DEADLIFT CHALLENGE @ Super Training Gym!

DEADLIFT CHALLENGE @ Super Training Gym!

oh great on my knees I liked her knees caved in are you doing cameraman why you wearing jeans it's like a thousand degrees in here yeah I'll have anything else dude no you got like nice dress shoes hi watch this all day 24 hours dull squats mostly it's Stephanie's day-to-day I think she's gonna pull believe 3:05 or triple this is a final workout going into the competition so I believe Steph confirm that three or five or triple three singles same total volume work there I guess but I three singles and I will go 525 three times 10 so it's my third week at prep but 525 three sets of ten reps and that's it so this platform where it's happening over there it's all the same thing in my opinion everything works that way – for real it was five times – I said it ten counts and if I could do 525 430 I'd get it over with but of course I can't I just put it five for thirty and I challenge anyone out there in five twenty five or thirty it can't be done so that's my story what do you think can you thinking not that out for a triple okay follow my coach thank you all right all right we'll see what develops [Applause] Joseph what uh what happened to your hands longboard actually looking pretty good now healed up nicely it's not from deadlifting right now now I get Alice or something ouch so when a grown man smells his own fingers in front of you it's either really good or really bad I don't know what happened we're headphones I couldn't cheer money and hear me thank you that's punishing him for wearing headphones well most one yeah those bands weighs 700 pounds so at the top okay if this says go virtue got a whole lot of work to do if it's easy you got no problem at all do they make the jump into the first one here it matters for something okay matters that's that's yoga rats rats that's worried so the same thing last week I'm gonna define take your belt off catch your breath wait your warmup he's a little bit of effort and require whatever make more than you're applying it very clearly you thought to yourself how heavy is it gonna be and you know we don't do that right catch your breath to define [Applause] Oh [Applause] still in my opinion a little bit of that testing phase going on there but once she tested it they got it moving bitches they wait a minute I've got this didn't you step on the gas and up and flew next time her next single my opinion should be even better how'd that feel I mean it got you forward a little bit but then you stayed in there for a little bit and said wait a minute let me get it moving what started to go if you knew your head and that bar actually went to pass your knees watch the video yourself the ball her accelerated that's what we do we tell us know if the bar will speed up and it does and then for your next set now your next set coming up you ready to go you're not gonna miss this rough moves that wrap right right Seve what do you feel like the main difference between that poll and the last one was [Applause] [Applause] get out don't lift kevin:today yeah Matt Kevin came up to me just hit five plates I'm still warming up to it just hit four I plan on a pool over there Kevin you worried about Terrell out pulling you today no he's got a strong deadlift oh why do you think he can't help pull you today they're pretty small he's already tapped out apparently he's going down to his amrap so what that means I have opportunity to beat don't you have on the like you might need one more otherwise he might all right so I'll go and Danny by hey you know what we need to like put the money on this or something we need some kind of bet I don't live for free so I agree with you all we need like you know put a cut some kind of bet on this that's very confident in your ability to beat feet because regards you got the money or not you believe in it so I'm just saying all right how about this how about this loser have to let the other guy make a post on their Instagram in which they get to talk as much as they want to that person shake on it oops good tie right we're tied up that's why yeah what's the woman you were gonna go for one more Hey I thought okay but video your money on right now she's all talk so I don't really need Kevin a little smile this is petty right so deadlift challenge with the bands that's 5 100 pounds of tension at the top but we had a bet that whoever wins this the other person gets to make a post talking what's up bro he was just talking but anyways I just be Kevin in the deadlift challenge the challenge was whoever pulls the most deadlifts get to come on here talk a little stuff on the post so Kevin who's the best at that live he got me by 5 pounds calf who was better you into deadlift today he was better than me today I was better him yesterday I was better him ever since I've been at St I've been whooping Kevin's butt in deadlifts squats and bench the big three keV and my line go see you Tuesday so we already did that if I become guys squats on Saturday and then matter of fact the next week we can do vets cuz I'm better than doing all three lifts my total is better than you bro ever since I've been here I've been killing your numbers right that's right you

33 thoughts on “DEADLIFT CHALLENGE @ Super Training Gym!

  1. Is that guy ok? Does he have breathing issues or something? (just asking out of curiosity, not in a making fun way)

  2. 2:14 It cant be done? Give benni some straps he could do it. Stared losing his grip here on 575 for 22 .

  3. Was that 530 banded attempt by T locked out at the top? He does get credit for pulling it conventional versus sumo, though. I'm sure he can lock it out.

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