Breakfast and Weight Gain

Breakfast and Weight Gain

Hey everyone, lovely to see you and welcome to another Saturday Strategy. I’m your personal holistic nutritionist Abbey Gibb and this is FitLife TV. In today’s episode, it is about how you are sabotaging your breakfast leading to weight gain. I know you’re like, can I cut a break over here? I thought I was supposed to eat breakfast? Speed up my metabolism? Yes, but there’s a couple things that you could potentially be doing wrong. Number one, you’re eating it too many carbs too much sugar and then not enough protein and fat. So we’ll talk about three of the big kinds of breakfast that most people do, and how to hack them tired girl style so you can continue to speed up that metabolism the way that you’re supposed to because breakfast is really important. The first one comes with oatmeal. We do love oatmeal because it goes nice and slow through your blood sugar, it’s a complex carb. Instead of making it with water though, think about adding some more protein. So we want to add some sort of like almond milk, something like that in there, and then adding a little bit more fat and that’s why I love Sunbutter. Have you heard of Sunbutter? It’s sunflower seeds made into instead of almonds or something else, right? Just another option instead of peanut butter too. And then topping it with what we call low glycemic fruits – something that doesn’t have a ton of sugar in it that is going to keep your blood sugar nice and level through the day. So I like to add things like strawberries, blueberries my favorite, I try to have blueberries every single day, and then some sort of fiber added in as well which will keep you fuller longer – chia seeds, pepitas, anything like that. The next one – if you are a toast-and-coffee kind of person, this is a judge-free zone, that’s fine! You do you, boo! But here’s the thing, you want to be able to add a little bit more fat and protein back in, right? That’s the key combination! So here we have avocado toast, that’s about a fourth of an avocado in the morning. Or you can also think about adding Sunbutter in as well. And then add it with a little bit more protein and fat, have a hard-boiled egg! This is a perfect way to start the day. And then the last one if your cereal kind of person or your kids are super cereal kind of person, instead, I want you to take a handful of the cereal and put it into a non-dairy yogurt. So I like coconut yogurt personally. And then again, the low glycemic fruits are going to be huge. And you can essentially make your own little parfait along the way. So you could definitely meal prep these, put them in a jar if you wanted to and then eat off of it for a few days. So again, these are the reasons that you’re starting to see, maybe you’re gaining weight even though you think you’re doing really well, is that you’re having too many of these carbs. Let me give you one more tiny piece of science before I let you go, okay ? So what happens for many people is that they tell me, “Okay, I ate my breakfast, and I’m starving about 10 minutes later. Why is that?” Well, for many people they’re not processing their carbs correctly. Their insulin levels – what helps to process that? It’s too high to start with. So they wake up in the morning, kind of jittery already, their blood sugars having a little bit of an issue. And then they have a bunch of carbs, just carbs alone like a cereal or toast. That boosts your insulin levels even more, it will crash mid-morning, leading you to be starving by about 10 am. So that’s why we want to add in things like protein and fat to make it level so that you can make it until lunch. Okay? That’s it. Another Saturday Strategy. I’m your personal holistic nutritionist, Abbey Gibb, until next time, have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Breakfast and Weight Gain

  1. I eat like this every morning. I sometimes use fresh cooked apple instead of berries in my oatmeal plus almond milk. Sometimes adding walnuts. I'm not hungry most of the day afterwards, I keep hard boiled eggs at the ready just in case. When using apples and berries I use a larger ratio of fruit to grains. topping the warm fruit with the oatmeal, sometimes I opt for a buckwheat pancake with berries.

  2. I like my green juice. I am just not willing to give that light beautiful feeling up for something that sits in my stomach like a brick and makes me feel heavy and weighed down instead of light and alive.

  3. I've just made up my mind to have a healthy lifestyle. As a parent I want my kids to follow the example. They are now reading the labels for the real nutrients. I have fell in love with colorful fruits and veggies. My husband is even jumping on this lifestyle change. 2 months of introducing new fresh veggies to my household. Weekly trips to the farmers market give us time to explore and buy new foods. Grateful for this channel. I am very mindful of breakfast …. typically after intermediate fasting I'll have one of Drew's green smoothies. God bless

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