Better than Gymnastic Rings? Possibly

Better than Gymnastic Rings? Possibly

Couple of months ago, I was sitting at my desk, watching youtube when Casey Neistat uploads a video called “MY DREAM PRESENT IS HERE”. That was back when he was vlogging, before he started his completely new ‘368’ project. This channel’s going to be completely new comlpetely fresh, completely different not like a new channel, I’m using this channel The content, completely new content structure a new schedule, a new everything Dude, it’s the same vlogs he was doing before Anyway, going back to that video. I start watching it and the moment I see this shot, my eyes immediately are drawn to a familiar shape. Is that gymnastic rings? What’s wrong with them, they look different. I watched the whole video and he didn’t say a word about it, however luckily for me the brand name was visible. Kind of. I checked what’s the highest resolution and that was the moment when I thought to myself: “Thank you for doing these videos in 4k, that’s very useful”. Funnily enough, that was the one and only moment I had that thought. 4K videos on Youtube – in case you need to read a small blurry name in one of the frames. Anyway, I’m getting side tracked too often here. So I’m trying to decipher the name, but the font is not making it easy for me. I tried different combinations and after some time I finally managed to find the product. The rings are called Fingerschinder pi r² and they are basically gymnastic rings with a twist – they are designed for climbers and allow you to train the fingers and the grip. Alright, that’s a cool idea. So I hit them up and ask if they want to send them to me to test it out and they agreed. There was some delay in shipping because of they didn’t have the mounting straps yet, but in the end I received the package and here it is. That’s a wrong package! There’s not much to say about the product itself. They are just like regular 28 mm wooden gymnastic rings, but have a thicker grip on one side with 3 notches for finger grip training inside it. These notches have different depth, so the difficulty of each one is different. By the way, I didn’t realize how filthy my old rings are. When you compare these two, one is pure and innocent like a virgin and the other one is like a 60 year old hooker. There are two things that I’m gonna be testing to see if they are better than gymnastic ri… I’m sorry I cannot say that. I’m gonna be testing it out to see if the product holds up to the expectations. First I need to be able to use them for the same exercises that I use regular rings for. And secondly, the additional feature of finger grip training has to make sense. If they can do the same things just as good and offer something else on top of it, then maybe they can be considered as superior product. They aren’t off to a good start though, because you cannot use them for the saudi arabia head scarf costume. That’s a big flaw. Now let’s get to the testing phase. Every hanging exercise is going to work exactly the same, that’s obvious. My one and only concern was whether that additional element inside the ring is somehow going to get in the way when doing dips or muscle ups. As it turns out, it does. hen you’re doing dips or push ups and you rotate the rings to lock out the elbows, that extra element presses into your bone and it hurts. It’s not like it makes it impossible to perform these exercises, but it’s not comfortable. However if you don’t rotate your wrists after each rep, it’s fine. Apart from this one small issue, these rings can be used exactly the same as the regular ones. Ok, now let’s move on the the finger grip training feature. I did some rock climbing and bouldering in the past and I am climbing stuff every occasion I get. Hell, I even have my own pair of climbing shoes. Haven’t used them for 3 years, but it accounts for something, right? Well, not really. Turns out these grips are so small and my fingers so weak, I could barely do anything. At first I tried the middle depth grip and I wasn’t able to hang even. When using the deepest grip, I was able to do a pull up or two, but it’s super difficult. When using the deepest grip, I was able to do a pull up or two, but it’s super difficult. If you’re just starting out, you’re gonna have a hard time using it. If you’re already climbing then it’s great, because there’s a lot of room for progression. You can do pull ups, front levers and all that fun stuff climbers do. So to conclude – if you’re an aspiring climber and you want to practice your finger grip strength very easily, these rings are great. Not only can you train your fingers, but also the rest of the body just like with regular rings. However if you don’t rock climb and were thinking about getting rings, then don’t bother with these. Most probably you won’t use the finger grips, so regular rings would be a better choice. Thanks for watching guys, hope you liked the video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. How will the carryover be effective? Climbing walls do not rotate 180 degrees. Is it meant to be friendly to beat up shoulders?

  2. Dave I love your videos, your humour and the useful info you present. Keep at it, really looking forward to the next video. Any chance of me and you training at the open gym, in my nearby park in South London?…ha ha ha

  3. Dude!!! What an awesome product! I'm sitting here wondering why this hasn't been done before because it makes a lot of sense.

  4. I saw the rings on kickstarter and taught of buying a pair. Thanks for the review. Your videos are getting better and better πŸ˜‰

  5. The DIY Trx handles are the best handles and can be made for less than $10. If you want to really train your fingers nothing beats towel rows/pull ups. The towel allows you to clench your fist all the way working out all the small joints in the fingers.

  6. Dav you should get an MMA license and fight in the UFC against Khabib Nurmagomedov for the title.

  7. Wonder how good that pure and innocent doll is for finger grip strength πŸ˜‚ died when you showed that

  8. Dude WTF hahahahaha Wrong package, pure inocent virging?? 60 year old hooker? XD You Just earned a new suscriber.

  9. Good job man. Keep on going plsss I wanna ask you about the referance of your glasses thanks bro and good luck to you

  10. 3:35 what are you using to suspend your rings from? Do you have hooks in your doorway or something similar?

  11. It seems great system, but very expensive for pair a rings and strap , and won’t suit most of the beginner.

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