Cousin Skeeter’s Robert Ri’chard Reveals His 10 Minute, No Gym Workout Secrets | Body Of Work

Cousin Skeeter’s Robert Ri’chard Reveals His 10 Minute, No Gym Workout Secrets | Body Of Work

(pop music) – It happened on October 13th, 2013. And I was suffering from a broken heart, I lost a loved one in a relationship and I remember feeling
so helpless and so weak. And I could walk into a
room and smell her perfume, and collapse, it hurt that bad. And I thought to myself, is there a way that I
can make myself stronger? From within and sort of
build myself back up? It wasn’t until about four years ago that I really started to
focus on how do I create a better value of life, and that’s when I sort
of discovered this road to fitness freedom. These abs got built in 10 minutes a day. No weights, no gym, no travel. Let’s get right into it. We’re going to start off in a plank. We all have things, routines, that limit us and combat
out priority to our health. Whether you’re an executive, if you’re on the move, whether you’re severely overweight and you’ve never known fitness, and you don’t know where to begin. So I figured what’s the best approach? I figured ask the expert
so I went and talked to my doctor and asked
him what working out was? And it turns out that working
out is actually creating small micro tears in your muscles. And it doesn’t matter if
you’re running, swimming, doing crossfit, all these
things were creating these small micro tears, so using science, we figured
out the most effective way to tear muscle. And essentially what we did was we brought the pool work out, which is face down, when you’re in the pool
you’re swimming face down, isometrics, to land. If I ask anybody in the
world to break a pencil, or break a chopstick, everyone would do it the same way. They would snap it in the middle. What you wouldn’t do is you wouldn’t try and squeeze a chopstick. You wouldn’t try and pull it apart. And you wouldn’t try and twist it, because you know, just like I know, it’s an inefficient way of
breaking that chopstick. I can give you two chopsticks and you can continue to break them. So we created this workout
routine that’s basically this snapping motion of your body, where your waist is the
middle of your quote, unquote, type pencil, and
so a lot of it is just you on the ground and moving
that waist up and down. Creating that motion, and it actually effects the
entire part of your body. This is what my office looks like. There’s cast members,
crew members everywhere. There’s film equipment all over the place. And let’s take a look at the food table. So I’ve got a big mouth, and everyone knows that. So I’m no stranger into
changing what we’re eating. So here’s a typical movie
set and we’ve got chips and things that I don’t
deem to be too healthy, but my influence is this stuff. I require that we all
have greens on our set. We’ve got strawberries,
blueberries, a little bit of nuts, and greens, and also fruits. I eat the colors of the
rainbow al the time. Things that are red, orange,
yellow, green, and purple. Talking about health is
also talking about nutrition and I really believe it’s the 80/20 rules. 20% of the activity, 80% of
what you put in your mouth. Now me personally, I
really encourage people to eat the colors of the rainbow. Things that are red,
strawberries, tomatoes, chard, those type of things. Things that are orange
like turmeric, carrots. Things that are yellow
like pineapples, lemons, even honey which is a great
for your immune system and for the digestive system. Things that are green like kale, spinach, spirulinas, too, is very, very healthy. And then things that are purples, too, like blueberries, blackberries,
beets, even pomegranates. Deep deep colors. But the more colorful your diet, the more healthy your diet. We’ve had a lot of
advances in science as far as protein goes, and a lot of people are
very pro vegan protein. Me, I do believe that a healthy balance of fish and chicken is a great way to get proteins, and those are the ones I use
predominantly every single day along with the heavy vegetables. When I started Highway Fit, I noticed I was probably about
30, 40 pounds overweight, based on my height. And my BMI, which is my body
mass index was above 25, which is overweight, getting on obese side. And I worked on myself first, and lost about 30 pounds in about a month. And then immediately my first customer was a woman named Tiffany Carr and she is in Wilmington, North Carolina. She walked into a Gold’s Gym, and I was standing right
there at the front desk, and she said, I’m 28 years old, I’m 400 pounds, and I just
want to be under 200 pounds for my 30th birthday. And I thought to myself, what could I do to help her and to serve what her goals were? So I took her over to the side of the gym, and been doing the same
exercises that I’d been doing, and modified it a little
bit so that she could do it, and it was actually accessible
and attainable for her, which is great. And then there was this great joy, this sense of accomplishment, that what was the workout,
her beginning of her road, she was able to do from the first day. And the next day she brought her aunt, who was 55 years old. And now I’ve served 10s
of thousands of people, I have 120,000 people on
my Instagram follow me, just for health, and just a couple weeks ago, I had a woman who’s 60
years old who told me that she’s lost 50 pounds in two months. So, I think that this is something that’s really trying to change
society and enrich culture by providing education, fitness education, health education for
positive health practices.

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  1. He should read books by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, President Clinton’s doctor…..and Dr T Colin Campbell ( Cornell University ), who wrote THE CHINA STUDY- the largest nutritional study ever done.
    He is about 90% correct but the 10% he has wrong could kill him eventually.

  2. Heartbreaks suck. Worse than pretty much anything. Happy to see he was able to get out of that slump.

  3. Now I know why I used to have the sicpacks when during my surfing ages, its the same motion

  4. i mean he seems alright and all but what he preaches isn't exactly that innovating or game changer.. he basically does what every 10min home work out is about. (of course you need to combine it with nutrition otherwise it wouldn't show any results)

  5. Good for you I am so happy for you I myself being 56 years old realize that these diet's are ridiculous and at the end of the day is long as you move your body and eat in moderation your life will be so much better Peace and happiness to you The next year I will be on Myrtle Beach with a bangin body

  6. honestly…this content is so professionally done. If BET has content like this im down. meanwhile im trying to find these cousin skeeter episodes & wishing they'd release classic black shows on blu-ray. It's honestly a shame. So many people would buy it…

  7. This Brother is a inspiration for everyone who's out of shape and need to get their health in check it's true what they say your health is your wealth 👍🏿💯

  8. Freedom for the black people in Africa and the world! No more forced sexual reassignment surgery of the black people in all forms! No more violence against the black people! Freedom!

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