Carlos Yulo Journey To 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

Carlos Yulo Journey To 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

this young Philippines just 18 years of
age its first year as a senior s’more gymnast but he packs a punch top or pike
are beautiful fight just told to get together then the combination that was
luckily tidy in the air fast in the twist now the arm is coming out to show
control 4:13 front double twisting trunks
excellent awareness quick glance and the school board how much time is he got
he’s got his ten seconds flat no penalty the crime was a triple twist to finish
his it’s none of this young money certainly
want to watch out for exciting competitor he was spotted in Philippines
he now trains in Japan this is the first World Championships it’s a great point
from here let’s take another look backwards the top a pike at the
beginning hard to know plenty of time just a little hot back here round off
two and a half twist backwards okay so the tune of twisting front it’s nothing
it’s a really great way you can control the balance as well wide arm handstand but fourteen seven six six in
qualification with a difficulty value six point two tens oh sure I enjoy bad
Eliza look at that both gymnast smiling that’s what we want to see guaranteed of the moment costumer
stepping up to collect his bronze medal for the philippines the 18 year old maybe GRCC repetitiveness the reductions
in education individual prepare arrows importancia de
mando punto pro hanky that’s a topic oppa do mundo que classification who’s
in town vitamin F con cada vez mas pros Magloire conquer mama dada doramas team
Jose Carlos Adrian came inclusiveness capo de modo eventual friend Andre de
perros de la famosa Hickey mata at Wow medalist moongeun hasta Jovian moon –
explosive event reveal to reduce elements Cariocas comme le kappa GG era
happy to help re a capacity – to Atlanta in hell is our experimentation improvers me to diferentes vajrasana
provide’ genesis io emissary Nagaraju difficu de un poco me enormous
gomez ecozone Meluha in quanto unisex a presenting moment Calaca moon – Masha
Fukuda Haji magic robust exciting trip you additionally the programmable
passaging vassal efficient Emir the helluva shot off a meat ax promise me
parece que no se Chavo superiores momento supreme Eric Robison do promote
of capital measurement basic Todd I organized the first Jewish period
connected in my storage period image French total basically is a hotel image
connect dance in the garage ponch police Kelly a mento garages – the prowl –
Brazilians learn from the Jaguars film andrey filatov bloody Shyama really registered AC moment stomms of UV
stands of Eva Kane appeared Esparta be a sec – I gotta keep on Oscar company and
red papa da capo de mundo de to her envelop Rafa
penis do de de Cinco de vamos mostra ion oughta do Carlos Adriana’s filipinas
kumquat Oh support person to say sentences and if you can achieve in the
position Empress Menen a poor apisa no te atiawa
nice parameter u del Y del Salmonella you saw Alex under such a law have never
met with difficulty value more still to come the unprecedented
goal for the Philippines there will be fantastic well he’s been training in
Japan this is his second World Championships Carlos you low is in the
gold medal position with one to go he’s going to get adult it means that Carlos
you know of the Philippines is the world champion for the first time ever at the
artistic gymnastics World Championships we shall hit chosen lands the national
anthem of the Philippines played it will be played in the honor of Carlos u lo he
is the chosen man the final standings and the men’s floor exercise the bronze
medal to shall do ting of the People’s Republic of China the silver to Israel’s
are turned off yet and a history-making goal – Carlos you love of the
Philippines but this is the man who goes into the
Olympic Games as the reigning world champion Carlos you load off the
Philippines there first hello ha that was already a moment of
history now he’s gone even further Jim Nast’s and there is a sight is it not
the gold medalist the champion Carlos you lo of the Philippines a still only a
teenager how much more to come being world champion at 19 that’s not a
bad start is it and we shall now hear for the first time at the World
Championships of artistic gymnastics the national anthem of the Philippines

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  1. Welcome to my channel. Yes! Carlos Yulo, Journey To 2020 Tokyo Olympic! He will now advance for the first time as the Philippines Artistic Gymnastics representative to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

  2. Congrats! Carlos Yulo, I am very proud as Filipino. Go go go get another gold on 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Thank you for sharing this video.

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