100 thoughts on “Chris Cillizza ranks the possible 2020 Democrats who could challenge Trump

  1. Democrats are all GD liars, when cornered they lie more. There is no crisis at the southern border is their worst lie at this time. With MF’s like these that straight out lie and deceive our country and citizens for political power the USA needs no enemies until we render these F heads. Politics is one thing but all the Democratic Party contenders are downright despicable and can’t be trusted to run the states nor nation you can’t be in denial and knowingly lying when the USA is facing a crisis. All main stream news news needs to be turned off that’s in bed with the DNC and assist them is pushing lies. No one should be watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC. People should learn how to turn off notifications news feeds coming from Huffington Post, Vox, New York Times all organizations pushing news that they know are lies in order to influence and twist citizens minds to believe false narratives that are harmful to the country.

  2. Don't make a difference Trumps gonna whips some ass like he did Hillary, oh I almost forgot CNN is fake news

  3. Fake news again bernie is number one so all they are just running a propaganda paid by the dems and joe biden believe me they are all scared of bernie, hes the only one whos not part of the establishment but i cant say about kamala harris , joe biden , cory booker , and the rest of the democratic cult members they have in the party

  4. I think Bernie “Venezuela” Sanders is our best bet. He is an old white privileged male who never created a job in his life. He isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand but he sure is a solid Democrat party candidate for 2020.

  5. Trump won because the Dems forgot their base is moderate NOT the kids that have been indoctrinated into socialism. The Democrats keep pushing further and further left. They won't learn, adult Americans over 30 do NOT want socialism. It appeals to college age kids and the pot heads and other wastes of space that never grew up, not to working Americans who have their life in focus. The further left the party goes to get more attention the more they actually alienate their base. If they continue to do the same they will lose again. If they allow a moderate to run they will win it's their choice, we'll see what happens.

  6. LOL! You fake media are delusional! Sick retarded. Bullshit talkers. And your favorite still the best of all Avenatty.?… you are a JOKE SHAMELESS! ..GET A LIFE.

  7. Fake socialist Bernie spiter looks and act like 85 years old! Time to retired in one of he's mansions in a rocking chair . Make a lot of people sick to heard the repeatedly lies this old man preach.

  8. Cizilla is CNNs resident Bernie Sanders hitman. All this hack does is come ouit without BS about Sanders. All the establishment is TERRIFIED of Sanders' appeal across the board.

  9. NY Times BTW just had a article on "Should a white man be the face of the Democratic Party?" HA ha ha ha, what a reference to Sanders. The are so desperate.

  10. Even absolute "no name nobodies" are ranked before Tulsi Gabbard .
    Anything to not mention her, ever.
    But on the left many still consider CNN some kind of information source .
    When they coined the " useful idiots " expression .." they " knew exactly why and what.

  11. Elisabeth Warren chances at winning are less than 1/1024, but her chances to be nominated by Democrats are 1024/1, a sure bet.

  12. No guns ..government healthcare…no economy…no way!….sounds like fucking socialisim to me…dont give up your power America!!!!!!

  13. For me if I had to chose for president it would be Sanders or Warren. My Prediction and I don't know why but it will be Sanders Vs Trump.

  14. For real though, why does Yang never make these lists? I'm not usually very conspiratorial but anyone who's payed even a little attention to him would see he couldn't really lose to Trump. He belongs in the top 3 of this list. No way is he 11th or lower.

  15. You ass… Democraps had 8 years to put your stupid programs into practice. They didn't work. Now unemployment is way down, GDP is way up, wages are up significantly because of Trump. Democraps have nothing to offer. Nothing. We need the wall. Trump 2020!

  16. 1:54– 2:01 r u telling me there’s a chance that one of these 10 won’t be the nominee

    I don’t think so

  17. Warren will wear "pocahontas" as a badge of honor? Really? She lied about her ethnicity for benefits. Is that what's honorable to democrats? Geesh. Lefties are insane

  18. Eric Holder should be "running" from Interpol arrest warrants, not "running" for office… 🙁
    …#Btw, MY take on these pundits opinions, If you dont look like you can do a function check on a M16, idgaf bout your Political Opinions. .ymmv

  19. Lol why is it that liberals feel in title for something they haven't earned? But u tax me when you cant do for yourself

  20. The Democratic Party has no right to exist as a political entity. It should be disbanded and a new party created. Of course, they are the party of slavery so therefore they need to go just like the Confederate statues.

  21. Why the fuck I even click this video, CNN contents are still full of junks and craps. Joe Biden at the top of the list, really? I didn't know you were that dumb, that guy is not even campaigning wtf you guys are giving him

    edit: and btw you gt 4.3k dislikes here in case you are too dumb to notice that also

  22. Hahahaha, this just shows how CNN is completely useless in their predictions and their pro-establishment bias. Who are half of these politicians ?

  23. None of them can beat Trump who’s a top notch used car salesmen you’ll never win against a narcissist. Yang is the only one who can take on Trump. CNN is selling us short.

  24. I came here to dislike this video and just realized that I'd already disliked it. Damn. Oh well, onto disliking more CNN videos

  25. If I was the Democratic Party would rally behind Bernie.After all he’s leading the new wave of Democratic Party.

  26. The winner will be the one that is the farthest left. They should have a bell and every time a candidate during the debates states a taxpayer giveaway (subsidized rent, reparations, free college, free medical care etc. ) the bell rings. They calculate at the end who has the most rings and there is the winner!!! Who would not vote for Santa Claus. I am all for Yang who wants to give everyone a $12,000 dividend. Some candidate however will surely top that.

  27. Joe Biden, Shillary, ClintonMad Maxine, Ilhad, jihaf,whatee, Bush, Satoro erObummer ObaAOC, cant spell her name, Pelosi et al. All crooks , liars, theives, two-faced loswrs, one and all.. What criminal will they pick to embarrass them ne,t year? Maybe Mad Maxine, Lying traitorous Hillary, Crazy Bernie? ?

  28. "Fake news at its best" …………Trump 20/20 President Trump fights for the people, looks at whats wrong then tells the people he's going fix it ,then gets it done. If the dem's block him he takes a new road and gets it fixed. How can you not back a President who does what he said he's going to do. With no help from the dem's, fighting off all the fake news, not wasting tax payer money and doing what we the people voted him in to office to do. What have the dem's done? Other than waste tax payers money? Tell me please………………Trump 20/20

  29. Biden thinks America, " is loosing its standing in the world." or He cannot freely do deals with the Chinese as the " Chinese Candidate".
    Bernie Sanders as a communist is the " Russian Candidate".. If he wins who will he look to for Guidance on how to run his foreign office…
    They both will have " much more flexibility after the election… Somebody ask Berry what he meant by that?
    If you elect a candidate who yells racism be ready to be wrong for any reason your raise and to ignore the need to raise all boats. If you try to raise all boats you will be an exclusionary racist, it won't matter what color you are. The raw nerve tactic will be used to take away your vote and voice… There is nothing good in their hearts…

  30. I love it CNN is going to predict which Dumbocrat can challenge Trump!! CNN whose ratings are dropping every day, everything that pukes out of their reporters mouths is total lies, and rubbish!! CNN your useless, and pathetic!! Rather get my news from my grandmother whose 100 years old.

  31. This say's it all…1.5 LIKES 4.3 DISLIKES!! No body except the real crazy dyed in the wool leftist who believes CNN's shit. I will say this for CNN, they are the best at FAKE NEWS. What's her face on MSNBC needs to work harder to be better at fake news.

  32. none will challenge trump because all they will do is flog trump off and say jack about what they will do for the country.trump second term easy.

  33. If Hilary Clinton couldn't win, and you send another women your giving the fucking election to Trump. Last election showed USA is not ready for a woman president, for love of God do not send another woman, you are litterly handing election to Trump if you do

  34. CNN wake up, if most powerful woman Hilary can't win no woman can win for at least 30 more years. And Bernie as much as I respect him is not a hard enough sale. We need a buzz light-year chiseled manly hardass looking guy or we lose. Pick a god damn winnable face looking guy or we are litterly shirting on our countries future. You guys are litterly handing power over to big corperate douchebag because you won't stand behind realistic candidates. We need a manly man that working class America can relate to. Use your heads

  35. 100 Days in office and the Dems have achieved 100% of nothing with 100% of the Flake News behind them., What a waste of time, money and votes. They should change their name to the Deplorable Party. Drones up in the air helps the military industrial complex. That's what the democrats are all about.

  36. This is STUPID! So you FAIL to put Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the mix? 6, 7, 9 & 10 picks by dumb Cillizza are NON STARTERS. You fail to include a HISPANIC, you fail to include someone who is non-Hispanic who appeals to Hispanics? Yeah right Cilizza……this is a weird assessment of the Dem chances & it is NOT accurate & NOT reflective of the electorate. It is a hetero- white male filter & bias. NO! And I AM a white educated male (mostly, with some Native American). I'm calling BS on Cillizza prediction!

  37. I'd like 2 suggest a new presidential debate format to help pare down the number of candidates titled "WHICH CANDIDATE WILL SCREW US THE LEAST". Each will give 10 reasons how they wont screw us. After a candidate is done the audience will vote thumbs up or down. Losers will be disqualified (or shot).

  38. Bernie will take the lead because Biden has weakened his position, and does not slam Trump, you can't beat Trump if you don't play him at his own game.

  39. Without even looking at the nominees, I'll tell you now, they don't stand a hope in hell, of beating, the great President Donald J Trump, in 2020. It's a no brainer, but Christians, don't be complacent, get out and vote for the Jesus candidate. Amen !

  40. Bahahaha!! Everyone knows Trump will EASILY steamroll over these fools. These are all CAREER POLITICIANS, the people who oversaw the worst economy in recent memory. I'd argue the only sensible Democrat running is Andrew Yang because he actually has keen insight on the nature of the upcoming technological revolution and automation.

  41. Biden is 1# in your list to beat Trump? Lmfao. He’s not even going to be the nominee. He’s too old already looking slow and weak. His history is full of major gaffs and next level creepiness around young girls…ok, all girls. Get a clue! TRUMP 2020!

  42. Bernie should be #1, Biden should be around 5-10, also if u ask any fan of Bernie who knows Kamala Harris, they r not with her

  43. Go to Vegas and put 1000.00 down on Harris/Booker as the ticket. It's a lock. No other combination even comes close to beating President Trump.

  44. Tulsi Gabbard is the trump of the Democratic Party and oh how I love her. The corporate media won't even cover her! there terrified because she is by far the best democratic candidate. they don't even rank her…… what a joke.

  45. I mean… they were close… just put bernie ahead of Kamala and you have your top 4 the only relevant democratic candidates

  46. They are a dead horse beating a dead horse. It's over CNN !
    The jig is up. Your content is cring inducing.
    Every day these CNN employees have to go home and look there loved ones in the eye. That's got to weigh heavy on the soul!

  47. Does CNN ever get the message? The bias is pathetic! And get rid of the blonde who tilts her head when she's speaking. Good god!

  48. No democrat will win because they are lying,unhinged, ridiculous people… Their policies errrrrrrr never mind they have none… Their one and only goal is to impeach Trump for the things they did…. Lmao……. it’s so hilarious how many people refuse to see and accept the truth.. Then again when you have youtube, google, MSNBC,CNN,ABC, Apple lying and propagandizing daily how would you know… Wake up people the dems only want to control you from cradle to grave…

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