27 thoughts on “Cold Turkey: New Hampshire's Prison Detox

  1. so…this brian did nothing, almost. theres no harm no victim no nothing, and he got 3years. outside, the system then forces people to buy streched h because its illegal. wonderfull system, very smart

  2. Shout out at 1.52 in serenity rehab the doctor or nurse has their pit bull sleeping as their desktop. I'm just a pit bull lover 🥰

  3. I totally agree with getting drug offenders help instead of prison!! First, they get cheaper help, two, they don’t get a prison record!! This is an epidemic!! Unfortunately, I know it well!! It’s no fun, but I also know you can’t make anyone want to get sober. It’s not easy to face your own demons and what drove you there or made you vulnerable to it. I stand here in my own home, living by myself, sober as the day is long…but I could NOT have done so without God and surrendering my life to Jesus!! I have Him to cry to while in the shower or into my pillow!! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to leave the alcohol at the store or not run somewhere to buy something I have no business taking!! I know!! If you want help and can’t get it, my heart breaks for you!! I wish I could help!! All I can say is to hang on…you are worth it!!

  4. That's funny it's an English documentary!! Since the English have one of the highest drug use per person in the world

  5. Some of these men are liars. Who are they kidding? They don’t need triggers they just use because they want to use.

  6. New Hampshire is still ranked the best state to live in, and the safest state to raise a family for years and years.
    3rd lowest unemployment rate
    Lowest poverty rate
    9th longest life expectancy
    We pride ourselves on our friendliness and community belonging. We have no sales tax, no income tax, and no you don’t need to wear a helmet or a seatbelt. We believe the state as a whole does best when people take care of themselves. Government can’t do everything for you.

  7. Stop being a victim. Own your own choices, behavior and the ramifications of those. Sure being an addict is a shitty road, but no one made you do it.

  8. Kratom is the best way to detox from opioids, it has the same effect blocking receptors in your brain!
    Please wake up and stop the genocide!

  9. Vivitrol saves lives! If you know someone struggling with addiction look at www.vivitrol.com for a doctor near you! This monthly non-addictive injection is a great alternative to the daily government dosing of suboxone, Subutex and methadone. All cravings, urges, desires and dreams to use stop! After 6months to a year you can stop the injections and go on with your life. No need for the AA cult or government dosing that keeps the addict in the grips of addiction for life. #VivitrolSavesLives

  10. There is a problem. How do we treat pain safe and effectively? I cannot remember what pain pill I was prescribed years ago. I was afraid to take it because I read all the possible side effects. When I ran out of the pills and went to refill they automatically said I was trying to fill my prescription too early. I told them to look again and that I was actually taking less than allowed.
    I remember trying Percocet once. I didn't like it. It didn't take away my pain and it made me itch. We aren't all the same.
    The title is misleading. I don't think they ever said Cold Turkey in this video. Some drugs can kill you when coming off of them right? I think someone locally recently died in jail because of this.
    I wish they would do more studies on Cannabis so maybe they could help people with its pain relieving qualities. I used medical marijuana for awhile for my physical ailments. I thought certain strains also helped me with my anxiety levels. Been off of it for two years. The way things are I was basically forced to become sober or continue to be homeless, even though it is legal in our state as recreational use now. The rich have more freedom to take it. Now I am back on psychiatric pills.
    I think Cannabis may have healing qualities because after so much use of it I seemed to heal from some of my physical issues. I don't know. I don't even know what caused my physical problems in the first place.
    No one likes to be in pain, whether physical or mental.

  11. The whole country is plagued with this shit, and all of law enforcement is a waste of money, as they sit back and collect pay checks and
    let the epidemic spread

  12. That's the biggest problem I seen in rehab the mainly focus on triggers an places an things witch yes that's important but the mental an coping skills is not pushed enough for sobriety to stick

  13. I'm born & raised in New Hampshire and I used TO only smoke weed then at age 20 I coukd no longer find weed in nee Hampshire bit I could find only heroin. So I battled with heroin for over 10 years. I od'ed 3 times and thank God am still alive to tell my story. I jad TO mivr TO Massachusetts to get the treatment I needed. Mass helps those who are addicted.

  14. Here the solution to the problem: Nuke Lawrence Mass. 99.99% of all fentanyl that enters NH comes down the I95 corridor from (you guessed it) Lawrence mass. That's where all the dope comes from. #Nukelawrence

  15. I want to point out something very critical that caught my eye at 0:34, the Welcome New Hampshire Sign . The slogan live free or die, is captured in the people's mind which just a glimpse of it even if you don't notice it while driving, the mind captures it. This is a major problem as things like this can cause people to think they should live freely as themselves and do whatever they want including drugs or any other kind of crimes, or die? This is a terrible terrible situation this needs to be taken away

  16. Very sad. What a waste of life and potential to incarcerate people who could do well with medical care.

  17. My eigth time in rehab my daughter was 9 months old I had to lie and say I was suicidal as well that was in 2015 I have a 4 years sober from heroin I’m 29 I had a 8 year addiction to heroin 10 years 11 years in total using drugs you can do it !!

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