Brusttraining vom Sonnenstrand – Chest Workout from Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

Brusttraining vom Sonnenstrand – Chest Workout from Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)

Here we are in Bulgaria. I was looking forward to the trip and we had a lot of things to do… …shopping, eating and just switch of to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea. That’s why I continued my workout after 4 days. I started of with chest training. Followed by shoulder and back and then had 4 days break and actually started to train back in Germany again I’m starting with the incline bench exercise because I deciced for myself to focuse on my upper chest for the next weeks and months, that’s why I start of with this exercise to train the upper part of my chest. Then normal flat bench and decline bench and then train the inner part of the chest. For me personally I really liked the studio it was a bit old school The equipment was a bit old and there was a certain feeling and you could compare it with the 90’s, Arnold days, around this. There were not many machines and the studio wasn’t big but you had everything you needed, dumbbell, barbell and different kinds of machines. For some exercises you had to build some machines together to do the exercise but all in total it was OK. As you see the weather was top! It was a lot of fun to train there also beacuse you could train and keep the upper part of your body free This is also a plus where you say that you would like to do which isn’t possible in Germany but in warmer countries like America or here in Bulgaria this is normal beacuse it is just to warm to run around with a t-shirt that’s why it is no problem here. Before this holiday, before this trip I was on a diet phase for about 14 weeks after that I dehydrated and then had a fotoshooting and at that time and also here I had 4-5% body fat so relative dry You could see this especially in the morning, the form was very good. If you haven’t drunken or eaten you can see the form very well and in the evening a bit less but I was able to keep the form over the whole holiday because I just didn’t overdo it with eating Of course I also ate what I wanted but everything in moderation so that I was in a normal calorie area, I think it was around 3000 kcal which I ate each day and that was OK.

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  1. Hey Giovanni, man sieht wirklich von Video zu Video wie du dich verbesserst. In Sache Muskelqualität (die Details) und deine Vaskularität!!!!!! Hammer, bro… Keep on pushing.

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