Classic mini Ballet Barre Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

Classic mini Ballet Barre Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

Hi Everyone, welcome to Lazy Dancer Tips. I’m Alessia. Here we go, we’ve got a Mini Ballet Class for
today Ballet Class? iIt’s a Mini Barre! You can do it at home it’s a very quick, it’s got exercises put one inside the other, so it’s quicker for you to do. It’s a very general level so go for it! If you’ve never done ballet
it’s still ok, just take it easy if you’ve done ballet before it’s a good
work out for you. So let’s get started, get on your chair! ok so we start with eight walks. one, two,
three, four But the next four we go head roll. 5-6-7-
8. 8 walks with plie 1 2 3 4 (It’s gonna be much slower) 5-6-7-8. Tendu
we’re gonna go 1 Plie 2-3-4-5 6 Roll up, From the back, to the side, to the
front, roll up, back to first? back to parallel and we start on the other side. Let’s go! Check your core and squeeze your heels down Don’t plonk. Relax your head Nice juicy plie, articulate metatarsals And first. brush the floor Brush and squeeze, control your core Knees out in line with the toes. Squeeze in parallel. around Juicy, squeeze. Relax breathe Squeeze No yeah hold it, hold! check your core and down Plies. Let’s do it! 2 Plies in first. 1-2-3-4 Grand Plie 5-6-7 8. One more, 1-2-3-4, rise Tendu to second. Repeat in second,
repeat in fifth position. At the end we Tendu and we go back to first. Nice and relaxing. Port de Bras forward plie stretch, plie recover, to first.Port de Bras back, quick to the side quick to the side, dare to go up to rise
without the barre. Let’s do it with the music! Relax everything down Plie. Big Arms. Continue that line from the fingers Keep that line in the middle you should
be able to let go the barre if you want to. Readjust if you need to. long lines Follow the arm. check your core keep pulling up from the middle finger, long arms lift Breathe out draw a big rainbow shoulders down relax everything Plie and stretch Plie squeeze to first, use your bum. Port de Bras, lift up first then back. side lift, hold, core, and relax. Check everything is in line, relax and breathe. Don’t forget to breathe! keep pulling up from the top of the
fingers. shoulders down ribcage relaxed nice line Pull up, Pull up, Pull up squeeze to come up keep going up and squeeze we are juicy Plie Relax the elbow at the barre Don’t hang like a monkey, and lift Big Breath in and out Plie relax your head and stretch Squeeze to first. come up Pull up, up, and over engage everything in up, up! Tendues. This is really good for your
ankles, and to concentrate on the arm that is not really doing anything, but it
is! So starting in first position, we’re going to go : 1-2-3-4, outside 5-6-7-8. Together 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 To second. 1-2-3-4-5-6 simple. Back, back to finish off, and down. and repeat everything from the back 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 don’t sway your hips. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Arm to second back, back, side, side, front, front, finish off, down. weight in the middle Spiral both legs up and squeeze heel comes back first at the back Squeeze, don’t plonk down, squeeze up squeeze down toes go first Heel forward, relax the top part of the body balance! squeeze don’t plonk down, squeeze! squeeze and spiral both legs up squeeze down brush the floor, iron it! squeeze squeeze squeeze and down again squeeze! Relax Chest, Relax Head don’t forget about the arm in a second make sure it’s not hanging Port de Bras, test! and squeeze. Glikse…Glik? Glisse. From 5th position we go 7-8.Front 1-2-3-4-5-6 &7-8. To the side 1 2 3 4 5
&6- & 7-8. From the back 1-2-3-4-5 &6 &7-8. 1& 2-3& 4 5 slice, and slice, and we start from
the back. Let’s do this! And Brush Long up, Knee back Don’t “cashew” that foot long, and slice squeeze up! Foot back Out slice! out slice Leave the knee where it is and slice the foot in Up from the back of your leg elongate, up and in use the metatarsal Brush the foot use every single bone in the foot out, slice and down! From the back of your leg elongate don’t use your bum! Brush the foot don’t forget about the arm in seconds Last effort! Fondues and glisses, and jettes put together we’re going to go, same arm as leg at the same time 1 2 3 4, it’s faster than this 5 6 close front,close back, 1 2 close-back, close back back, cloche front, cloche back, fifth. Repeat at the back 1 2 in in, 1 2 back front 1 2 front front, front, side? back
front close. Now coda, well not really, it keeps going, you go two slow three fast to the second.
With a slight port de Bras. Repeat 3 times. Fourth time you go and up find your balance, and when we get there I’ll
stop the music take as long as you want, we come down.
let’s start. squeeze out through first squeeze cup of tea on your heel out, out squeeze squeeze inside thighs, brush the floor with your foot,
articulate, and up one two three one one one two three and up hold, shoulders down Cup of tea on your pinky port de bras with your arm, don’t forget it forward back forward and out think about having 15 centimeters of extra legs one two three one more balance Rond de jambe, here we go. Start a slightly
away from the barre, and wait for the cat to clear the stage. Fifth position, we’re
going to go, 1-2-1 around away from the barre, quarter turn, one, two, one
quarter turn, and one careful at the chair 1-1 1-2 1-1 around. From here chasse forward big chasse forward, Readjusting for the barre lift up five six seven put it down eight Port de bras all the way, from there haha you’ll hate me bring your leg up to
passe and relax down we do the same thing from the back, all the
way, so first one you go towards the barre and so on finish that, chasse back, all the way lift passe, all the way to arabesque down big
lunge come back up normal arabesque bring back to passe
plie and down let’s start don’t hate me Prepare one around all in one piece squeeze both knees
stretched one piece around brush the floor use the metatarsal use the metatarsal chasse arm and leg toghether heel forward cup of tea on your heel let the leg come first to you all in one, use your heel to come around heel around trust yourself chasse back knees out cup of tea on your heel knee back big breath in relax he’s stretching squeeze out in one piece around with a turn push that heel forward pushing heel forward, chasse Present that foot leg comes first to you and breathe heel forward abs engaged relax and around pushing the knee back big lunge use the back of your leg to come up excuse me… thank you very much! Grand Battement and petit battement all together!
right so let’s start fifth position alternating legs seven eight one two three four five six
seven eight, so far so good, one 2, 3 to coupe, think of slicing, five six
seven eight repeat at back 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 coupe Open, close I think from there we
can put a balance what do you think? let’s put a balance in there! Let’s start Big Arm, Lift up From the back of your leg brush in lift up from your head and up, push up that toe! Big Arms attack it!!! Pull Up !!!! thank you very much guys for joining me
with this Mini Barre, i hope you enjoyed it if you want anymore subscribe and check on the links below
for more exercises please leave me comments let me request it’s easier for me to do and to do
whatever you require! Have fun guys Ciao 😀

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  1. Thank You Alessia, You are phantastic! You make me feel happy! Maybe You can help me: I have problems with the memorization of the exercises..when I attend ballett lessons I feel stupid because I need the teatcher to repeat the exercises many times and I wanted so much lo learn faster… Do you have any advice fort this? Thank You! Serena

  2. I came across your videos a few days ago, and just officially started with this one today. I'm a cancer survivor and spent nearly a year in the hospital and have suffered major neuropathy in my feet. I use to dance a few lifetimes ago ;?) and miss my ability to really point, but such is life. I'm doing much better now and a trying to take control of my body again. Thank you for being part of it.


  3. I am DRIPPING in sweat after doing this! I feel like a duck doing these barre workouts, but the results are real. I feel less and less like that every time.

  4. I have been doing your ballet videos for 3 months. I always wanted to dance when I was a young girl and now I am almost 52 and thought why not give it a try.I absolutely love it and can not get enough of it! I hope to see improve,ent with my flexibility over time. Thank you so much !

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  9. These are awesome! I miss ballet and I see a lot of barre workouts with ZERO technique so this is a complete delight. I hope you'll put together a technical "how to" of turnout, arms and posture for all those people who are missing out and risking injury with these non-dancer barre teachers!

  10. I have zero ballet experience and tried the first 10 minutes and literally was on the floor dying. Why did I think I could do this. It looks so simple but like no I'm realizing I had muscles in my legs that I have never used before. The whole time I didn't know where my arm was. Well, at least I tried.

  11. On the battements I kept forgetting to do the second set before going to a la second😂😂😂made me laugh. I just kept doin 1st arebesque straaaight into 2nd. So happy. Not as out of shape as I thought though. Thank for this mini exercise

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  15. I started with your videos two weeks ago after 15 years , this video at the first time was too difficult, so I have done some others but today, it's okay ! waouh! thanks a lot, you're a very good teacher! ( 43 years old from France)

  16. thank you so much for this!! About a year ago I stopped dancing and left my dance studio due to mental health issues, and I’ve started to miss it. I have lost all of my flexibility and I’ve completely forgotten all of the techniques that I learned 🙁 Although I won’t be joining dance lessons again, this has helped me a lot. It has reminded me of why I love ballet. It also helps that you sound a lot like my old teacher 😛

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    It would be better

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  20. its difficult to see the movements because you are wearing light tights and the edit of the video is so bleached. Also, it would be more effective to see if you can one side of the camera showing you from the front and the other side of the picture showing you profile, versus two similar angles. feedback from a general person trying your videos for first time.

  21. Fantastic! You're inspirational. I'm trying to be patient with myself because I'm guessing you've been doing this for a bit. 🙂 Thank you for the video!

  22. Just took my first ballet class today, and this video made me feel the same way : I CAN'T FOLLOW !! haha
    Thank you , this video is perfect to train home and improve ♥

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  24. 55 year old man, visit the gym pretty much daily, not looking my age at all, but always looking for new workouts, especially to keep and gain mobility, flexibility and balance. Thank you.

  25. really good and challenging, but not so easy for beginners to follow. Make space on the living room if you are trying this for the last part

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  31. I've been following for a while and this is the barre that I keep coming back to. I just love the music and the combinations. They're perfect for practice on days when I don't have class. Now I just need to select a centre video and a stretching video for my practices

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  34. Grazie Alessia per questi video e per la tua simpatia
    Ho letto che sei italiana, ma lo avevo intuito anche da un paio di frasi dette al gatto!

  35. I am just starting back with dance classes after a 30 year hiatus. I love your videos you are helping me to catch up with the other participants in my class! I get embarrassed being corrected a lot by the teacher, this will help me tremendously! Do you do the floor exercises also?

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    So this ameliorates a lot of fucking shit I’m stoned and non-conclusive but my point is still valid! And that is this actual informative video that allows me to actualize my wants and strengths

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