Coretober - Pilates Mat Workout

Coretober – Pilates Mat Workout

hi I'm Brooke Tyler I own classic acupuncture and Pilates studio in Asheville North Carolina and we're gonna do a Pilates workout that's part of our core challenge we like to do every fall in October core tober which means you're doing a Pilates workout everyday the whole month which helps you develop really good habits for your posture your alignment your core strength therefore your back health so in October in the fall season in Chinese medicine that corresponds to the metal element which has to do with the lung and the large intestine so if you think about that in reflection with nature five element in the fall is about letting go the leaves are falling off the trees we're letting go of the things we don't need to hold on to what's left is the essence it's what's real it's which serves us best so because I'm an acupuncturist and a Pilates teacher I like to put it together so we're gonna do that in this workout so your core Tober stomach series challenge workouts can involve some big movements some big breathing because the lung channels are here at the chest were you really opening and finding some big freedom and ease in your workout so have that theme in your mind okay on your back your hundred hug everything in curl up stretch those legs up and out really pull your stomach in deep find your good form right you're working your frame your alignment your powerhouse is pulling in you're not pushing your stomach muscles out that's your goal that's scooping in Pilates so keep that in mind start breathing deep here long exhales long inhale long exhale now reach your arms start your pumping lower your legs and I'm trusting you to make good safe choices right if I give a variation or modifications it doesn't suit you don't do it long exhale lengthen your exhale now maybe inhale four three exhale four seven again hold it everything down roll ups inhale up exhale over inhale down reach it back big exhale make sure you use your lungs as completely as you can so really empty oh now go half way down hold it reach those arms go a little lower hold it pull your waist back a little lower and then reach one more like that up reach forward but pull back and then reel halfway reach make sure you're actively you're working to keep your chest open so press those arms down a little lower and as much as you can I'll add a lower and good right leg in and up stretch it to you stretch that leg towards you hold give it a good stretch now try this curl up keep this leg down reach your arms press your palms into the mat you've done some Pilates in here with us think of chest expansion like you're on the apparatus press down circle your leg one two three reverse one push your arms so you're working your chest expansion the whole time so is there switch stay up if you can otherwise rest your neck reach again press those arms 1 2 3 rivers press your arms hips stay level pull again and then we roll all the way up lift your hips forward we're rolling like a ball grab each ankle you're inside your knees hold it there look in roll back make sure you're pressing your ankles into your hands a lot back up one more hold lift your hips come back one in one out give it a double pull so in in switch pull pull pull your stomach series all five in a row double leg stretch get tight inhale open exhale pull it around inhale open exhale pull big breathing inhale exhale even when you're home here push your ankles into your hands a lot one more long exhale good tick-tock leg straight up do a little intermission so press your shoulders back legs go to the right hold so stick this inside your stomach series come Center legs go left hold squeeze the legs together down your legs go right look left open your chest Center now you're breathing you're exhaling I'm breathing and talking to you at the same time so you got to really be breathing exhale over inhale one more open your chest and center single straight leg give it a pull one two switch pull pull pull big legs long legs and double straight leg hold on for the first one inhale lower low as you can now long exhale again reach the arms exhale one more try back here long legs and to the right left right keep going two more sets open your chest yeah spine stretch forward legs out long lift articulate your spine forward inhale roll it up again exhale over reach further and inhale roll it up lift out of your sides curve your spine grab your feet if you can pull up one more long exhale come up saw lift twist right reach grab your foot this time pull with your arm lift that background hand up twist exhale inhale home twist exhale pull great opposition lift here go back with your waist should be a lot of work saw lift twist I mean all of it right and okay side kicks sidekicks everyday in a month you're gonna be very powerful hip have a lot of hip freedom okay swing the leg front back front back let that let go so sometimes we do sidekicks kind of small try today just go big swing it swing it we're gonna having some stability in the upper body but it's the fall time of year let it go one more back together just for go up long up don't work too hard don't grip your legs just lengthen one more small circles reverse bicycle get a lot of freedom in those legs go front then take it back reach front get this moment right here lengthen up your knees Bend you're stretching your side then you go straight reverse back bend in kick back bend in okay you want a little extra stretch because you're really letting it go grab your foot push your link under your hand stretch there now hug the whole thing in pull it in tight to your chest now pull the whole thing straight hold on hold on tightly pull with your arm and then let it go one more back bend push your ankle into your hand stretch your thigh pull it in stretch try to keep those hips a level pull with your arm that's the secret to together transition beats head in your hands long legs do a few little ones and hold do a few little bins pull press pull you don't have to pull across the front of your knees you can only go parallel play with that angle one more keep your thighs lifted thighs long hold come to the other side okay chest stays open get stable in the middle hips are stacked now you start to go but just set of side kicks you're getting trying to get some freedom some ease in that hip go big it's like that with Pilates you know it's such a precise controlled movement but you don't let yourself get stuck on that sometimes you gotta let it go go big find some ease have fun as I know you think the sidekicks are really fun right I need you to go for it and make it fun do more little circles reverse hold bicycle straight to the front bend get long extended back reach one more up Bend back reach reverse back bend in kick back bend try to keep your this right hip down don't let it get shrugged up to your shoulder grab on push your foot to your hand a little bit bend bring it through hug it now extend so we're gonna a tricky balancing thing you have to work your arm together again back grab it open your chest a little bit bring it in hold on tightly work that right up down and together come on your stomach again let's do a little swimming lift your chest we're gonna use the mat push into the mat and hold right arm up left leg up hold reach long switch reach switch reach lift that arm a little more all these important lung channels in Chinese medicine run across the chest and down your arm lift reach one more lengthen sit back on your heels round your back scoop to get there for hit your knees and curl pull with your arms and extend your legs through let's do a little spine twist you really need to open your chest legs long and together don't let them move reach your arms inhale get tall exhale start to spin to the right open open reach I kind of think here you want four directions here and here and up and down open Center inhale lift exhale left bring out those lungs and Center try it here hands behind your head up exhale open your chest Center exhale go ahead Center on your back let's do a teaser pull it on behind or hold on press into the mat to come up first chin to chest are kind of slide down the mat lift those legs and hold I can even keep my mat my hands pressing a little bit helps me keep my stomach pulling in instead of popping out into a teaser right that's not so much a teaser it's like a perch so pull in deep use your arms if you want to now just lower the legs a little up one more hold now just the upper body hold on try that curve a little curve back up curve a little back up keeping everything in up now reach everything down together you can do it inhale up hold it and roll it all day long again just try go big let it go see what happens hold it lengthen good roll up reach for your toes fold in half pull your feet in do a little butterfly stretch open your chest lean forward a little bit come to the side let your legs go wide sit tall whatever works for you lean into a little it's always nice to have something to pull on keep your spine long hips down come up tall now go to the side over now hold exhale you can just reach right if you can get something get something finish your exhale inhale up other way up over you can keep going get something open your chest and come up good reach your arms just see what can happen lean forward exhale come up legs together let's do again let's just do rolling like a ball big hold behind your thighs let it be kind of for fun right just rock it back rock it up just nice and smooth don't work too hard come up okay just a loose free rolling like a ball rock it back up think of it as a spine massage I think of all the things you can let go of in your life whatever doesn't serve you let it go one more okay stand up tall shoulders down and back let's do one chest expansion inhale open really press your arms behind you look right look Center exhale one more hold your breath inhale now look look Center big exhale shake your arms a little bit shoulders back think how open you feel across your chest okay there's your core tober stomach series combo workout for every day this month using any time of the year of course and there's your theme right you're going with the metal element of the five elements of Chinese medicine we get to find some freedom some movement in your body which of course affects some freedom and movement in your life why not okay thanks for working out season

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  1. Super fun – I've been doing intermediate mat about 3 times a week but I'm looking forward to doing this every day this month and adding new intensity and variety to my morning. Thank you for sharing Brooke, for your generosity in making this available to all.

  2. EXCITED to bring you a new video just in time for our #COREtober core challenge at Clasique. Join us! A great workout for the fall season! AND stay tuned… Many many more videos to come with me very soon!

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