COMMENCER le STREET WORKOUT 💥 Exercices & Programmation

COMMENCER le STREET WORKOUT 💥 Exercices & Programmation

hey Dude ! So Winter has come My a*s is starting to freeze And you find yourself with two options You either stay at home eating chocolate and turkey Or you move your butt outside and come train with me ! Let’s go ! Dude, when you wanna start bodyweight training It’s important that you first lay out the muscular foundations This way you’ll have everything you need to start tackling more advanced moves In this video I’ll show you all the basic exercises so that you can start strengthening your beautiful little body I think we… we good right? What d’you think, we good ? Yeah dude you dumb or what? of course we good have you seen this park? For me, it’s important that you set goals For most thing you wanna do in your life for sport, it’s even more important ! That’s why, even if it’s not the primar goal of the video For each exercise, I’ll also show a more advanced progression So that you know what are goals you can set when you begin Dudette, we jump into it, with chest of course So that you can fill your bikini next summer You knew it, chest=push ups If you’re starting and can’t do a few proper push ups yet You can start with decline or knee push ups in order to make them easier Once this is all good, we can work on real push ups ! Alright, first, put yourself in a push up position.. Uhm.. You sure dude? uh ?? WTF is this ? ^^ Alright stop ! Lower your butt ! No no not that much ! Get it back up !! Okay that’s better And I don’t wanna see you flairing your elbows dude Keep’em close to your body ! Same rules even if you don’t like it ! Okay go, push up ! No need to kiss the floor ! Keep your head up Put your scapula out Okay go ! Aah see? You can do it when you really try ! Wasn’t that hard, was it? Here’s a front view so that you can see it in 3D Moving forward, you can do wide push ups In order to target your chest more Please keep in mind not to flare your elbows You can also go with diamond push ups, targeting the triceps more A good goal to set when you start is to aim for a few one arm push ups Take note that the body position rules are the same than for regular push ups Except that you’ll have to straddle your legs and remove a hand, obviously ! Next, let’s review legs ! So yes I know, some dude that are doing street workout, it seems like they are never training them ! So I guess that it sometimes is the case but I strongly advice against neglecting them It’s not that complicated you’ll see and it can be pretty fun First, you need to learn how to properly squat. Take a shoulder wide stance Your knees shouldn’t pass your toes and your back should be as flat as possible Again to progress, you cna play with your stance Like for example with close stance squats You can also do lunges, I guess you’ve seen them already I think it’s very boring haha Try to aim for a 90 degrees angle at both knees Of course, everything you do for one leg or arm you need to do it for both ! Your first goal for legs should be to be able to do pistol squats or one-legged squats So there are a few ways to get there, like for example with hand assisted pistols But I’ll probably do a tutorial about it another time Another interesting dimension to explore with legs is to add jumps after each rep this way you’ll also work your power Uff, finally over with legs, let’s do something more interesting ! Let’s learn how to pull up, it’s way more fun ! You can start with australian pull ups for those you’ll need a lower bar like this Try to keep a straight line from your feet to your shoulders Squeeze your butt tight, it’ll help you Pull your shoulders back and down before pulling with your arms You can again change the grip width and the hand position doing pull ups or chin ups It’ll alter muscle engagement mostly between your back and arms Once autralians become too easy and if you have access to a higher bar You can do assisted pull ups In a nutshell, you’ll just do regular pull ups while keeping your feet on the ground in front of you total weight to pull will be lower, making it easier Then we’ll move on to a proper height A first way to try pull ups, like any other calisthenics exercise you can’t do yet is to do negatives meaning trying to resist against gravity pulling you to the ground For example with pull ups, you can jump at the top of the position before lowering yourself down as slowly as possible Alright, once you’re warm and all, you’ll be doing real pull ups You can take off your shirt if you wanna impress your friends when it’s zero degrees outside Alright dude, show me what you got ! Dude, you need to stop trying to do the exercises by yourself ! stop stop stop ! First put your legs together squeeze your butt keep your body straight pull your shoulder back and down, then pull ! Alright, way better ! All the way up, all the way down ! without busting your elbows of course ! You can also do chin ups same rules, but with more emphasis on your biceps Again you can change the width with narrow pull ups or very wide pull ups You see, it’s with this kind of stuff that you’ll be able to build a decent back Progressing further, you’ll want to work more unilateraly for example with archer pull ups ! You can also stay with regular pull ups but adding weight to them For those, I like to use a weight belt A long term good goal is the one arm pull up Well, I can’t do a proper one yet, but I asked my friend Choubatuck if he could do a demonstration I’ve heard he also is on Youtube and that we’ll be doing videos together soon ! Next, abs ! You can start working them on the floor doing lying leg raises It is important that you tilt your pelvis forward as if you sat on your lower back you can help a bit with your hands and you raise your legs till 90 degrees or a bit before and you lower them, but don’t touch the ground your body and abd need to be tense the whole time So do not stop and do not rest If you can’t keep your legs straight don’t worry it’s normal, it’s about flexibility and we’ll work on it on the side Once it’s too easy, you can level to the next progression where you try to touch your legs or feet with your hands as well Yes, just like that ! so impressive dude ! Then, or even at the same time this progression isn’t completely linear you can also work hanging from a bar That what I’d recommend You can start with knee raises Try to raise knee as high as possible without tilting your trunk backward You’ll see yourself get higher over time Then you’ll want to straighten your legs a bit If you can’t get them completely straight at the begining it’s okay Eventually you want to be doing straight leg raises and get them as high as possible why not even touch the bar, right? But know what when you lean backwards it’s your back that takes part of the load so the abs are best trained at the beginning of the move A good first goal for leg raises would be to do them with one arm, straight legs, and as high as possible Of course, switch between arms *Meanwhile in Switzerland* Yeah, that’s the kind of cars we have around here It’s not an extremely urban zone.. Last, we’ll do some dips ! If you don’t have parrallel bars available take two chairs, two pieces of wood I don’t know just figure it out dude ! As for the rest, if you can’t do them at first you can do negatives Jump at the top of the move and slow down the descent Once you’re good, we’ll do some real dips ! So first, straighten your arms Shoulders down, don’t cross your legs please ! Again, you keep your whole body straight and tense and then you can dip down untill a 90 degrees angle at your elbow You can go lower, depending on your shoulders’ flexibility One thing is for sure though, it’s that I don’t wanna hear about it if you get hurt so don’t be dumb Once dips are too easy There are two directions for you to chose You can either put your legs forward and dip back on your forearms To target mainly the triceps And you can go until what’s called the impossible dip Or for the opposite, you lean forward a lot until you find yourself in a planche push up position You can also decide to stay with regular dips but with added weights That’s what I’d recommend you do quickly Obviously there are others cool moves you’ll learn later on such as the handstand the muscle up the front lever the back lever the human flag All those cool moves that make you wanna start calisthenics but you need to go through the basics first before going for more specific skills As for programming, I’d recommend you train at least 3 times per week It can be more It can be less, but wouldn’t recommend it It also depends on the intensity and duration of your workouts You could do three heavy 2 hour workouts with one rest day inbetween to recover Just like you could train 6-7 times/week for 45 minutes each, that are less demanding on your body If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest you start with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise you do with 1-2 minute of rest between sets This means that you canot do more than 12 reps in a single set For example, if you can manage 16 reps for an exercise it means that it is too easy and you should move to the next progression Or that you should add weight to that exercise for example using a weighted vest Doing 100 push ups in one set is all good and fun but it’s probably not gonna help a lot acheive the one arm push up it’s going to focus more on muscular endurance than pure strength and therefore it is not the same goal For a beginner, I’d recommend doing full body workouts with diverse exercises I canot even talk properly, my b*lls are freezing here Always start with the hardest exercises because that’s when you’re fresh and it’s on those that you wanna improve the most I’ll probably do a video with a complete workout routine but don’t wait on me before starting yourself ! Try to create your own routine and work on improving your reps ! Alright, I hope you liked this video and that it could motivate you to go outside to do some push ups like I did F*ck I’m really cold haha Dude, do you realize the control you have on your own body? YOU can decide to get on the floor NOW and do some push ups and force your body to adapt to this new stress you’re imposing it One push up after the other Day after day I find it fascinating dude Nobody can do it for you Nobody will do it for you You canot buy it, you canot inherit it I can tell you you’ll be proud once you see the first results ! I know for a fact that it can become quite addictive I am myself giving it a 100% And now I’m waiting for you dude Come, come with me ! Come do some push ups with me wearing shorts by 0 degrees I think I’ll go back home before catching some cancer We’re back home to conclude all of this A few precisions regarding programming For some exercises at the beginning like squats and the first progressions of push ups and pull ups You can do mroe than 12 reps if you want to In order to get used to the movement and the muscles involved On the long term, if you’re primarily looking for strength skills the more you progress, the more you’ll want to reduce your reps For example, when you start to reach good amount of added weight to your dips and pull ups as you’re probably looking to improve max strength You should focus on doing 5-6 reps per set Also regarding the structure of your workouts You can decide to do all of the sets for an exercise one after the other, with rest inbetween them Pull ups for example You do your 3 sets of 11, 10 and 8 reps Then you rest and go to the next exercise Or, if you wanna improve aour cardio as well you can decide to superset every exercise For example you do your 11 pull ups Then you immediately go and do your 10 dips then 15 squats then 12 knee raises then you get on the floor and do 10 push ups Once you’re done, you rest for about 3 good minutes and you do the circuit again, for 3 times total or as many as you like as long as you keep good form Of course Why am I doing that ?! It’s very important that you warm up before your workouts I’m saying this because I fell like everyone is talking about it yet I fell like no one is doing it at first It did take me some time to take it seriously and I had to break a couple of joints and 3 ankles you know… so if you wanna avoid this kinda stuff warm up from the start dude ! it’s very important ^^ Another very improtant thing dude There are a LOT of important things to do ! 😉 Is to write down your workouts to keep a note of which exercises you did for how many sets for how many reps with how much time inbetween sets When you start a workout you exactly know what you did last time In order fo you to know what you have to beat, you see? If you come every week and do the same workout over and over you’ll become “the best” at this workout but you’ll never force your body to adapt in order to do more in order to do better in order to do heavier ! it can sound annoying but.. it really is how this works ! If you don’t wanna go blindly about it and look and perform the same for two years like me when I first started working out … believe me dude I know I can attribute a big part of my progress to the fact that I wrote down all of it Of course you can write it on your phone as well as I think some people would want it here is a little workout sheet that you can fill with the exercises adapted to your level But I encourage you to create your own workout that works with your own level and recovery Here are also some good goals of max reps that you can aim for for a few exercises Alright dude, dudette, I hope you liked this video if you did, you can decide to subscribe you can share this video with a buddy of yours so that you can go workout together ! If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can go check my Instagram that’s where I post some workout clips of me doing some cool tricks & sh*t Thanks a lot, take care of yourself ! train hard and have a good end of year 2017 if you’re watching this in 2017 If it’s not the case, I hope you’re doing it right okay, kill it dude, no excuses, bye.

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