Build a Huge Chest | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski Shows How to Stress Pecs for Maximum Growth

Build a Huge Chest | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski Shows How to Stress Pecs for Maximum Growth

it's our objective today is the challenging muscle not necessarily to move weight so we're thinking about is literally simply what is it muscle do I'm also only moves one end closer to another every muscle has two ends one's the origin one's the insertion we're literally trying to bring this end of the muscle closer to this end and then doing our most effective way of adding load to that and adding resistance to that that's it challenge your muscle not exercise and what you want to acknowledge you've got a great chest but what you want to acknowledge is everyone's got a different sternal angle so you know my Stern tends to sit a little more up like this some people are very static fat yeah why this language well that's gonna play a role in how you set up for this exercise right so the ideal scenario is I want to have all this muscle lining up to move this weight so all this muscle that sits down here against this pick if he lays down in the benchpress I want to make sure all this is in line to move is in line to move the weight so if I'm laying on a bench press and the reason why people are power lifters do this is now they're putting all this PEC in direct alignment to move that weight whereas if I'm this way now the PEC wants to more move in this plane difference yeah so individual variances it plays a big plays a big role so you guys have one that goes decline but most of us are gonna have to use a slight decline to get the greatest amount of fact let's just go a manipulator you could put a little thing underneath it or or out or well that that's a decline but that's a patent thanks guys oh I'll just watch him and I'll see what you're doing and see what see what looks like yes that's good which one made you in climate I mean a lot of times I'll start with a barbell being a Power lifter a lot of times we don't start with dumbbells so are you still trying to attach to continue you powerlifting are you going to do a little more body than still train oh yeah I mean I like I like power to thing but I'm not gonna compete in it anymore so I'm just right now I mean just I'm just moving around but aesthetically I'd like you to work on getting better so first thing you can do and you could manipulate this bit just understanding it taking your elbow here it's gonna completely take the back out of ya so the more I drop the elbow down the less Pecha I'm gonna be training yeah more I keep tailbone or pike anybody drink so it's a choice right but if you're trying to do more back then the first manipulation was getting his overs back I got I can explain why if you wonder like you want to see it yeah so I mean Chris goes I'll show ya I've done that for years harshly through the fact that you know everything I've done has been this way and so I'm like well most the time when I do dumbbells why not just do them this way well so from a power to things perspective from a perspective of me just trying to keep things changing things up hid things from different angles so thinking about this if I do that here's my pack and come up with Paula that's that's the insertion end of my pack this is the origin my pick if I go like this I'm gonna put my arm down now the insertion is way down here so make sense yeah so if I just followed up that's the insertion of my pack I see yeah it's done here so all the all muscles do is it pulls one close to the other right so now I'm trying to pull my insertion to the other so if I keep my finger there pull the insertion closer to this origin literally can't because I'd have to go around the corner so if I want to try to make this pack a primary mover muscles going contract in straight lines right these things are muscle fibers just pull in a straight line you guys you can imagine what like a shredded chest would look like in a straight line so soon as I put that arm down now this PEC fiber really only does that's really the only movement in the execute so it's really gonna be training these two it would effectively be contracting between these two points whereas this isn't actually contracting actively to support the motion a lot of those powerful movements we try to you know oftentimes try to avoid getting the muscles to almost stretch like that and I mean and so I it's been uncommon for me to train that way or for me to really mess with much lifting that's like that mm-hmm so the one thing that most people in bodybuilding training don't consider is distance and that's the most important thing you start to manipulate right here's the easiest way to understand distance so I have a 10 pound dumbbell and I hold it here how long can hold it probably forever yeah well if I go here how long can I hold it a little bit less and now what if I go here a lot less what did it what changed so same dumbbell distance changed so distance is half of the equation of two of tension of torque so people are doing dumbbell presses and they're here and they do a hundred pound dumbbell you do it 10 times then they go 110 10 pound our tent pad increased 10 percent increase and they come in by anything more than 10 percent they are actually doing less work on their PEC that makes sense so if I want to manipulate from a hundred pounds instead of going 110 maybe I'll just go hundred pounds and I'll go here and I increased by 10 percent distance I'm going 10 percent more work to this muscle right based on the whole distance equation so that's a huge factor that people aren't manipulating man so you mean you're pressing you're very much in here yeah if your hands are directly over your shoulder your PEC isn't doing any work so by just taking it a little bit further away you're gonna subject your pected way more low press like if I try to come in like this I can I can't really come in because it's so let's do this let's realize that the PEC doesn't cross the elbow joint crosses the shoulder joint so I just want to do this so my elbow is to come across my body not my hands so if I keep my hands directly outside of my elbows the entire time I just want to influence this joint so the motion should be this so if I can just make that the motion without consideration this I don't want this to me so the idea there is now how do I keep my elbows inside of my hands the whole time thinking with that Christic hand I'd slightly outside of your elbows take my hands slightly outside of your elbows come to the bottom and stop just a little bit that's this week's fine it just a little bit back yep now try to keep the hands inside the elbows yep and are you trying to keep the dumbbells almost a little bit outside your shoulders even yes so it doesn't matter that I'm not touching them in the middle no no cuz that's actually been my issues like because of a tear good heart but this actually feels a lot better so now good think about stretch really stable base top rate the bottom pull your shoulder blades together in the middle yeah there you go hold that so we can create a really stable base get those pecs to do some work it feels completely different it was great every time you come in the bottom and set let just a little further up tight abs tight back squeeze the Tauri excuse you back it feels like so much so much more work you're not and using no wait but now it actually feels like I'm getting working us the idea yeah yeah there was no impact on which usually I'm smacking you know so grabbing is heavier wins I can hear about them right a little bit so if I finish the rep their nose and that still work for ya like I'm here pull your back shoulder blades together at the back it's crazy how much different it does feel if you watch you can literally watch this effect insertion I'm from right here and watch it move wherever it moves to that's what's gonna be getting the most work so this is a flat bench press is working his upper chest he's coming from there as this part moves that's moving to there literally we drew a straight line it's gonna be with you this I know so just because it's a flat bench press doesn't mean it's not working he's up the chest yeah I mean I usually like to stand in the lower rep range just like six okay but we're just being sure the form is on point first find how much faster blood gets the area that way right just objectively watching what is insertion to us so those is insertion washing across the body it's kind of pulling stove upper chest exercise primarily you know what have we got here that's gonna get a good amount of overall just by this try a complete stop at the bottom there stop squeeze the pecs we don't MOOCs contract them now push through that a little wider with those hands and push through it straight tension on the back squeeze the tax push through a charm and push through I mean I usually just kind of go back and forth move over I'm training with her I'm training with myself I'd never sit still man I'm always picking two body parts and I'm yeah yeah it's don't like sitting around man time right efficiency yeah my biceps yeah something it's not competitive back I usually do on its own or with triceps yeah it's always something or its abs or its calves or it's you know cardio in between or something because you can get I mean you can even rest a little less still put a lot of power and efficiency in yeah and hope your overall time into training it's not competitive exercises stay wide white first yep there you go contracted push that's it attractive yep beautiful man stabilize the base push to stabilize the back push their event just squeeze there and push through there you go tell Lots man I got you I got you stay strong driving I got you going in good three cool strong stay wide now driving the bench I'm one strong what's up guys just wrapped up a chess training session here at super training gym with mark and Chris Bell I've been following these guys for years absolutely love the attitude around fitness and now their evolution in to ultimately living a healthy long life so grateful to come in here and be able to train have a nice fun easy chest workout contracted some muscles tested out the slingshot awesome piece of equipment for learning just how to you know do that benchpress a little more load a little more stability around the shoulders like I said nice easy workout three exercises contracting some stuff and had a lot of fun so grateful to be here thanks to mark and Chris you

29 thoughts on “Build a Huge Chest | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski Shows How to Stress Pecs for Maximum Growth

  1. I like Ben but this is not what Mark Bell is about … Mark moves BIG WEIGHT and is vey successful with it … That music in the background explains this visit from Ben … he killed the mood of the gym …

  2. Tucking your elbows in a bit will shift some of the focus on to the triceps (true). However, is that really a bad thing? Working both muscles at the same time sounds good to me and natural (why on earth would you just be using your chest in any real-life situation). But then my chest will be sharing some of the tension with my triceps right? Yes, but that's why you increase the weight so that your chest still almost gets the same amount of tension as before and now you're also training some triceps 😀 I say almost because when training both these muscles at the same time, it will cost more energy and thus you'll likely end up doing a little less, so, yes, Ben is actually right in that his method will hit the chest better but I just don't think it is worth it. Someone reply if you think I am wrong, thanks.

  3. This is some pretty horrible advice and I actually like the guy but nobody should follow his advice unless you want a pec tair or shoulder problems.

  4. 8:40 "It feels completely different" exactly, you're doing it properly, when I started Ben's MI40 program, the 1 second Up and 4 seconds negative stimulated the most hypertrophy (Muscle growth) with less then half the weight I used to use. Ben is the best.

  5. O watch this 8 months ago and I still feel same wsy..there no only one way with this..I csnt do thst wsy with my shoulders I am not hurt or had any shoulder injuries or is my shoulders a weak point on me it just dont feel good the way I see it if ur doing it his way dont use dumbbells use barbells bc its the same thing to me..I like his video on barbell rows..and thst works but this no..I feel if u want to see whsts best for u do what I did if u want a body part to work say tris and u wsnt a certain area to work on that pick one thing to do and only do that for a lot of sets and next day see where your sore at..every one different so just keep trying new stuff..I been at this for 17years and I still try new stuff

  6. The more you flare, the more pec involvement 😂😂😂 riiiiight… Ben "all a muscle does" pakulsksiiskdi 🙄🙄🙄

  7. It’s a press bro. Not rocket science. Elbows in is safe and logical. You don’t do push ups with elbows out. And you feel it in the chest just fine

  8. I worry about my shoulders with this….. kind of puts you shoulder in similar position at the bottom as if you were doing straight bar press…

  9. I just learned something about insertion of the peck. I’ve been doing it wrong thank you Ben for these videos I watch your videos all the time

  10. simple answer to this is just do fucking flyes in different variations with low loads and high volume … aka chase that pump

  11. thats what i teach my clients .. keep the weights close to shoulders twisted alil bit .. keep ur chest stressed up and down feel the muscle from out side into inside .. this video was really great and clear .. thanks ben .. you amazing 💪👌

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