Decision Time | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E7

Decision Time | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E7

100 thoughts on “Decision Time | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E7

  1. You need to use the ocean walker stroke, hit up Adam walker. You’re shoulders wouldn’t take a tenth of the battering with his stroke

  2. Hey Ross! Do you have any worries regarding sharks or any other potential “attackers”?

    Keep it up man! You got this 🙂

  3. Really didn't want to do this workout tonight, saw the latest episode was up. Watched the episode. About to do this work out haha

  4. surely it will take longer than 100 days if he is just at Wales now and it has been 40 days. I am still so impressed though!

  5. I'm based in Hongkong and China, when I click the tracker link it doesn't show me the tracker map. It takes me to some random page on Redbull asia.

  6. Every time a WOD gets the best of me i just think of the great british swim and how you keep pushing through those waves and that gives me power! You go, Ross!!

  7. Ross you were eating currants the day you did five miles, were you eating raisins the day you did 30 miles?

  8. this whole challenge would not be of interest to me with anyone else swimming it.  Ross' optimism and energy make this epic!

  9. Not a dig or anything more out of curiosity but does anyone know that whenever Ross is not swimming is the boat stationary or is it still moving… cannot stress enough that I’m not questioning the validity but if the boat is stationary until he swims again that makes this feat even more outstanding. Keep going mate x

  10. hello Ross it is incredible how your morale is still high after so many challanges and have eaten so many waves. keep it up, that 100 day target may be possible.

  11. Just wondering, does the boat still move when Ross comes on after finishing swimming? or is he swimming every amount of distance?

  12. All the best man I really hope you'll manage this challenge. Either way mad respect for you I'd have given up after a week 😅

  13. If you don't consume copious amounts of gelatin while doing something like this, this will give you some serious joint issues. Glad your doing great still!

  14. Dam I couls see Lundy island from where I was last week (doing geography coursework) I shd have looked out for you

  15. Ross, I swim distance freestyle and I’ve always wanted to try open water. The fact that you have been able to swim over 250 miles is truest inspiration! I understand how much a mile is in the water and it’s a f*cking lot

  16. You’re the very embodiment of British grit, determination and power. The whole country is rooting for you, do us proud and don’t give up, you’re an inspiration for us all. Keep hacking away buddy.

  17. Hi #rhinoneck . I just wanted to thank you for being such a source of inspiration. I went through a horrible eating disorder and I'm now competing in a 10 kilometre swim in a fortnite. I was just wondering how you stop cramping up (especially in your feet)? Also, do you ever get 'Swimmers Shoulders' and what do you do to remedy it? Wish you all the best!

  18. Wts up legend..! I am one of ur crazy fan viewing u from the first.
    #India, bringing love from a part of the world
    Love u a looooot!!

  19. hi just wanted to say huge thank you, watching your videos has helped me train my mental game for my first ironman. so just wanted to say thank you and keep it up

  20. Much love to the #waterRhino !!!!!! Keep it up man these videos make me rethink everything that I think is a hurdle in my life.

  21. Ross, you should get in contact with Colleen Blair, Scottish wild/ice swimmer, she loves giving advice and help. She regularly swims the waters around the UK, especially Scotland all year round in just a swimsuit, no wetsuit. She has just become the first person to swim The Minch.

  22. Go Rhino Neck! Your positivity is infectious, and surely your greatest asset in this challenge. Keep up the great work.

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