Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown – Back Exercise –

Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown – Back Exercise –

Sit at the pulldown machine
with the wide bar attached to the top pulley. Make sure you adjust
the knee pad to fit snug against your legs. These pads will prevent your
body from being raised by the weights and allow you to
perform the exercise correctly. Grip the bar closer than
shoulder width with the palms of your hands facing forward. Both arms should be
extended in front of you, holding on to the bar. Lean your torso back about
30 degrees to create a small curvature in your back
and stick your chest out. This will be your
starting position. Now exhale and bring the bar
down until it nearly touches your upper chest. Draw your shoulders and
upper arms back to do this. Once you reach the bottom
contracted position, concentrate on
squeezing your back muscles. Your upper torso should remain
stationary during the movement and only your arms should move. Also make sure to use your
forearms only to hold the bar and not to pull it down. After a brief pause at the
bottom contracted position, inhale and slowly raise the bar
back to the starting position with your arms fully extended
and your lats stretched. [music]

15 thoughts on “Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown – Back Exercise –

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  2. I was wondering the same thing… bet it's just to target the lats in a different way, focusing on different parts of the lats & back….

  3. This exercise is particularly excellent for the Serratus Posterior Superior muscle. When I have never done it before, after the inflammation process kicks in I can barely move the muscles over the scapula. A small muscle but very important when you find yourself hanging on an edge and want to raise up.

  4. he's teaching you how to do it totally wrong your palms should be facing up on a close-grip so your wrists are in a straight position notice his wrists are crooked not good for your wrist pal

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