Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Pull Over for Your Upper Body Workout

Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Pull Over for Your Upper Body Workout

Right now we’re going to do a Dumbbell Pull
Over. This exercise is going to work the upper part of your chest. It’s also going to work
parts of your lats and your surredus muscles. It’s going to put a little pressure on your
shoulder, so it’s very important that this exercise is executed properly and that you
don’t go too far back before you start the exercise. You’re going to come on back on
a flat bench. Make sure your head is rested on the bench. You don’t want to let your head
hang over the bench or it’s going to put a bend in your neck. And again always keep your
neck neutral through spine. This exercise is going to start right here. Don’t over extend.
Again, too much pressure on your shoulder joints. But you want to begin here. Stabilize
your chest and feet are flat on the floor. Breathe normally and just pull the weight
forward. Rest here, and back. Again, you want to use a light to moderate weight depending
on your level of fitness and your muscular strength. Heavier weights, when you take that
weight back, if you use a heavy weight, it’s going to again, put way too much stress on
your shoulder joints. Slow and controlled motion. Again, breathe normally and pull.
And hold, and back down. Just a couple more. There you go. That’s a Dumbbell Pull Over.

63 thoughts on “Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Pull Over for Your Upper Body Workout

  1. Dude,sorry to say that u're wrong..Act wat he did was correct..Initially i tot it was wrong,but after arguing and explanation from my instructor i get things rite..It is good for your back..if u tried tis workout before,u can really feel it.. anyway sorry again..

  2. i no its never good, i dont arch either while lifting 225, very dangerous, but i train alot my backs flexibility also, u no, u hurt ur back and its done for ur whole life, theres no way to go back

  3. its the same at every exercise on the negative phase (where you lower the weight) inhale and on the positive phase(where you move the weight up) you should exhale

  4. yes, but i thought if i write it this way its easier to understand^^
    but you shoul just go over your chestand have a slight bend in your arms

  5. lol it's not like when you do excercises you wake up one day with huge traps it takes hard work good nutrition and lot of sleep

  6. WRONG
    1st – you need to bring the dumbell untill 0:50, not after it.
    2nd – Pull-Over is an exercise for the Latissimus (As agonist). *reminder* – the latissimus is the Agonist for shoulder EXTENTION (and shoulder adduction)
    THEREFORE – bringing the dumbell lower towards the chest – activating the muscles for shoulder FLEXION (anterior Deltoid and Upper Pectoralis) and the exercise will lose its target.


  7. good exercise for the chest, lats,and triceps. though i feel the straight arm pullover like shown is more for the lats and bent arm pullover more for the chest BRUGH!!! and yea i would stop at top of chest not hips

  8. doesnt this do back more than chest, when I do it I don't fell my chest work at all, only lats and back.

  9. I find that grip very straining to my wrists. So I was wondering if this exercise can be done by holding on both ends of the dumbell or even with Bench weight?

  10. @a05nodoubt failed tricep workout wtf, shoulders and lats roflmao, go hit the ball tiger woods gtfo out the gym

  11. @njstorozuk – actually,son….alot of people do this for chest, but it can be for your lats as well. depending on your form. do some research ya fag, and go roll on the floor and laugh your fuckin ass off some more. *noob*

  12. Its good, now I know how far back to go, I was doing a barbell pullover and I would go alittle more far back and it eventually made my left shoulder bone almost pop out of my socket cause I was over-extending.

  13. If you go to far towards your abs you take the pressure of your chest and you wont get a good burn. bring dumbell to above your chest that way you keep pressure on your chest. plus you need to lay down on the bench where you look like a T on the bench. the reason for this is you have to dip your butt upon extending dumbell. this will work your back and rib cage as well with your chest. doing it this way will improve your bench plus you put on alot on chest mass hell of alot faster trust me.

  14. This is done incorrectly. If you lie flat on the bench and use any sort of heavier weight, you will cause your back to arch, putting strain on it. You're supposed to lie crossways on the bench, with just your upper torso on the bench, and keeping your lower body lower than your upper body. Then as you bring the weight over, like described here, you keep your arms slightly bent, and return to a position just above your chest, not down to your zipper. Its an unnatural movement if u did that.

  15. thats terriblyyy wrong he is going to far after the chest thats wrong wrong wrong doing it that way u r not concentrating on the chest at all that doing shoulders workout damn baaaad form

  16. @a05nodoubt , he never said it is for tricep? look at the video title, "chest & back" exercise, it is not just for ur lats. it is MAINLY for ur chest and does do ur lats a bit

  17. @Rafael849910 I would suggest Pullups, Wide Grip & Narrow Lat Pulldown. If you are trying to get the V shape in your back.

  18. hes definatly right about stress on the shoulder joint i hurt mine doing dumbell flys wrong – quite uncomfortable

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