Classic Physique Motivation  – CONTENDERS

Classic Physique Motivation – CONTENDERS

I told Flex yesterday I said ”Don’t show us what you like, show us what we don’t see.” I said show me your legs.. And he didn’t even hesitate to drop his pants.. I looked at it myself This man’s quads RIGHT NOW.. Are probably HARDER More SEPARATED And more CROSS STRIATED Than anybody’s quads I’ve seen on the Olympia stage. The past couple years. And I know this sounds crazy.. So he will go on that stage and represent like the Flex Wheeler would always represent. And we all know Flex back in the days.. He was never the biggest guy. What he has.. Is he has the ability to create an illusion that makes him look like he’s way bigger than he really is. So let me just put it this way. Trust me guys when I say this man will NOT DISSAPOINT. He will have an awesome comeback. That makes him look like The Sultan Of Symmetry again. Getting this year off RIGHT. All these other competitors.. Better be ready. I’m COMING. It ain’t no secret no more.. I’m out there, I’M COMING. I see guys that are SMILING in their preps And their happy in the gym.. Those are the guys getting fifth, sixth, seventh and eight place. The guys getting 1, 2 and 3 is the guys that are really going through hell. I will do whatever it takes man. I’ve kinda learnt a little bit better how to adjust my diet To peak at a certain time that I need to be. I stay consistent year around.. I think I got a different shape coming into this year and it’s gonna be an interesting one. Overall the complete package if I’m at my best I should fair really well I mean if they’re looking for classic physique I think I’m the most complete package as long as I come in conditioned. The sky is really the limit.. Sky is really the limit. We don’t work for anything less To the number one spot.. FOR THE WIN. I wanna step on stage and have no doubts to the judges and the fans that I’m the winner. And who else is second? You can live in fear and let it ruin your life and live the rest of it as a peasant Or you can let these fears fuel you to be something great. Just fkn train. Some people are just talking and thinking too much.. Being too smart for your own good, you ever hear that? It can be very true. Just put your hood on and train your ass off Make sure you’re eating right and just WORKOUT. I’m focused, I’ve been ready, I’ve been training Meditating, It’s all I think about.. First thing when I wake up last thing before I go to bed. Like said I gotta get to the Olympia. And when I get there it’s gonna be a dream come true. I’m now a 100% convinced that Flex will have an AWESOME showing That he will literally have a few mouths wide open. Flex is doing the thing that he’s supposed to do and that is showing you guys that anything is possible.. And he will reveal EVERYTHING When it comes to the Olympia this year. You can’t forget that Flex has been doing this for a very long time. He knows how to MOVE He knows how to PRESENT himself He knows exactly what looks GOOD on him and what DOESN’T. And don’t think for a minute that he forgot ANY of that.

59 thoughts on “Classic Physique Motivation – CONTENDERS

  1. Vid with the qualified contenders for the CLASSIC PHYSIQUE 2017 with ofcourse The Sultan Of Symmetry making his comeback to shock the world, can't wait. Should I make one for the 212 Olympia too?

  2. still can't believe Robert timms claims natural. if you see his latest progress pictures you'll laugh at his natural claim. he's fucking massive.

  3. it just goes to show how disgusting and overrated the modern mr olympia competitors look, the 90s bodybuilders all wanna come back and show them how a true bodybuilder is meant to look even ronnie coleman wants to come back

  4. I've been watching your videos for a while and for ME, this has been the most motivational video I've seen in a while.

  5. See this is what bodybuilding needs to be they are all aesthetic but also they all bring something different to the stage. While their physiques are centered around the classic physique look they have altered it slightly to make it suit them more

  6. I like flex so humble and lay back. But as well as a beast he works so cool to see him driving his black lambo

  7. the return of golden era baby ! I'm pretty sure this categorie will destroy the bodybuilding Mr O categorie on the future years

  8. Hey Nick… Assume Flex wins the classic – do you think that would start a phase of mass monsters going for the 'classic physiques', or do you think that it will help to "go back" to the 'golden era'?

  9. alright guys i really think that chris bumstead is gonna take the win. i also think that sadik will not even place top 5

  10. i wan to thank you for this awesome video brother thats motivation to the fucking core!!! @nickvisionmotivation

  11. im so excited for the (I hope) upcoming motivation of frank mcgrath as you shown it on Instagram it was so amazing keep going on 😉

  12. this would be very good If you put the title of the music in description, like that we can train and remember the video 💪💪💪 let's go champ everyday is leg day

  13. The line up for this year's Mr Olympia for the Classic Physique category looks pretty well stacked compared to last year when it turned out to be a complete joke..can't wait to see Chris Bumstead compete with the legend Flex Wheeler..I have always been a big fan of Flex's physique when he was competing but can't seem to bring myself to support him in his return coz with all those tatts, synthol n past health issues it just doesn't look and feel vote goes for Chris Bumstead..who actually seems to be bringing the golden age classic physique back to the classic physique category..there i said it..

  14. 93 I'm a soft more in H.S. man I remember seeing flex covers… I really forgot flex was solid define and chiseled to the core all lined up no bloat stomach in. I really forgot. Crazy. These new dudes really bloated

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