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BSN – True Mass
Hi, my name’s Dale. I’m here representing BSN today with their good friends Sporty’s
Health. I’d like to talk to you today about one of
their fantastic products in the BSN range, which is the True Mass. Been around a whole
now, absolutely brilliant in formula. Now this is the sort of protein powder that will
go towards a person who’s looking to put on some muscle tissue. It’s got high protein
level in there. It’s also got a high carb content in there. Probably, may be not so
necessary on the high end weight gainer, it’s in that mid-range weight gainer. This is the
sort of thing that I can take and not put body fat on. If I took something, one of the
other ones, like the True Mass 1200, more calories, at my age I can possibly put on
a little bit of body fat. This is something that I can definitely get away with.
Now the idea with this particular protein, it’s got six different proteins, from very
fast down to slow digesting proteins in there. Things like whey protein concentrate, whey
protein isolate. There’s hydrolyzed protein in it, egg albumin, and then you’ve got your
caseinate in there as well. Now these deliver amino acids that’ll drip feed into the blood
stream quickly through to up to a seven or eight hour digestion rate. So this is absolutely
fantastic for those people who might be treading a fine line between being anabolic and catabolic,
which is losing muscle tissue. So if you’re that sort of person that’s got
a bit of a fast metabolism, can seem to be able to eat more of the good things and the
indulgent things in life and get away with it; that probably means that you’ve got a
very fast metabolism, you’re burning off a lot of calories. You need to get the correct
macro nutrient support in to stop you from going catabolic, or losing muscle tissue.
What a lot of people don’t realize is the sort of job that they might perform on a day
to day basis. If you’re a tradesperson you’re working with tools, you’re working with your
hands all the time and you’re very, very active. You’re burning off a hell of a lot more calories.
Now that person is obviously going to need to replenish more macro nutrients than the
person who’s at an office desk sitting there in front of a computer. So basically we need
to factor in those sorts of things when we’re looking for – goal planning, and working out
where we want to be, how we’re going to get there in terms of muscle support and total
calorie intake. So this one’s absolutely brilliant. What it
will give you? 46 grams of protein per serve. You need 76 grams of carbohydrates. Of 76
carbs there’s only 14 grams of sugar there. So it’s actually quite low in sugar considering
how many carbs are in there. Sixteen grams of fats and that’s from your MCT oils and
also your essential fats. So you’re MCT oils are going to be that instant energy support
similar to a carbohydrate, and then you got your essential fats in there as well. Absolutely
vital for hormone support and so many other functions, brain support, everything, energy
perspective. So absolutely brilliant. Something that more people should be having is more
of these fats in their diet on a daily basis. Now this particular protein comes in six different
flavours here in Australia. It’s a BSN product, so I can’t point out enough on that that the
taste will absolutely be sensational. Mixes very, very easily despite the larger serving
size. It still mixes very, very easily. It’s an instantized formula so it does, it does
have that nature. Just to basically recap. You’ve got a good
carbohydrate content. High protein content. Some essential fats in there. They’ve also
thrown some digestive enzymes in true BSN fashion. This is the sort of protein powder
I would recommend for those people that are probably a bit more serious about their goals,
they’re looking to put on a bit more muscle tissue and they’re looking for that extra
calorie intake. Now we do need carbs, we do need fats; I can’t stress that enough. So
it’s ideal for those people. It’s a perfect, well-balanced, macro nutrient ratio protein.
Absolutely fantastic. Taste is great. All available at Sporty’s Health [dot] com [dot]

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