Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing

Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing

100 thoughts on “Coronavirus Task Force holds White House briefing

  1. "The medicines, & what I like to call, & people are calling, 'therapies' are things that can help, or maybe help, people who are ill, or not quite ill, but feeling a little better, or getting better, or before they even get sick in some cases…"
    — Donald J. Trump, moron

  2. Just like the WWII ship building, military vehicles, tanks, and countless others war fighting equipment, the companies manufacturing medical supplies are the ships, and military supplies manufacturing of WWII.

  3. This is global we need to stay strong……
    Live in the car an have a child. Live with fear everyday keep my windows up. I have a sun roof so it helps an I started wearing gloves…
    Living outside as changed in the last 3 years

  4. My gosh this media is just so obsessed with sensationalism, hysteria, and “gotcha” moments. How about we ban together during this crisis but instead they have intensified their attacks on Trump. As an American it truly saddens me and makes me angry at the same time. Trump is not a perfect person but what he did for our economy before this was nothing short of genius and he is doing the best he can in this situation

  5. incredible leadership…. Donald Trump has exceeded every one of my expectations as what a president should be… i dont want him to be skiddish but I would like him to self quaranteen so our armed forces are prepared for whatever threats that can or might arise while our industries become partially crippled

  6. one thing I love about this country is the importance of providing each and everyone of us to face our last moments with some dignity…..


  8. This virus is the reward of letting evil persist in the world these liberal demons will be the first to go an these fake conservatives will be next God is in controll let's all pray this virus wipes out all the evil in this world. In Jesus name Amen

  9. Let's all pray that each an every liberal demoncrap gets this virus please God let obama and Biden and Hillary and Nancy and schumer an be shiff get this virus in the name of Jesus. Amen to

  10. Please, somebody remind these government officials again to practice more social distance for their own safety

  11. Cuomo wants the feds to nationalize the supply of medical stuff. Now you have states competing against each other for the same supplies and prices are going nuts. Capitalism does not work with medicine. Most of the world already knows it but Americans are terrified of the work Nationalize. omg. it is hopeless if you don't demand more from this President. Thank God he is not making medical supplies.


  13. Theres a rumor that Mr. Vp. has covid ? guess not . good God protect all believers and the least of society homeless in Yeshua Jesus name

  14. ISRAEL has a mask that kills bacteria viruses with coper in material. u can bleach them too. God blesses out of Zion !!!

  15. We have liquids to sterilize masks…we have the best liquids…no one has ever had liquids as good as us..WHAT A MORON…you can't sterilize paper masks with liquids…as usual, he doesn't know what he's talking about & doesn't make any sense…

  16. If Trump closed all borders and travel including China as early as he closed travel to and entry from China, the coronavirus outbreak in the US would not have happened. Trump is always proud of closing travel to and entry from China, which only indicates that the outbreak in the States is caused by letting people come into the US from countries other than China. Therefore, at this particular moment, it doesn't make sense to blame China for the virus outbreak in the US especially after the president declared that he closed entry from China very early.

  17. HANNITY, March 9: Talking about the Coronavirus: "… a Democrat hoax."
    HANNITY, March 18: "…this program has always taken the coronavirus seriously. We've never called the virus a hoax."
    Thanks Fox…

  18. It's like when a basketball player is interviewed about the game:"Well you know… we're out there just givin' it 110%. Uhh we're playing the best defense that we can right now. Just keepin' the ball movin' and uhhh…. you know we just gotta give it 110%. And uhhhhh…"

  19. Dr. Fauci insisted that wearing a mask is useless if the person is not sick. That could also be the reason why American newly infected patients are soaring. It does not make sense the health professionals wearing masks can be protected whereas ordinary people wearing masks is useless. Dr. Fauci should be aware that people in all the virus outbreaking countries are wearing masks. It should be recognized that wearing masks is part of the effectiveness that Japan and South Korea outbreaks are well under control. In Japan and South Korea, 99% of people walking on the streets wear masks. It is difficult to provide enough masks for the majority of people to wear during a pandemic, but the truth is the truth. Dr. Fauci should not compromise the truth just because the US is short of the supply for the masks.

  20. Greatest crisis since WW2 yet Dems cannot stop their hate filled rants and political games, last week looked like they were going to work together with GOP but then Nancy and Chuck and the media did a 180

  21. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “promising development,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that alcohol may help people survive the most severe effects of coronavirus briefings. Noting that millions of Americans have been exposed to the daily briefings of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Fauci said that he had voluntarily submitted to a preliminary trial of the alcohol-based therapy. “What we have found is that a single dosage before the briefing and as much as a double dosage after the briefing do much to alleviate the most acute suffering,” Fauci said.

    The esteemed virologist said that if Americans are able to administer additional doses during the briefings, “Consider yourself lucky.” But, even as Fauci hailed the benefits of the new treatment, he sounded a note of caution. “The effect of this medication is temporary,” he said. “Sadly.” Fauci’s findings are in line with anecdotal reports indicating that Americans have been alleviating symptoms in a similar manner since November, 2016.

  22. Spread the word. The “””REME HALO””””, germ killing devise should be built in mass numbers. Studies show it works, and it has preformed great at my house. Goggle it !!!

  23. The clown in thief is looking mighty orange today—don’t believe a word this ignorant savage says. He is alway looking for ways to benefit himself even times of crisis. For ordinary people who die, it’s just collateral damage—the cost of doing business for Trumpasaurus.

  24. people are idiots. 15000 deaths out of 7.5 billion people. If you had a 2 in a million chance of winning the lotto, would you be excited? You're 50X more likely to die in a car accident, are you gonna close the roads? If you had a city of a million people and 2 died of a disease are you gonna close schools and businesses and hoard toilet paper and crash the stock market? They're full of crap, they want you scared and locked in your home and out of work!!!

  25. Reasons why people have a right to be angry at China for the Chinavirus:

    1. It was known for many years that there are several strains of coronavirus present in bats that can be transmitted to humans. These animals are not safe for human consumption yet the government did nothing to stop it. SARS taught them nothing.

    2. The Chinese government covered up the scale and danger of the virus for weeks. On Jan 15 they told the WHO that there was "no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus."

    3. The CCP silenced several doctors, most notably Dr. Li Wenliang, who tried to warn others of the virus.

    3. It is widely believed that China is still under-reporting the number of cases/deaths.

    4. There is now an organized effort by the CCP to shift blame for the virus to the U.S. A disgusting act of propaganda meant to save face.

    They cannot be trusted, they do not accept responsibility, and we will not forget.

  26. Trump will be nominated a Pulitzer for saving American quickly his accomplishments will be talked about 200 years from now his image will be carved and added to Mount Rushmore also his memorial will make Jefferson memorial look very small indeed we are talkin president for if it wasn't for the Democrats working with President Trump we would be in very bad but that's not the case America's going to reboundpharmaceuticals are going to be made in the United States of America and we're going to be number one in the world. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. They should only allow ten people in warlmart as well as closing early and have security to watch people getting to close to each other. And tell people wear mask

  28. Of all the people in America during this horrendous crisis we have a moron in command. This lunatic should be removed from office to eleviate that problem at least and replaced by a true leader whether Republican or Democrate it doesn't matter.

  29. Briefing isn't US or UK, English. BRi'–I'm really cold, here, EF'ING'–And said, I freeze. Really, bad,
    information — nutcases. Hence I, tried real English = Hawaiian, and it, isn't.

  30. Please support your President more. he is not a negative person. it is good. read your Bible. their is power in your tongue. what you speak so shall it be. so please be positive but not stupid. take the necessary care and trust God.

  31. A pandemic department? Wait, didn't we already have a pandemic response team? Oh, right, that was Obama's. And, Trump eliminated it. Wait, why? Oh, right, that was Obama's.

  32. People should understand that we are at war with this Wuhan novel corona virus which we still don't know how to terminate, while 35,070 of our countrymen are afflicted and 458 have already lost their lives. And all we hear from Dr. Anthony Fauci was staying non-committal on Pres. Trump’s suggestion of trying hydroxychloroquine due to an absence of clinical trials and scientific facts. We don't have time to complete a scientific research with lengthy bureaucratic protocols at this point while people are dying! Why can't we try these existing drugs as proposed by Pres. Trump under the Right To Try law? Dr. Anthony Fauci shouldn't be on the Coronavirus Team but should stay long hours in his scientific lab to test the efficacy of this drug against this Wuhan novel coronavirus.

  33. it’s funny how 36% of americans love the taste of this poo poo 💩💩💩. very addictive and unhealthy 🤮🤮🤮

  34. I like how pence pats himself on his back for the testing. 195k (that's to date, not this week) and 1900 infected, so 1:10.
    Now we are day 5 of this lock down. What happens day 15? This is like the equivalent of "Duck and Cover" without faya to back up.
    Now say they make a vaccine, how in the f are they gonna make and distribute it to 327m Americans when they can't make and distribute enough tests to do 1%?

  35. If this were a communist country. Trump would have Dr Facci killed. He hates to be upstaged and told he is wrong…his EGO doesn't understand talk like this.

  36. Update: Cases in USA doubled in a week. Deaths tripled in 2 weeks. Trump has done nothing to get test kits out, to get masks in production, or anything at all to control this epidemic. The Prez who always brags about his powers is using none of them to direct production of life saving materials, which is his job in an epidemic. Fauci is saying, "Not everyone needs to be tested;" a total lie since that is exactly how epidemic control works: test and quarantine. It's working in China, South Korea, etc.

  37. When asked about Trump's misstatement of facts regarding the virus and drugs to combat it, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, "I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down."

    No, Trump is much taller then Fauci. But, I'd still like to see him wrestle the mic away from Trump.

  38. Trump is amazing. Totally amazing. He has more charisma in one finger than 9/10ths of the other leaders of the world.

    If there is any justice trump will be returned in November with a massive landslide. The biggest ever.

    How he has conducted himself and noted and managed the big picture is as good as it can get in such adverse times.

    Here in UK the rumour is Boris is about to go for lock down and curfews with arrests in the next 2 hours.

    I'm afraid to say it's needed.

    This is war and unfortunately some of the younger (under 30s) don't get it yet.

    There is also evidence from Italy the virus has now jumped and infecting people in their 20s and 30s.

    God Bless trump.


    God's blessing on Britain is on its, way.

  39. Trump said "It's a hoax." Trump said "We have 15 cases and the number is gonna go down very quickly." 3 weeks ago Trump Admin said there would be 1 million test kits available in one week – did not happen. Trump said "I'm not responsible," when asked about the slow response. Trump said, "The government is not a delivery service," when asked why he hasn't used powers under production act to divert production for masks, test kits, and ventilator equipment.

  40. Well, you can blame the media for asking questions (which happens to be their job) but after three years and 15,000 documented lies, the Trump WH has zero credibility. Trump needs to get out of the way and let the adults run these meetings.

  41. For all the "politically correct red tape" that he's got to waste time saying, walking on eggshells when he should be able to just state the necessary information….. since he can't due to the pansy snowflakes, you guys can at least put just the useful information in the description…..

  42. I am so very proud of our president and all those who are backing up his efforts .This is what I call working together. Thank you Mr. Trump Much love and respect to you,yours, and all those who are keeping Americans safe and alive in the white house and the country .

  43. It's 3/23/20 . 4: 43 pm . I still leave in 6 Motel . Simi Valley CA 93065 .
    I hope my Security be good in 6 Motel . 2566 Erringer Dr Simi CA all the time! I believe this is the law of the country of America 🇺🇸 can protect my Security with my Human rights in America all the time!
    Thanks !


    when the concert comes touring, through, an underground market precedes – what we call 'scalpers', add high mark-ups very fast.!!

    what makes any circus the big money hole, is not only shifty sleight misers by their midway shenanigans, it can come out in many forms, especially if tricky hands call dense crowds a prime area to receive wallets, purses & etc.!!

    at those words, it would just figure we get no break from dark agents; those jacks buying in mass, for the purpose of direct sales beneath the radar, have left digital traces all along the pay paths & scattered their confetti clues out across open media forums.!! like many other schemes & opportunistic activities, 'scalpers' are subject to arrest, prosecution & penalties; also, they can't easily recruit their customers, due to precedent cases & other techniques.!!

    perhaps, one fine day, our human race will go so far as we must to stay free of such action, and find our traversal to bring efforts into the positive, successful position of pragmatism..

    (an eventual, theoretic development)
    – where selfishness yields, in togetherness –


  45. WHEN will the media stop harassing the GREATEST president in U.S. history?? They keep bringing up facts like how the Trump administration fired the CDC pandemic team weeks after taking over. AND how he downplayed the potential threat of the pandemic in January. AND how the HHS staff were in complete chaos for weeks because the key leaders had all been fired from the previous administration. AND why the
    U.S. refused to accept covid-19 test kits readily available for use. AND how he lost more time by insisting that private industry would ramp up and provide our own health services.AND that he repeatedly contradicted the health experts on his own team. AND that his devoted lawmakers could craft a perfect economic relief Bill that could bail out their corporate friends and associates aimed at the upcoming election. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE to guide the nation with his 'feelings', because he's a 'smart guy' who doesn't need facts to do the job.

  46. ‪This morning I realized that it’s about a gajillion times more healthy for me to assume I’m sick and might be able to play a small part in protecting those around me, than it is for me to give in to the fear that others are sick and I need to protect myself from them. ‬

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