Clinical Pilates Videos   Leg Circles With Band

Clinical Pilates Videos Leg Circles With Band

Legg samples with the straight leg and bad so your other leg is going to be out on the floor so if you just take to the side of the mat and then flex that hill so there's two different ways I like to teach this so I'll teach you both ways I'll show you how so the first one elbow is going to be on the floor basically if you go too tight in the back of the legs is a great way of helping you to keep your leg up there so you want to about five tight to pull the leg into the hips so from here bring your leg across take it down across and so start with small circles fast because you don't know it's quite stable with this so if you're just swinging your legs around or hips are going to move so start small and then work bigger body you can control them the hips aren't all over the place it's going to be some way of whimpers the weight of the left leg shifting in the hips but you just don't want this massive wave of hips moving everywhere and then change direction so you could do like six in each direction this is a really good way of stretching the back of the leg the side of the leg getting a bit of hip mobility so that's the one way of doing this the other way is to have your elbows off the floor and you hold the band wall up here so now you want to try and relax the leg and get your arms to do the work so basically your arms are going to guide your legs around so that you can release the muscles in the leg a little bit more and to become free in so I quite like this one the best except it types of my hamstrings and just helps release a little bit more again we can do six on one side 60 on the side and that is leg sweep you

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