Capri Curves Tries Working On Water! Will She Sink Or Swim?! | Mad Different Workouts

Capri Curves Tries Working On Water! Will She Sink Or Swim?! | Mad Different Workouts

– Hey guys, its Simone
here with another episode from Mad Different Workouts. I’m getting ready to do some
paddle boarding exercises. That’s my trainer behind me. I’m a little nervous, looks
like a lot of balancing in the water so I don’t
know what’s about to happen but we’re going to find out. Her Eric, how are you?
– Fine. – Good, I’m super
excited, a little nervous because of my balancing
skills but tell us what we’ll be doing today. – We can start in the
laid down position for great workout for the
core, and for the back. Let’s start in the water
over the right side and then to the left side. Use the resistance of the water and start feeling the workout. – And this is working what? – We are working
the back right now. – Back, okay. A sexy back is the key
to a perfect waistline, don’t forget that. – We’re going to stand
up already, okay. – Follow my lead.
– Okay. – So you will move the right
foot, and keep your right foot so you just adjust
up and release more while keep your
hips lower–lower. Feet will be forward all
the time, and stand up. – Okay, squat?
– Down and up. And we can start
moving right there. Rock your boat. Right left, just like that. – I’m trying not to fall. I’m trying to hold it down,
I’m trying to hold it down. He’s still going. – So, we can try
to do some burpees. ’cause burpees are very fast.
– Whoo! – Level number one,
so right foot back, left foot back, one push up – Oh guys, I can’t get
down on this balance. – So right foot back
here, left and stand up. – Keep your back like this – Yeah, you did it, high five!
– High five! – We will stand up one more time one more time, yay! – No! I thought we were
done with this. – Forward all the time, then
twist on the right side, then release. Use your breath. Breathe in then breathe out. Three taps–three taps on
the board then extension. – [In Unison] One,
two, three, extension! – Yep, two more time like this. Breathe in, shhh! – Oh my goodness,
we’re standing again. – Imagine, it’s like a guide. – You make it look
so easy, it’s not. That was amazing! My core is on fire,
Eric, how did I do? – You did great, you
did a great job, yeah! – About how many calories
you think we burned today? – We can burn up to 650 calories for the 45 minutes we did
so this is a great one. – Having to balance
on this was super hard so I definitely worked my core. Thank you again so much and we’ll see you
in the next episode. Subscribe below for
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