DAY 6 Total Yoga Body – Strength Balance and Flexibility Vinyasa Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

DAY 6 Total Yoga Body – Strength Balance and Flexibility Vinyasa Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome to day six. So, yeah, yesterday. In yesterday’s video, I alluded to how strong muscles are flexible muscles, and as you’re focusing
on getting stronger, we want to stay balanced in our body, when we learn to practice yoga. So, we’re gonna focus
on some deeper stretches in today’s video. And, the health of a muscle
is not just its ability to be contracted like this, but also its ability to lengthen
all the way, to release. So, I want my muscle will be able to contract all the way forward. To be able to contract all the way, it has to be able to release all the way. If one’s not happening, the
other isn’t gonna happen. It’s a beautiful metaphor for life. Supposed to be giving and receiving and… All right, so, you an trip
on that if you want to, but today we’re gonna focus
on opening ourselves up all the way, so that we
can engage all the way. Hit the like button and
subscribe to the channel. (light guitar music) All right, today let’s get
the core work out of the way at the beginning. So, lie down onto your back. And, with your hips heavy onto the floor, I’m gonna lift my shirt a little bit so you can see the lower back. We’re just gonna let the lower
back be in its neutral curve, but the chest open. Take a few conscious breaths here. All right, now wiggle your feet together, and we’re just gonna start
by abducting the thighs. So, as you inhale, let
the knees go wide apart, and as you exhale, bring
your knees back together. Just real simple. Inhale, let the knees go wide apart, let your groin start to spread, and as you exhale, bring
the knees together. Inhale, knees go wide apart. Exhale, knees come together. Now, take your feet hip distance apart, and, as you inhale, arch your lower back. Curve the lower back. Exaggerate the curve of the lower back. Stretch the tailbone. Let the pubic bone reach
away from you, down, and then as you exhale,
flatten out your lower back. Tuck the buttock under, buttock towards the backs of knees. Inhale to arch your lower back. So, again, I’m doing… I’ve shown you the crop-top variation so you can see what’s happening. Don’t worry, it’s not
going to stay like this the whole video, and as you exhale, start
to flatten your lower back. Inhale, arch through your lower back. Also, the voice has to be
meditative for this part. Exhale, flatten through your lower back. Okay, you got that down. Now, bring your lower back into neutral. So, when we do this core work, where the head’s down, we want to hold this neutral lower back. Not allowed to lose it, deal? Bring your left leg up into tabletop. Without losing your neutral lower back, send your leg forward, and slower lower it so it’s an inch above the floor. Oh, but you’ve got to
squeeze your abs in more so that your lower back
doesn’t lift or twist. Then bring your leg back up, set it down. Stretch your right leg
forward and slowly lower it. Keep your core engaged, and back up. Let’s add some arms. Take the arms straight up. Send your left leg up forward, and left arm back as the
left leg reaches out, but you’ve got to squeeze your abs in, and back up. Change sides, without the abs wiggling. Slowly stretch the right leg. Right arm lengthen, but keep your abs in, and back up. Good, now bring both knees up. I got to squeeze my core
so my pelvis doesn’t move. Pretend like I put quarters on each one of your hip bones. Your hip bones aren’t
allowed to twist or wiggle otherwise the quarters will fall off. Now, slowly send the right leg forward. Don’t let the quarters wiggle off. Send your left arm back. Inhale, back up. (deep inhaling) Exhale, change sides. (deep exhaling) Inhale, back up. Exhale, change sides. (deep exhaling) Inhale, back up. Exhale, change sides. (deep exhaling) Inhale, back up. Exhale, change sides. Inhale back up. Exhale, change sides. Inhale, back up. Now, crunch up to your knees. Tuck yourself up into a little ball. Inhale, reach up, but
keep your abs crunched in. Exhale, tuck up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, crunch up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, crunch up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, crunch up. Inhale, reach out. Exhale, crunch up and hold. Send your right leg
forward, tuck your abs in. Send your left leg up to meet it. Hold. Hold, crunch your abs. Crunch up one more inch. And, lower yourself down. Take your feet the width of the mat, and let’s just windshield-wiper the knees. Right knee to the left foot,
slide your right arm over. (deep exhaling) Back to center. Left knee to the right foot, slide your left arm over. This is also nice for
your shoulder blades. Helps to mobilize them. (deep exhaling)
Back to center. Change sides. Exhale to center. (deep exhaling) Inhale, change sides. Exhale to center. All right, good. Hug your knees in. All warmed up with the core. Come on to your hands and your knees, and stretch in a Child’s pose. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) Downward Dog, come on up. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) Plank pose. Set your knees down. Lie on your belly, and stretch your arms all the way forward. Press the tops of the feet
down, lift your knees. Now, make yourself as long as you can as you squeeze the backs of your legs and lift your legs up an inch. Bring your hands back next to your waist. Roll your chest open. Plug your blades on your back
like we’ve been practicing. Good, then lower your chest and ease down. Press up onto your hands and your knees, and stretch back to Dog. Walk your feet all the way
up to the front of the mat. Inhale, flat back. Exhale, fold. Reach down into your feet,
inhale come all the way up. Exhale your arms to your side. Step to the top of your mat. Hands at your sides, stand tall. Find your Mountain pose line. So, stand tall, balance with
your weight over your arches. Shoulders back, chest open. Inhale, spread the arms to the side. Externally rotate and
reach all the way up. Exhale, fold forward. Inhale, slide your hands up to your shins. Reach your chest through it. Make a flat back. Step back into Plank
pose one leg at a time. All right, Chaturanga practice. Today, we’re doing three. Set the knees down. Chest open, abs tight. Neutral spine, the same
spine that was on the floor at the beginning of class. Lower slowly, and press back up. That’s one. Lower slowly, press back up. That’s two. Lower slowly, press back up. That’s three. Stretch back to Down Dog. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) All right, from Down Dog, walk your feet all the way forward. Let your head drop. Then, place your hands onto your hips, and come all the way up to stand. Vrksasana Tree pose. Place your right heel up onto the inside of your left thigh, interlock your fingers so the
right index finger is on top, turn your palms inside-out,
and reach your arms up. So, your inner shoulder plugs down as you reach up through the hands. Navel hold draws in. Reach up to the thumb-index
finger side of your hands. Then, bring your arms back down. Change sides. Bring your left heel up to
the inside of your right leg. Interlock your fingers,
left index finger on top, turn your palms, and reach your arms up. All right, so in addition
to the standing poses becoming more challenging,
throughout the 30 days, the holds will also become longer. I hope you have enough time
to do yoga for this long. Grow tall, up through the midline, not lean right or left, forward
or back, nice and balanced. Bring your arms back down,
and release your leg. All right, Triangle pose. Separate your legs wide
apart, spread your arms. Turn and reach out over your right leg. Five breaths. So, you got the foundations
down, hopefully. Just to re-emphasize, if
I look down my right leg, my center ankle, center
knee, and center hip are all lined up. I pin the right hip in. I stretch the back heels if
I’m pushing against the wall, and then I lengthen out to the line of my right inner foot
through the midline. The chest is open. I take the top arm up. To come back up, I push through my feet, pull with the top arm. Turn the legs to the other side. Look at your left leg. Turn the thigh out so
the leg is all lined up, tip from your hips to put your hand down. Then, elongate your spine. Take your top arm up. Press into your back outer heel. Reach into your feet,
come back up to stand. Pull with your top arm, feet parallel. Extended Side Angle. The right leg turns out,
same joint alignment. Back foot angled in. Bend your hand and put your hand down. Instead of letting your butt swing out, which knocks you forward, squeeze your right butt in, stretch your back leg, then
take your top arm overhead. If you don’t have blocks, today I’m showing the
no blocks modification. I just hold my leg. You could do that too. Or, if you have the flexibility
two fingertips on the floor, but don’t let your chest collapse. Chest should be open. Inhale, come back up. Turn your legs to the other side. Bend your knee. Put your hand down. Take your top arm overhead. And then come back up, parallel your feet. Step your legs together. Stand tall in Mountain. Warrior I. Separate your feet. Turn and face your right leg. Back foot angles in. Inhale your arms up, bend your right knee. All right, so today I’m
going to add the preparation for Warrior III. Yesterday, we learned
to balance on one foot. We learned aAdha Chandrasana. Today, we’re gonna lean
out over the right knee, and reach, reach, reach
through your fingers. So, I’m trying to create a
long line from the back ankles through the fingers. A taut-awesome line, through the back legs, through the arms. I pin this right hip in
so I can steer my chest straight ahead. Okay, then arms down. Press into your feet, come up. Turn your legs to the other side. The back heel presses down. I’m tall, straight up
through the line of ankles, raise the arms, bend your knee. Keep stretching your back leg. Now, lean your chest right over your knee. Stretch through the back
leg, reach past your fingers, firm arms. Back of the neck broad, like
how we learned on the belly at the beginning of class. Same idea. The navel is up, the heart
reaches forward, nice and long. Then, drop the arms, come back up. Parallel your feet. Let’s go right into Half Moon now. So, I turn my legs. I bend the knee, put the hand down in
front of the pinkie toe. Wiggle the back foot in, then step up. I make sure that I’m pressing
the right foot evenly from the foot. Day, which was on a fourth day. I lift up through the arch of the foot and push through the heel. And, I can stretch that leg up higher as I firm my right hip in. So, I’m using my leg muscles properly. I reach down into the right hand. Turn the chest. Breathe. Then, bend the knee. Step into Triangle pose. Now, let me see your deepest
expression of Triangle. You should to be more warmed up. Maybe even put the hand on the floor. Reach into your feet. Come back up to stand, and turn
the feet to the other side. Spread your arms. Bend your knee and put your hand down. Top hand on your hip. Wiggle the back foot in, and step up. All right, so focus on your standing leg. That’s your foundation. Lift through the inner and
outer arches of the foot. Pull up into the hip socket. Pin that left butt in over your ankle, then you can open and
stretch that back leg more. Reach your heart away from your hips. And once you’re steady,
take the top arm up. Then bend your knee, big
step back into a Triangle. Your longest, deepest
expression of Triangle, right after Half Moon. Press into your feet, come back up. Parallel your feet, and
bring your legs together. Mountain pose. Parsvottanasana. Separate your feet wide apart. Turn your legs to the right, and angle your back foot in
a little more than halfway. All right, so this is the
front of the hip crease. As you start to tip forward, the hip crease should release back. I’m putting my hands on my shin, but I don’t want you
to push the shin down. So, you can use blocks. Let me show. You can use blocks underneath the hands to help get that hip crease movement. So, before I can let my spine round evenly over the leg, I have to be able to lengthen. So, I want to be able to
lengthen the front of the spine, and draw the hip crease back. The better I get at this, the
better I’ll get at rounding. But, also, the better I get it rounding, the better I get at this. Again, the metaphor for life. One thing helps the other. Okay so, as you press into the feet, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, through the front of the
spine, the navel draws in, then I let myself start
to round out over the leg. I abandon the blocks. I let the head drop. (deep inhaling) From above your right
knee, you’re pulling up. Woo, so much so you see those
muscles start to turn on above the knee, and you deepen
the right hip crease back. The head drops down, the whole back of the
spine lengthens evenly. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) To come back up, I put
my hands on the blacks, or fingertips on the floor. All right, then I bend the knee, and step the other knee forward. Change sides. All right, so now the
left foot is forward. I’m up on the blocks to
give myself the chance to lengthen the spine. If you don’t have blocks, you
can use a chair or something, but I recommend investing in this. You’re gonna use them for a lifetime. Stretch into your feet evenly. Pull from above your hip. Deepen the left hip crease. Reach your heart forward. Get as much length and lift
from above the left knee as you can. And then, keeping that
deepening of the hip crease, put the hands down and
start to lengthen the back of the spine out over the leg. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) And come back up on your blocks. All right, so this
question often gets asked and I just want to address it. “I’m a stiff person, and my
leg won’t straighten like that, and I look like this.” So, it’s more important
to me that the hip crease draws back, and the movement
comes from the pelvis. So, if you’re not able to
straighten all the leg, the straighten the leg all the way, or if you do it makes your back pop up, then I’d recommend keeping
a little bend in the knee, and work on moving your pelvis. Instead of the pelvis pulling this way, you’re gonna lift through
the back of the pelvis through the buttocks to
take you over the leg. Hope that helps. Okay, if you have any more questions, you can post a question in the comments. Step the back foot forward. Now, with the feet together, or the feet hip socket distance apart., I’m gonna put my hands
right next to my feet on the blocks, and let the head drop, and I find like ah, they’re
kind of getting in my way. So, see if I can… Oh, they’re still kind of getting in my… I feel I can go a little bit deeper. Okay, that’s about, for my
wrists and my hamstrings, that’s about as deep as I could go with the fingertips next to the toes. The belly draws in, the head drops down. You might be able to put your hands flat next to your feet. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) Five more breaths. Open up through the backs of the knees. Lean the hips over the heels. Inner and outer arches are open. You don’t have to yank them up, but make sure that they’re
not twisting to the floor. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) All right, then inhale, flat back. Grab ahold of your big toe,
and reach your heart forward. As the navel moves in, bend
the elbows out to the side. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) And then, inhale, flat back. (deep exhaling)
Exhale, hands on the hips. (loud static crunching) the experience, come on up to standing. So, if it bugs your back or something to do those deep forward bends, I introduced them pretty quick, you can also do them with the knees bent and just work on that pelvis action. All right. So now, to undo some of that strain that might have
come from those poses, let’s sit in Hero’s pose. My knees, I have an
inch in between my knees and my feet are wide
enough for my buttocks to fit between the toes,
point straight back, and I’m gonna sit on this taller block. If it’s too much for you to sit like this, you can just sit with your legs crossed if you have a knee issue, and it pains the knee or
you’ve got some like screws in your ankles or something. Sit up tall, chest open, and then twist to your right. Come back to center,
and twist to your left. Come back to center, and
let’s do the preparation, a preparation for headstand. All right, so today to help to teach the external rotation arms, I’m gonna slide my fingers
around the block, like this, and I’m gonna make sure
that my inner shoulder stays turned out, turned
to the outer shoulder, instead of my shoulder
rolling in, like this. Turn the inner shoulder
to the outer shoulder. I broaden my collarbones to create space for the back of the neck. All right, with the fingers
wrapping towards each other, I press the forms in the block down, and then I curl my toes. I lift my belly into
the front of the spine, and then I come up. The inner forearms
reach towards the block. The outer shoulders pin back. My navel draws into
the spine, as I exhale, and then I lift my hips up. Then I let normal breathing happen. So, I don’t keep my abs
crunched the whole time. But to help me mobilize,
I use that navel action and it’s called Uddiyana Bandha. So, we can use the Bandha to
help to create more movement, but then we want the breath
to move nice and even. (deep inhaling)
(deep exhaling) All right, then set your knees down. Stretch back into Child’s pose. Swing your legs around. Stretch the legs straight
out in front of you. Bend your right knee to the
side, like the Tree pose leg. Sit up straight and tall. Angle yourself towards your left foot. Then, see if you can tip yourself and grab ahold of your foot. If you can’t, you can just
grab ahold of your shin. Then, what I’d like to
see is that you can make that flat back like we did on the blocks. As the sitz bones, stretch
straight down to the floor, your navel draws up, and
you try to make a flat back. Let me see if we can hold
that for five breaths. Back up. Change sides. Bend the left knee out to the side. Heel in, towards you. Sit up tall. Tip yourself towards the leg. Grab ahold a shin, or strap, or shirt, whatever, over the foot. Angle the sitz bones. Aim them straight down, and actively reach the front
of the sitz bone down more to help tip you forward. Then draw, lift through the pelvic floor. Let the navel release
into the spine and up. Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Grow tall through your spine. Neck free, neck tall. And then come back up. Both legs forward. Navel draws in as you
lengthen out over your legs. Come back up, and lie down on your back. Corpse pose. Adjust the back of the head, the shoulder blades, and the buttocks so you’re nice and neutral and even, and stretch the legs out. All right, so this is our
second day of practicing Parnium Enshivasin and Corpse pose. So, once you let the body drop and everything start to relax, begin to watch your breath. All right, now today, instead of just observing, we’re gonna practice, for a minute, lengthening the breath. So, as you watch your breath, instead of trying to suck more air in, watch and observe the lungs. Imagine you could watch
the bottom of the lungs, closer to the belly, spread and open. Then the middle of the
lungs, spread and open to make more space for air. Then the top of the
lungs, spread and open, without any strain. More air coming into the lungs, and as you exhale let all the air leave nice and smooth and steady. You shouldn’t let the nerves get keyed up. You should stay just as relaxed. So, just start to watch these
slower, smoother breaths. And instead of trying to yank air in, just observe more space. Observe yourself, or imagine yourself opening up more for
more room for the breath to move in and out. Relax the space open. All right, and no more deep breathing. Just relax completely. Bend your knees. Roll over to your right side, and press yourself up. All right, so sit up tall,
bring your palms together. With your eyes closed, just notice if after doing that expansion
work with the breath how different it feels energetically. Notice any shift. So, as we practice yoga, and we start to do different things, we just want to notice what’s the effect, what is happening. We’re practicing becoming more conscious. All right, thank you, Namaste. All right, I hope you enjoyed
the deeper forward bends, maybe didn’t enjoy. Might have been kind of intense, but you can see where you have some area for improvement now, and as we work, going deeper into the poses, you’re gonna keep getting
stronger and more flexible. Hey, I want to remind you
that you can become a member of the community by donating any amount on our PayPal icon that we have on the banner
of the Yoga with Tim site. So, donate what you can by
clicking that Paypal link on the icon down at the right-hand corner of the banner and, also, check out my website Yoga
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complete guide to learning how to do a handstand. Thanks for watching.

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