chest exercises you MUST do: MY TOP 6 (Build a Perfect Chest!)

chest exercises you MUST do: MY TOP 6 (Build a Perfect Chest!)

What’s going on today you guys my name is matthew ellis and this is going to be a fitness type channel I’m gonna be going to the gym in a few minutes and showing you my top six exercises that help me bench press 275 pounds at only 165 pound body weight and before I go to the gym and do my chest workout, I Just want to let you know that i’m gonna be posting two times a week and this is my first ever youtube video so don’t forget to subscribe if you like it and comment what you think I should do next I’m gonna help you guys out a lot throughout my youtube journey So by all means comment what you want to see next so we can both get the gains that we want also don’t mind reacting to other youtubers videos whether it’s like a fitness channel or Like basketball highlights where there’s NBA or college or high school, whatever I’m just comment down below what you want to see and I can also do some social experiments. That could be fun So just comment down below and I got you Hopefully I can also teach you guys something new today, but that being said I’ll see you guys at the gym Hey guys, I’m here at the gym about to change and then I’m gonna show you my chest routine. Hope you enjoy it okay Guys, so the music is really loud out there so I’m gonna just tell you that I’m gonna warm up with a set of ten and Then I’m going to put the weights and the reps and sets that you need to Don’t do this in weight as maybe aren’t as strong as me or if you’re stronger than me. Do whatever’s comfortable And yeah, see you guys there Thanks for watching guys that’s the routine that I generally use for chest and arm day I might add a few things in here and there but overall that’s what I’m doing on those days Don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you liked it and comment on any future videos or suggestions that you may have again I really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch this and I’ll see you again next time.

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  1. Brooo this workout changed my life FOREVER, I was a 220 pound fatass and now I’m 105 and benching 400! Im subbing!

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