Dark Souls 3 PvP: Strongman Invasions – I AM A HERO

Dark Souls 3 PvP: Strongman Invasions – I AM A HERO

All right am I here by myself. That’s good Holy shit, what is that damage dude did hey get like one of those dumb double counter hits I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened Great I’m glad I didn’t hit him Oh my god, I wish he would have gotten one shot just cause he did that Think he gets killed immediately? Yep immediately. Immediately he got killed Yep and there I go and they have a Blue too, that’s good That’s gonna slow you down so the aldrich could hit you? No he’s gonna miss Guys has a great shield and a straight sword There you go one for you yes, good shit Aldrich, yes, you did something, and I got tossed There you go. Oh man a decent Aldrich for once an invasion where I get a teammate that does is something That’s not stare into a wall, or have a potato head. That’s gonna be the only one for for the month. I think Prod can you teach me how to dougie? If you break both your legs backwards then you should be able to do it fairly easily Actually really like the mace. I think it’s a pretty fucking solid weapon, but against one guy against one guy against multiple people It’s it’s a bit tougher alright. There is an Artorias. So that’s good Not a real artorias, and he doesn’t have a dark word but, Oh, please die that would be great ah Come ‘ere Lucas slow down for me Doesn’t want to lose his souls. God, he got away scot free to runs for the rest of his life. I I didn’t get as much heal as I hoped oh He’s gonna fall off can I throw him off? I don’t think it’ll work There you go, see you Lucas Oh your friend couldn’t make it look his friend is right there right there. He couldn’t make it oh oh a bit too slow oh he disappeared in front of me wonder how hard he was screaming into his friend’s ear alright The magician’s already dead, which is a good sign, is that one or two people? That’s two people alright random guys I like how he’s already gliding Come here, gg That’s not a good sign I’m stuck in his leg. No. I don’t want to eat this. Oh great well Aldrich killed me. If he would have maybe stopped, i would have been able to get out, but no he decided keep going Alright guy with love tap and he does have a phantom though I’ll Wait. Hello At least I’m glad I got that hit though I Like the lag. Alright I need this I need a quicker one That definitely should have been a backstab but since he was an hour away already by the time that I hit him Are both of them lagging or just this one idiot Is there three? yo ACC man somebody lock this guy’s account so he doesn’t get on this game anymore Please it would make the world a better place especially in the world of dark souls. Think that’s so scary I think it came out much earlier look it comes out about a second early There we go, got that guy. oh there he goes you mind if I he’s behind me oh There’s two phantoms, there is two phantoms this guy’s here too I don’t know when I lost HP. I think that hit me that thing that just came out now I’m pretty sure to hit me ten seconds ago Did he just show oh congratulations the hell? Not sure if that hit him Wait a minute what the hell where are my throwing knives at? get em green galugo lacmagugo One of this is gonna Yeah, I knew it I’m glad I killed that guy [epic parry] gotcha Oh poopius, ran into the next existence All right, there is a phantom. Let me guess He’s gonna be over leveled, and there is a regular red random guys hosting a Fight Club. I’m gonna fight the Phantom All right come here Hannibal. I’m gonna kill you right quick Right quick it’s gonna. It’s gonna happen What are you doing The Fight Club wait you can’t take it, what are you doing smaug? There you go There you go there you go, Getting one shot Oh my god All right Come here. Aren’t these the the uh Those guys from that Fight Club? Where the guy one shot me with his fcking spell? Where’s that heal at, there it is. This thing like does less damage, maybe then the fcking weapon I had before The little mace You think you’re actually gonna get that Hannibal, what do you think you are dog? There ya go. Who do you think you are? Come here echo of silence Now what is that purple gonna do? I’m gonna keep trying that. Eventually, he’ll go for two There you go Parry! Someone calculated how big Luigi’s dick is from a single picture that Nintendo posted. really? Sounds like a good time Hawkwood come here, Hawkwood. God I was standing still and he missed. what does that say about you the hell I staggered him Hey, Hawkwood you’re gonna do anything but run away come on? You’re gonna get caught by one of these you really are You’re gonna get caught by one of these which one is it though is it that one or is it this one? None of them damn it The hell Oh, I’m two handing. I legitimately tried parrying and I believe I pressed left bumper. Oh, it’s gonna happen Oh [Imminent Disappointment] [Deep Gasp] A Bush saved you That’s why you don’t trim the bush Damn in Alessia. I could see the bush from here And there it is come on man you stupid tree and there he goes One’s dead. This guy’s kind of a moron so I I can get him one on one we shouldn’t have a problem unless he gets a lucky parry on me which always happens so There you go, oh my god, oh, he killed him anyway That guy thought he was dead. Calm your tits alright calm your tits Aldrich. Here’s someone where you don’t want to be There you go That’s for all of you that guy needs to tan up a bit he needs to go to the beach He needs to go one of the sunnier parts in Dark Souls land too much time in irithyll. He’s starting to look like the snow Oh, that’s a good sign he’s got love tap. Great oh. yo, how much damage did he do to me? It’s a lot more than you’d expect for that shit. Oh Never mind it’s frayed blade. it’s a pretty high damaging weapon. get out of here. I’m gonna die probably An aldrich. as long as you’re safe Got it he’s still going oh come on what hit me He’s dead already right? Yeah, died an hour ago probably Ah I felt that should have hit. I think his teammate’s controller died. immediately ditches him. doesn’t give it a second thought. There you go. Nice good shit Aldrich Don’t bow point down gotta point down! There you go. It’s almost as if he heard me Jesus what the hell is happening he got blasted in the face by that, It did nothing to him All right look I’m close enough. shoot it off like an idiot Great. Ah, Idiots man. Is that the exact same guys literally camping up there Okay, I guess I’ll try I won’t block this time He does have the blue which is kind of annoying. Ah That guy’s gonna hit me no Yo, how do I not gonna backstab in that situation man I’m literally okay? let me slow this down pause this invasion I literally standing directly behind him Where I was touching the weenie of my character to his butt How was that not a backstab? I just don’t get it. I really don’t get it And I don’t think I ever will really oh Man I’m fucked Oh, man, I am screwed in this situation Is this thing here so I can run away further? I don’t think it is. Ah run this way I already hear the fireball behind me. Nice try, idiot. Oh all right you’re just gonna run away there’s an invader in here Pretty sure this guy doesn’t know how to play the game besides pressing right bumper while his teammate is in here That’s not gonna save you man, that’s not gonna save you The true colors come out right when it’s 1v1 the true colors come out that backstab though that backstab is still pissing me off Hopefully, it’s not the same guys AH, wet meat slaps. Alright, they already killed the red who was in here. Oh look who it is, it’s this laggy as fuck guy ACC [guess we’ll we wait for an invader] Who you bitches attacking oh shit, they’re having a sword fight, they’re having a shank fight, I think oh That’s good. I believe there’s two of those already in here Hello I dindu nothing I don’t know who did that that was weird he just happened to die alright the red is right here He’s lagging too – so that’s good. We have one one lag on our side – two on their side. aldrich faithful already died god damn, dude useless as ever. I expected to hit a lot earlier than that Shit did like half my HP Do I have those charms that unbuff the…? ah I don’t have any. Is that guy literally shield pokin Oops, I didn’t mean to do that. I meant to do this fucking running attack Couldn’t even I couldn’t even hit him that was like a solid hit, but it just nope. I broke my arm. I need the slower weapon. There you go, no, I don’t have a piece of anything Wait a minute where’s my stam – what the fuck oh oh? Man god dammit. I fcking pressed square Real champion of the meadow Oh my god, man If you’re gonna gank at least don’t be Stank stank shit some action You’re making these invaders fight. That’s not nice of him No more fight club for you. That’s good, that’s what you want to see when you get in here – two guys l1 banging each other alright taking bets now Who do you guys think will kill me my own team or will the enemy kill me? We’re taking bets Oh Why would you run in there by yourself against three are you stupid? Ah? There’s no point in waiting You know there really is no point in waiting for teammates when they’re like that I already saw someone lose HP oh he saved him, he might have been one hit. My god this guy’s fat rolling Nope nope Stupid-ass Bush, how strong is that Bush? Ledo man almost freakin killed me oh go on out there There you go, why would you hit twice man? Was hoping to hit him after the fact that roll I knew it was gonna happen. Let me guess both of the invaders died got him. there you go that one’s for you Me next Shit, I wanted to kill that guy too. I was going for this snipe how many have three so it gets two and the third It’s like two and a half. Yeah Juancho sensual. Oh this guy’s so dead survive a little bit longer Got him oh You’re next oh you realize what happened huh, you realize what happened just now of course I fucking miss. sorry red oh? My god the little skip. He like, skips a half a step everything every little while Oh Oh I saved him! Oh you got your ass saved so hard twice juan Let’s say we saved another JUAN [Awkward silence] You have one second to shut up.

100 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 PvP: Strongman Invasions – I AM A HERO

  1. "How strong is that bush?"

    You see President Bush had a very influential campaign and- OK yeah I'll stop

  2. Has mace, rarely uses perseverance, especially when trapped in a corner or against bigger weapons. Truly the worst invader.

  3. Gankers in a nutshell:

    3v1=Tommy Tuffnutz

    1v1=Cries like bitch

    This is especially true of high-level ganks.

  4. Please add the "what" whenever u get a parry parry riposte like u did on the aldrich undead legion headgear person

  5. okay prod. heres the thing, i went into this video believing it was you playing just like everyone else. i enjoyed the video all the way up to 19:48. you hit a plunge attack. the REAL prod cannot ever do that. the REAL prod is destined to never hit a plunge and to be immediately ganked by 3 havels with straight swords. I would like to know whos footage you used

  6. 18:30 To be fair, you did the same to the Ledo-man at 7:55. It was a lesson from him to you. What a wise soul he has. Bless his horny head.

  7. Hey Prod, firstly, thank you for all the fine content over the years. I have a question. I have only just made my first sl120 – I have been very content at sl35 just growing my skill at pvp in Cruxifiction Woods. Here is the question: what would you say is your strongest sl120/125 build to take into the arena?

  8. haha prod…you failed to mention that i did 1v1 you and i beat you in a 1v1 lol, but okay. talk trash and dont mention the time you tried to parry me like five times xD

  9. true colors come out when someone uploads to make someone look bad, but dosent upload the clip where i destroyed you in a 1v1, and you ran and chugged and tried to gank my summon while he was in a 1v1

  10. Random comment that will probably be devoured by other comments but Prod I just want you to know that we all really enjoy your videos. I remember when I first found one of your videos and started watching, I couldn't stop. Your jokes are great, your luck is terrible (normally) and we all love you. We're behind you every step of the way. Good luck and have a good day Prod.

  11. that riposte save is why people watch you man!, all those missed backstabs were leading up to that save….and it was worth it.

  12. "Oh that's good, that's what you want to see when you get in here-2 guys L1 banging each other". FFS that had me rolling!!

  13. I really wonder why I only got invaded twice the last week and here there is people popping up all over the place still…
    Also 14:50, that guy watched too much SAO Abridged X)

  14. Been watching you for a while now, haven't really commented before just wanted to say I look forward to your videos when I get back from college.

  15. How to people even make overpowered magic builds. With 70 int and a court staff +10 buffed, a CCS does MAYBE 800 damage. It's ridiculously weak, compared to the 1100+ damaging ones I've been hit by.

  16. hey I'm a I work at fromsoft and I'm here to tell you we banned ACC's account 2 years ago. he just doesn't know it yet because of the lag

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