oh wait welcome back to our YouTube
channel Spain as I’m out here today with my beautiful girlfriend Leslie out here
today and here today and we are in my dad’s gymnastics gym flipping
cheerleading gym guys no one is in here we have the entire thing Oh empty to
ourselves now fasten trying to learn a lot more gymnastics lately and she’s
been getting a lot better so she wanted to call me out to a little gymnastics
challenge births me you know I think my girlfriend is about to go down guys you
don’t even know it’s about to happen to you guys before we get into this video
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okay babe are you ready to get your bucket ready okay first of all I’m ready
to kick your butt you’re not kicking no but you can’t even get your foot my hip
oh okay I take that back okay so basically this is how it’s gonna work we
were gonna do the exact same thing I’m gonna go one round she’s gonna go one
round and then you guys are gonna pick because we have no judge you guys are
the judge round by round pick is the girlfriend winning a faff or a team
shark the boyfriend you already know boys rule your teen esteem cringe make
this game super interesting we’re gonna add in a little pot twist guy so
basically the winner of this game is gonna get an early Christmas present so
Christmas is in a couple weeks guys we’re super excited and whoever wins
first is going to get a prize whoever doesn’t win is I gonna give their prize
yeah I’m getting a Christmas gift this is my thing I do flips okay enough
talking we’re gonna get into these dumbasses challenges let’s go
all right so um I have a really good challenge guys what’s up how far can you
walk on your hip okay guys comment down below if you’re sick of him showing off
showing um how far can you walk on your hand go first where do I start right
here yeah all right we’re gonna see how far I can walk on my hands you ready
yeah I am sore I did upper body like all day no one I just hear excuses okay all
right okay okay basically he made it right here three four panel mats full
panel Matt’s made it to the end I babe how far can you walk on your hand and
now look if I win this you got to give me an early Christmas present guys I’m
about to get early Christmas present I’m pumped I never said how you had to walk
on your hands wait what do you mean no way are you
serious oh my gosh that does not count go back go back and you came up right
here so even if you’re finding that guys they wanna but they want to see you go
for this I said gymnastics challenge you can’t not do it
she was trying to find little cheating ways out let’s see how far she makes it I’m gonna do it the way Jack did at
which you know was not part of the rules uh okay that’s what you thought let’s go
come on you only have to make it to the fourth line go go go you gotta actually
try all right you guys are probably wondering like why should it make it
three feet huh you got it I believe in you babe come on
come on okay I you know what it is clear and obvious who won that round I’m not
even going to show any more of that senseless you guys don’t want to see
that you want to see the actual thing so comment down below okay it’s okay babe I
love you but comment down below who won round number one the boy short or my
girlfriend sighs I get points for being clever yeah it’s very quiet here no one
clapped okay anyways no I hold on hold on let me look under the leg of this
chair yeah I can’t find anyone who cares okay you know what it’s all good babe I
love you I so guys comment down below who won round
number one of the boyfriend vs. girlfriend gymnastic challenge remember
the winner of this game is gonna get an early Christmas present I want to know
what I’m getting for Christmas early cuz I’m gonna win okay round number two
ready because she came up with round number one I’m gonna come up with round
number two okay baby you ready I was born ready are you ready she wasn’t born
ready I’ll see those hands to and wall tell gathers and other stories anyway so
we are gonna go anywhere in here and do your highest flip you can go round if I
can swing chug I can flip now so well there’s spring boards in here we have
trampolines spring forward rod for what were you
gonna go babe um first of all you’re going first
okay even though I’m not really actually winning right now but I I’m about to
ascend into the climates of a methodical miscellaneous universe that exists above
our craniums because um so before we do this I hear oh you’re getting a running
start I think that’s unfair honestly you know my foot so I went easy on the fat
because I didn’t want to do my highest foot so that one was like this high
maybe head high trying to give her a chance you know this got to get a little
more interesting let’s go where’s your flip all right P you got it oh you did
flip oh well I jumped so high literally was like this high yeah babe no you know what that was a
good front flip I mean Who am I to judge because I I mean it was pretty oh my
gosh you got it round number two let’s see if you can redeem yourself
boom I don’t know about after all those squats this morning bye guys comment
down below who won round number 2 for the girlfriend vs. boyfriend gymnastics
challenge you already know it’s obvious okay round number three let’s get it and
you know what I think if I win three in a row I should just go ahead and get my
early Christmas what okay first of all who said you won the first and second
round nobody commented yet so you don’t know eyes we’re gonna be in the comments
section also guys today’s keyword is couples gymnastics challenge combat
couples to Nasik challenge down below it’s really three words and I’ll take
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down below all right let’s go round number three she’s finished I’m about to
get these presents guys jack is trying to flex on me honestly and I’m getting
sick of its ability I’m gonna get flexible okay so this round is gonna be
who can be at low to the ground with their right splits babe okay I’m bout to
win this one two guys I’m more flexible yeah I almost choked while laughing oh
my gosh okay let’s see it that’s it oh wait you got it like square your hips up
that is a no wait that does not even count what I how low are you to the
ground let’s see okay all of you watching you are gonna judge look how
low she is to the ground I’m gonna go now babe that was okay okay okay that
was amazing okay okay well you know what I want to show you what real amazing is
are you ready these shoes are coming off because you
know this is getting real right now are you ready are you you can’t beat me in
this okay that was cool like style points I
guess but like I definitely know better I flipped into it guys coming up one
round number three you already know what it is you know what give me a kiss yeah
no I’m winning okay you’re cute but you’re not all right guys round number
four a fast is going down you guys already know my girlfriend needs to have
practice her gymnastics but it’s okay because she’s gonna start for round
number four which is basically gonna be who can do the fastest cartwheels from
this line all the way down to the end of that line so you have the entire floor
and we’re gonna time it so we’re gonna see who’s faster okay let’s see how long
it takes you know no there’s a timer on the screen everyone can count I’m ready
I don’t know if you’re ready guys she’s even listen I’m gonna win what if I said
triple back Big Dawg okay you’re going to the last purple line on the black
panel for you got it one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven
twelve that was 12 seconds I was okay but you’re gonna the whole room is just
spinning and just everywhere ah she sees stars right now how do you
feel like I won here okay come hold the camera I’m gonna show you who’s ghetto
in round number four you’re finished that was cute I was a good attempt we
didn’t win okay you know I’ll go from this side ready and three two one guys
it took him 16 oh my gosh you guys have to vote tell us who was
the girlfriend first boyfriend gymnastic challenge at a pfaff win or shark guys
calm down below right now and also comment the keyword down below which was
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pick one of you to give a shout out to no way alright we want to know who’s
getting the early Christmas gifts so comment down below right now who won the
entire gymnastic challenge and we’re gonna pick one person to do a surprise
gift video because we’re gonna have to see who wins but you guys have to let us
know only you guys can anyways guys thanks for watching this video make sure
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all right shark gang i won let you guys stay and winning and flipping


  1. Sorry affaf, but you were kind of salty about jaxck being better than you. So my choice is Jack. Couples Gymnastics Challenge

  2. Affaf literally one like she was like probably 3 inches away from the floor like it was literally obviously 3 inches away from the floor

  3. I
    The is it the same as it looks so the other two people who want me I don’t think πŸ’­ the day is going well I am sta is the day you were coming in the

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