Can you crush your skull in the gym? (Final Destination 3)

Can you crush your skull in the gym? (Final Destination 3)

Final Destination is a great horror franchise.
One of my favourites actually. But have you ever wondered if those kills are actually
possible in real life? No? Well today we’re gonna be answering that question anyway. What is happening my fellow nerds, welcome
to Nerdified, the channel that is made by nerds. Me. I am your host Danyelle Reed and
today we’re gonna be looking at Lewis Romano’s death from Final Destination 3 and whether
or not it’s actually possible. If you have never seen Final Destination or
its predecessors, I would definitely recommend it. It’s an awesome series with a couple
of black sheep here and there that are stepping out of line, but are still fun to watch because
of how ridiculous they are. I loved Final Destination growing up, but
I always wondered….would this actually be possible in real life? Can I actually get
killed if I were in these situations? Well let’s take a look! We are looking at Final Destination 3, more
specifically one of my all time favorite kills from the FD franchise, Lewis Romanos death
aka The gym kill? I don’t know how else to describe this one. Anyway, roll the clip: Ah ah ah ….no no no. Not too much gore or too much blood, YouTube doesn’t like that.
But you get the gist. This guy’s head is being crushed by metal plates. It looks incredible….well
maybe not all of that CG blood, but whatever…. the question is: Is it possible? Before we
do some measuring and calculating, let’s look at the setup. You have a guy at the gym, doing reps on a,
what I believe is an isometric high row machine. I haven’t found the exact machine
online, but it does kinda look like this one, so I’m gonna
assume that’s what it is. What happens is, the swords on the wall behind him, fall down
and cut the wire that is apparently holding the weights up? Even though those wires look
kinda unnecessary for this kind of setup? I don’t know but let’s just pretend that those
wires are actually responsible for holding the weights up, cause otherwise this death
would already be debunked and this video would be wayyyyyy too short. Let’s move on and take
a look at the rest of the setup. Where were we, the swords cut the wire, and he (stupidly
might I add) lifts the weights up one more time and gets his head crushed. We need to
figure out whether or not those swords are capable of cutting the wire and then we need
to figure out if those plates are capable of crushing Lewis’ head. Alright let’s go. First, let’s take a look at the swords on
the wall. According to, there are two different types of swords being sold nowadays:
decorative and functional ones. Now decorative ones are, as the name implies, only for decoration,
they are usually made out of stainless steel, though they are not forged, they are cut out
of the material. Functional swords on the other hand, are forged, usually out of carbon
steel and are made for reenactment and martial arts performances. Now, I’m assuming that
those swords on the gym wall are actually decorative swords. I don’t believe that a
college football team can afford real functional swords, even if you’re called “the Sultans”. 
On the site it says: Quote: “Most of the decorative swords are constructed incorrectly for use and will fail if put under
the repeated stress of any martial art form. This includes cutting, martial arts demonstration
(kata) or any vigorous stop and start movements” End quote. Meaning those decorative swords are not made for cutting, meaning they are
not sharp, so we can take that out of the equation and just work with the pure force
of the swords when they are falling down. Now we need to know what kind of wire was used to hold up those weights. After some
research I came to the conclusion that they used a carbon steel cable wire, which seems
to be common for the use in a gym. For the sake of calculating, we’re gonna assume it
has a diameter of 4mm which seems to be industry standard. So it should be fine. Plus, these videos  are just for
pure fun and entertainment, not for 100% accurate calculation, so who the fuck cares? Nowwwww we need to calculate the shear strength
of carbon steel, meaning how much force does it take to cut through this wire? It’s a simple
equation: Shear Strength is defined by Force divided by Area, but we wanna
know the force so we just have to rearrange the equation and get:
Force equals Shear Strength times Area You can look up at the shear strength for
almost every material online and for steel that’s somewhere between 300 and 400 megapascal,
depending how hard or soft the steel is. We’re gonna be using 300 MPA….because this is
Sparta!!! Cause this is Sparta. We also need the area of the wire we wanna cut. The formular for the area of a circle
is A equals Pi times radius squared. We have the diameter of the wire which is
4 mm so we also know the radius which is 2 mm. Hardcore math right here. Putting this in
the equation we get an Area of 12.57 mm^2. We do need to use metres in order to solve
the calculation so that’s 0.1257m^2. Now that we have all the numbers we can calculate the force we need in order to cut the cable
and holy balls…..that is a huge number. In order to cut this 4mm thick wire you need
a force of 3 771 000 newton. That is 837 lbs of force. Jesus Christ. Though it’s not
really surprising since these wires have to endure a bunch of force so they don’t snap
when you’re in the middle of a workout. Now I’m assuming everyone who is watching this is somewhat of a smart individual and
has some functioning brain cells here and there so we can all guess that those flimsy
sheets of metal aren’t gonna be able come up with enough force to cut through that wire. But we’re
gonna calculate it anyway just to see how ridiculous those numbers will look next to
each other. In order to calculate the force we need to know the weight and the acceleration of the
sword as it falls down. F equals mass times acceleration. Acceleration is easy:
It’s gravity. Which is 9.81m/s^2 here on earth. Now for the weight. The kind of sword we’re
looking at here, is what I believe to be a, kilij (sorry for butchering that word)…a
turkish sabre used by sultans. The average weight of this weapon is somewhere between
0.9 and 1.2 kg….so basically it weighs nothing. NOTHING. But because I am generous I’m gonna
use the heavier side of this average and calculate it with 1.2 kg. Now drum roll pleaseeeeeeee…… The force of those swords falling down and
hitting that carbon wire is a whopping…..11.772 Newtons… basically….nothing. Nowhere near
enough to put even a dent into this wire. Let’s just take a second
to see how those numbers look next to each other and how ridiculous they are. Anyway….let’s pretend those swords are able
to cut through the wire….what about the weights? Are they able to crush his head?
Now we’re getting to the good part. In order to calculate the force, we, again, need to know the weight of the…weights.
The weight of the weights. But this scene never gives us a good look at those weights,
and I can’t make out any numbers that would indicate the weight of the plates. BUT! We
can still measure it. We can clearly see that the plates have the same diameter but a different width. Which
indicates that those are bumper plates, who always have the same size and only change
in width. The IWF (Internation Weightlifting federation) has a standard diameter of 450 mm
for those plates, meaning we know the length of those plates in the scene and can use it
as a ruler to determine the thickness….after some measurements and frame by frame….we
have a weight of 35 kg on each side, with one 20 and one 15 kg plate on each side meaning
we have a total mass of 70 kg. Alrighttttt now back to the calculation We’ve established that the equation for force
is F equals mass times acceleration……the acceleration is, once more just like with
the swords, the gravity of earth 9.81m/s^2 and the mass is 70 kg. Putting all of that
into the equation we get a force of ……686 Newtons…….again it’s not a lot of force! According to a study, that has been done after
that famous Game of Thrones episode aired it takes a minimum 2300 newtons
in order to crush a human skull. That’s more the 3 times the force that those weights can
come up with….so this dude would be fun…fun? Fine! He would be fine.. He may get a concussion
or a bump…but he probably wouldn’t die…let alone get his head crushed.
— Honestly, at the beginning of my research,
I though this was somewhat possible. Definitely not as explicitly as shown in the movie….but
I thought: Yeah this could actually kill somebody. But after hours and hours of research and
calculating….no…it’s not possible. This guy, Lewis Romano, would be fine. He’d walk
away with a headache and death would have to find another way to check him off his list.
Kinda disappointing since this has always been one of my favorite kills in the franchise…..despite how ridiculous it is But heyyyyyy that’s just a theory…..a game theo…..nope…that’s not what this is….not a game theory…..sorry….move on But seriously, it is just a theory, so please
don’t throw any weights at my head I might get a concussion and we don’t want that. Final
Destination gives me a lot of material for videos like this so I’ll definitely be tackling
some of the other kills from the franchise in future videos. But until then I am Danyelle Reed
and I’ll see you soon here on Nerdified.

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