Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Decline Bench Press for Your Chest Workout

Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Decline Bench Press for Your Chest Workout

Now, I’m going to show you how to do the press
on the decline bench. This exercise is going to work the lower portion of your pecks. So,
what you want to do is grab the weight that is comfortable for you. Nice and comfortable.
Lean back on the bench. Keep your head on the bench. Don’t raise your head. No angles
in your neck. Keep your back pressed into the bench. You want to start about here and
just press that straight up. Slow and controlled motion, breathing normally. Start about here
and straight up. Here straight up. The variation on this exercise is to start here, a slight
bend in you elbows, come down into a fly, and press up. You can do this exercise from
both angles and it will hit your lower pecks from both angles. Again, breathe normally.
Don’t extend past center. Protect your shoulders and up. Again, straight bench and the fly.
that’s the decline bench press.

61 thoughts on “Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Dumbell Decline Bench Press for Your Chest Workout

  1. play with my daughter's barbie dolls….should be a more intense workout than this weight you're lifting. be a nigga

  2. i guess he's just showing the excercise, he's comfortably talking while doing the motion so theres no way he's even trying

  3. Calories and Cardio are the only answers to your problem. You need to burn off that fat by effectively burning off more calories than you are eating. Try doing 20-30 minutes of cardio (heart rate must be greater than 120). Sprinting for a minute and then jogging lightly for a minute and repeat is a great way to burn fat. What i mean by that is short bursts of high intensity will keep your heart rate up and burn fat the best. main concentration has to be on quality foods and portion sizes

  4. That sort of decline will increase your blood pressure coz you upsidedown.Its best to use an incline decline machine.

  5. False. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. You can't turn water into wine either (unless you're the son of God) 🙂

  6. whats decline benching good for? does it strengthen ur chest or does it make it more big and sexy? cuz i dont care about the big and sexy part =p

  7. Puts more stress on the lower part of the pecs/chest, than regular flat bench. If you have healthy shoulders and elbows, I'd suggest you do dips instead. Hm, the good ol' size vs. strength conundrum. Goggle Basic training primer. Then read T-nation strength and size roundtable part 1&2.

  8. Also, don't just focus on your chest. A like analogies: you wouldn't want a car with just 2 wheels?! Same goes for your body; you don't want to just have great pecs. At least work the back as well to bring balance. Or even better – work your WHOLE body (squat (legs), deadlift (lower back), pull-ups/chin-ups (upper back), weighted crunches (abs), overhead dumbbell or barbell press (shoulders)). First, read all you can 'bout training, or else you'll be one of those typical gym-noobs.

  9. Be careful not to overanalyze everything after you've gained knowledge, though… (I've fallen into this trap myself… 🙁 )
    Also, you want to learn all about proper nutrition!! good luck!

  10. Good for you (I don't, so i can't do this wonderful exercise). But it depends on your angle. Sure it works your tri's, but if you lean a bit more forward, it should put more stress on your chest. Give it a shot! 🙂

  11. yea if you lean forward when doing dips it will work the chest a bit more. Lean back and you will put more stress on triceps. If you can do your body weight for a lot of reps before feeling any muscle fatigue, feel free to add some weight plates to your lap.

  12. um…actually….when doing sips, if you lean forward, you put stress and focus on the shoulders (Delts) not so much the chest. Lean back and you will hit your tri'sc (and chest)….Remember what muscles work with each other….
    back and Bi's – Chest and Tri's

  13. yea because your pec is also attached at the clavicle and when you incline press you put more stress on that area, same thing with the "lower" pec with decline press

  14. Help please

    How many sets with how many workouts should I have since i'm trying to put on weight?

    and also Thanks for all the help i've been getting from answers thank you

  15. @HockeySeanX Your comment makes no sense. Are you asking a question? You start it with "are dumbells…" with no question mark but you end it with a period. I swear, the Internet is making people dumber lately LOL. No offense Sean. People just don't care how to write anymore!

  16. @805baseballxxx I think it is an old school rumour that if you lift weights when you're under 14yrs (approx) that it affects your joints and growth. I would agree with the joints and possibly tendon damage, but unsure about the stunting growth.

  17. I do care what people wear at the gym. It's scientific fact that the fabric in cargo shorts causes a rash when sweat of the skin cells are rubbed against the epidermis. It also can cause impotence.

  18. Psh what you talkin bout HockeySeanX? Any lifter worth his salt knows fashion is as important as the lifting itself. If you aren't wearing zubas plus your ultra absorbent wrist and head bands while pressing 135lbs with your ass 10 inches off the bench you just aren't lifting. Check yourself before you wreck yourself son

  19. Great video, just this past week I focused mostly on lower chest and the difference is remarkable. Gets a real good burn and you can really feel the lower chest being targeted with this workout. Gonna keep focusing on lower chest for a while now, gotta get the center and lower chest built now, since my outer chest is already pretty good. 🙂

  20. I mean.. who wants to have titties though? Like a droopy chest looks disgusting, esp when you dont have a thick upper chest.

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