Breaststroke workout #4

Breaststroke workout #4

On this video we will go over a breaststroke
workout. Remember that you can download this workout
on a pdf format through the link in the description. We will start the workout with a 200 freestyle
easy just to warm up the body. Then we will do 4 x 50s. The first one will be kick choice, it can
be any kick you want of any stroke. Then do a 50 backstroke easy. Remember that we are still warming up. The third 50 will be drill. Try doing this drill. To Finish warm up do the last 50 breaststroke
kick. Just to make sure that your knees are ready
to go, thread the water like this for 30 seconds. Now we will do a short set of 6 x 25s. The first 25 will be Backstroke, then Breaststroke. The third will be Freestyle then breaststroke. Then the fifth one will be butterfly and then
another one breaststroke. Now if you have paddles and a pull bouy, it
is time to put them on. If not just do normal stroke. We will do 2 x 50s one breaststroke and one
freestyle. Then 4x25s alternating Breaststroke and freestyle. The next set is 8 x 50s 2 breaststroke with
free kick, the 2 breaststroke with fly kick, then two full breaststrokes and the last two
freestyle. Before we start the next set practice 3 pullouts. If you haven’t master the pullouts check
out our video on breaststroke pullouts. The goal of this mini set is to get farther
one each pullout. Before we do a sprint set, let’s do some
drills. We will go with 2 times 5 x 25s. The first will be breaststroke kick with a
pull bouy or a kick board. Just make sure to put your head down in the
same position that you do breaststroke. Focus on short kicks. Then do the same but with freestyle kick. Now for the third 25 do it breaststroke with
just one arm. Focus on gliding and pulling water strongly
and fast with that arm. Then do it with the other arm. To improve your sense of depth in the water
and the awareness of you body, do this drill for the last 25. Put your hands down by your sides and kick
as many times as possible underwater. Then come up to get air and do it again. The Sprint set consists of 4x25s
The first one is breaststroke from a push. The second one is Freestyle from a push. The third is breaststroke from the blocks,
so it has to be faster than the first. The fourth is freestyle from the blocks, so
it also has to be faster than the second. To finish practice do a 150 warm down. Remember that you can download this practice
in the link in the description. I hope you enjoyed this video and try doing
this practice. Come back on Thursday next week to watch our
next video. Thanks for watching! See you next time! Swim fast!

26 thoughts on “Breaststroke workout #4

  1. Se agradece bastante un entrenamiento enfocado en el estilo de pecho, ya que no había encontrado algo similar. Gracias 👍

  2. I started teaching my son to actually swim within the past year. He has progressed quite nicely but on the breaststroke kick he tends to invert his feet instead of pointing them outward, thus it looks like a wide dolphin/butterfly kick. You have any tips or dry land workouts he can do to get this tendency to end?

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  4. Thank you Skills NT for uploading this workout videos, I have problem with breaststroke. After doing this work out I feel some improvements on my breaststroke. Thank You this work out really helped me.

  5. I have a weak underwater kick and i have been swimming like a year ago not all days i was relaxed like 1 week then i quit for a month until this year.
    I go to gym, im 15 years old.
    That is a very big problem i can make a better time but my kick dont let me help me pls.
    my times only on 25m

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  7. Hi, SkillsNT is about the best presentation I have come across. Great Job guys! I try breast stroke but have a problem with coordination. I can coordinate fairly well when I don't include breathing. But when I do the drill with the head bobbing for breathing, my timing gets distorted. How can I improve this? Thanks

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