DC Young Fly & Michael Blackson’s Push-Up Contest ‘Deleted Scene’ | Hip Hop Squares

DC Young Fly & Michael Blackson’s Push-Up Contest ‘Deleted Scene’ | Hip Hop Squares

– DC Young Fly, we
got a card for you. – What? – It’s comin’ right now. – What? Wait a minute,
what’s going on? – Can we get DC..(laughs) It’s a gym membership card. – Oh. (laughter) (applause) – We got a card for you, DC, here it go right here. – Who this suppose
to be?, my trainer? (Chuckles) huh? – Leave my son alone. – Oh, ahh what’s up Deray Jr.? (audience chuckles) – Show him his card. Gymship, your
gymbership right there. – Ahh! – It’s a gymbership – Oh, it’s gymbership? Okay. – Combine the words. Come to gymbership and work out. – Nah see when I got.. – No, we want you
have, we know you real, we know that you like being
slim, you know what I’m saying, but we gon work ya, you
know what I’m saying. So you can get action ready. – See I don’t need that. All I need to go in there 10
minutes, feel my first burn, I’m outta there. (Laughter) – I aint even gon
lie to you but, um they said that you
can’t do 11 push ups. – Got me, who wanna bet? We talkin bout.. (audience applause) – You and Michael Blackson,
a push up contest. – We talkin bout,
we talkin bout.. – I got a thousand on DC – What you tryna do? – You and Michael Blackson. Get down here Mike. – How you wanna do it, shawty (crowds counts pushups) – two.. three.. four.. five.. six.. now clap. – He struggling. – He bout to die. Oh snap, ohh! (laughter) We gotta challenger right here, – Aint no need for that. – Whoo, take it off. – We got a challenger. Boy, you gonna tear
that fake jewelry up. (audience counts) two.. three.. – That look like it hurt. – He struggling. – Six.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. Seven.. – Ahhh! (audience applause) – Yall gon kill him. – Hey – Ya’ll gon kill him. – Mike? – He came out the
back of his slippers – Mike? You know what you just
proved yourself, so we got a card for you right now. Wait for it.. (audience applause) You proved yourself, good job cause.. Only an American can
work out like that, right there outta nowhere,
give him his card. We got you a green
card, Michael Blackson. (Laughter) You can stay! Mike, you can stay, your
outfit gotta go back, but you could stay. – Hey.. that boy look like transmission
fallen out a old Chevelle, didn’t he? (Laughter) – That jacket smell
like moth balls ass that (expletive) stank. – That was the smell of
Africa coming from him. – First of all, lemme
tell yall something, green cards are not really
green, you stupid (expletive) (audience laughs)

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  2. Is it just me who thinks that it was super corny for T.I. to say that Michael's jacket "smelled like Africa". It's incendiary comments like that which causes confrontation with our African brothers and sisters. …just sayin..

  3. "first of all let me tell you something. Green cards are not really green, you stupid mf's" 😂😂😂 this guy is too funny

  4. The fact that most of the comment section looks so pressed over a joke😂😂😂 why is the Internet so sensitive damn😂

  5. How I end up on the boring side of YouTube this show dead. And I'm African I can take a joke but they got me over here like 😴

  6. If I am doing push-ups, and my friend is counting, and he keeps staying on the same damn number for fun or any reason, Imma whoop his clown ass, you ain't playing with me like that. Count normal or count these hands

  7. No difference between Trump who called Africa shithole Continent and TI saying such to Michael Blackson…It may be a joke but not funny to us as Africans!!!

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