
Let the American people know. [ Cheers and applause ] -And you know Trump was watching
that, because, you know, he always watches, and also, Bernie on Fox News felt like
one of those crossover episodes, where a character from one show
goes on another one, like when Fonzie went on
“Laverne & Shirley.” But this is one that
didn’t make any sense. It was like an episode
of “The Sopranos” where Carrie Bradshaw
stopped by the Bada Bing! [ Laughter ] “I didn’t find love
in New Jersey, but you can’t blame a gada-girl
for trying. [ Laughter ] One thing’s for sure, it’s a
night I’ll never fuhgeddabout.” [ “Sex and the City”-esque music
plays ] [ Applause ] I’m not Carrie. [ Laughter ] I’m actually Miranda. [ Laughter ] -We’re living in an age
of soaring corporate profits and CEO pay, and when
struggling Americans find out how much CEOs are making and how
little in taxes they’re paying, they’re all saying the same
thing — -[ Scoffs ] -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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