BUFFALO QUINOA CASSEROLE ‣‣ quick & easy dinner idea

BUFFALO QUINOA CASSEROLE ‣‣ quick & easy dinner idea

(cheerful folk music) – Hello, my friends. Welcome back to another video. I am still in Denver, Colarado, and today I have got a really simple, quick and easy
five-ingredient recipe for you that is perfect for dinner or lunch. We are making a buffalo
cauliflower quinoa casserole, kind of a mouthful, but, like I said, this recipe
only uses five ingredients, it’s vegan, it’s gluten-free, it’s got fiber, it’s got
protein, and it is so tasty. So as always, the recipe is up
on the blog for you already, you can find the link right
down below this video. And you guys asked for quick
and easy dinner recipes when I did a poll on Instagram, so I am here to give you
quick and easy dinner recipes. I’m making that a goal of mine in 2020, as well as some healthy
take-to-office lunch recipes, if that makes sense, so expect more of that
content coming your way. If you have not yet subscribed to our channel here on YouTube and you wanna become part of this awesome community here on YouTube, you can tap the red button
that is right below this video, that will subscribe you, and without further ado,
let’s go ahead and dive in. All right, we’re gonna start
by making the wet ingredients. We’re gonna add some almond
milk into a jar or bowl, to that you’re gonna add in some non-dairy, unsweetened yogurt, I like to use the COYO brand, it’s coconut yogurt, it’s delicious. You could also use vegan sour cream. Then we are going to add
in some buffalo sauce. I will link the one that
I found at Whole Foods that has a great ingredient
list, down below. And then you are just going
to stir that all together until it is smooth and combined. It should look like a
creamy buffalo sauce. Set that aside, and we’ll move on to the rest of the ingredients. So we’re gonna add one
full cup of uncooked quinoa into our baking dish, and then we’ll add our
uncooked cauliflower florets. Once you have that in there, you can just pour that buffalo sauce directly over the
cauliflower and the quinoa, and then I like to use a spoon to kind of stir it all together to make sure that there
are no pockets of quinoa that are kind of sitting in the bottom, and to make sure that the
cauliflower and the quinoa gets all mixed together. So just give it a good stir, and that’s (laughing) pretty much all you have to do before you bake it. Now an optional step here, is if you wanted to add
a vegan cheese on top, like a shredded vegan cheese, that would be so delicious, it would definitely add a creaminess, add a little bit of decadence, and just make it cheesier. So if you wanna do that, I
would recommend trying it. Once you’re ready to bake it, you can just transfer this
directly into a 375 degree oven, and we’re gonna bake it
for about 40 to 45 minutes, and you’ll know it’s done when the quinoa is completely cooked, it seems like most of the
liquid has been absorbed, and the cauliflower is also nice and soft. So you can either divide
this up into containers and store it right away, or you can just go ahead
and serve it right away. So I’m gonna just show you how it looks when it’s all served up, and the way that I like to finish it off is with some nutritional yeast, and an extra drizzle
of that buffalo sauce, it just adds a little
bit of more spiciness, adds a little bit of extra moisture to it, and just makes it
really, really delicious. So I hope you guys give this one a try, (laughing) sorry if the voice
here is a little bit scratchy, I’m a little bit sick right now, but didn’t wanna miss giving
you guys a good video. So hope you enjoy it, and I can’t wait to see your recreations. And there you have it, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s delicious quinoa casserole recipe. This recipe is great for meal prep, it will keep in the fridge
for four to five days, easily reheat-able. If you wanted to add more veggies, you could totally do that. If you wanted to make it
a little bit more decadent and add vegan cheese on top,
you could do that as well. You could also do this with,
like, a bean-based pasta, if you wanted pasta instead. So there are tons of
options with this recipe, and if you do wanna try any of them, or you do end up making modifications, definitely come back to this post and let me know what you do. I love hearing how you
recreate and tweak my recipes. The full recipe is up on the blog, so that link is right
down below this video, if you want to make it. And if you did enjoy it,
please give it a thumbs-up, and don’t forget to
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that is right below this video, and I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day, bye! (cheerful folk music)

24 thoughts on “BUFFALO QUINOA CASSEROLE ‣‣ quick & easy dinner idea

  1. This looks really good!! To bad I don’t I don’t have coho yoghurt where I live. I would have to find a different brand.
    I would def put cheese on top of mine.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Can you link the buffalo sauce ? Also, the recipe to the link is broke. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Have you found a vegan cheese that you like for both taste as well as a decent ingredient list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  4. Can’t wait to try this! If I wasn’t going to use nutritional yeast, whAt cheese do you recommend to go with this dish?

  5. PLEASE do more quick and easy dinners! College student (nursing student) and working full time but trying so so hard to keep to vegan and GF, but its hard when always being on the go go go

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