Best Push Up Workout: Chest & Abs

Best Push Up Workout: Chest & Abs

>>MARK: Hey, it’s Mark from
and so, I wanted to show you a push-up work out cuz’ I’ve already showed you how to do a proper
push-up and also 10 different variations and now I want to tie everything together. This push-up work out is actualyl pretty basic
in terms of the movements, I tend to think that a lot of the time
the basic work outs are the most effective. We are starting with a wide grip then
we are gonna go to a standard or medium grip and then a closed grip. And we are gonna
do that as a circuit and you are also gonna be alternating with abs movements, so that you
do a push-up and then an abs movement which really engages your core intensely, and I think you
are gonna feel it really well, and so let me know
what you think, here’s the work out.

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  1. this is the best workout i have ever seen.
    i just have a question ……. Should i do them everday or shall i take days rest in between?

  2. @MrYalabena – Thanks for the comment. I think doing this workout 2-3x per week is fine, so I would give yourself one day of rest between should be fine. The only thing is to make sure you are also doing squatting, lunging, and pulling motions each week as well. For more info, check out my BuiltLean facebook page if you are on facebook search for "builtlean'

  3. @JMFamousCrewBoy – The idea is to complete as many reps as you can with good form for each exercise. You can also keep a record of the number of reps to help you improve over time. I'm unable to include a link in the comment field, but I have a full article with more detail on this exact workout routine on my website. I have a link to the article in the description of the video. Good luck!

  4. Nice man!! Thanks for all the tips. Just one question. How can you fix a slightly uneven chest? Say one side is wider than the other.

  5. @Multianimefreak14 – Sorry for the VERY late reponse! If by uneven/wider, I take it to mean you have either a strength, or muscle imbalance, not a physiological/structural difference between the two sides in terms. I would focus on making sure your right and left sides as you do the push up are identical. If your right shoulder is lower than your left shoulder as you do push ups, that could lead to a strength, or muscle imbalance. Chest/upper traps massage + DB chest press can help.

  6. My guess is 1-3, just be sure you are complementing the pushing and core movements with other movements like squat, lunge, and pulls.

  7. Insanity + another workout? Isn't that overkill? I gained nearly 10 pounds on Insanity. I had to stop or the pounds would've continued to climb. It was too much for my body so my cortisol levels increased causing me to store fat. I guess my heart rate needs to stay in the 120-130 range. Insanity brought it up to the 150-160 range. (My max heart rate is 185.)

  8. Great video, sounds like a great workout, but I was just wondering what you meant about going to failure. Because if you do as many say wide push-ups as you can, and then do the ab movement, I would think that the number of normal grip push-ups would be a lot lower than it could be. Is this the point, or am I mis-understanding the going to failure part?

  9. Yes, that's exactly the point. To stimulate your muscles, which helps them get stronger and stimulates greater calorie burn.

  10. I've answered this question a few times in the comments already see @alexthe89 – but here's the short answer – My guess is 1-3 times per week, just be sure you are complementing the pushing and core movements with other movements like squat, lunges, and pulls.

  11. For each exercise, do as many reps as you can with good form until you can't do anymore. However many reps you get, you get. The other option is to shoot for a given number, say 10 reps each exercise and do the entire workout that way, but I prefer the former.

  12. Nope, that's not advisable to complete the workout 6, or 7 times per day if I am understanding your correctly. I would do this workout 2-3x per week, then switch it up with other workouts that require your legs/back etc.

  13. Well I have a competing product to P90x so I generally don't promote it. But you certainly can get a well built chest with a sufficient volume of pull ups along with a solid nutrition program.

  14. My wrist also hurts a lot while doing push ups, so I just put my hands on some soft area, but be carefull

  15. I tried this workout and it was more exhausting and took much longer than it looked in your vid but i liked it and it was simple to follow. It has made my abs sore but then that's a good thing. I'm gonna try more of your workouts.

  16. thank you very much for the info, this is awesome =)

    Quesiton: is it ok to increase the tempo to 1/.5s if you want to look more lean and less bulky, or does speeding up ruin the ab component?

  17. I don't think it will make much of a difference in terms of losing fat. Fat loss is made in the kitchen. Eat less calories and it will help you lose fat. For more info, check out the free Get Lean Guide available on the BuiltLean website.

  18. Hi! I'm a guy with an ectomorphic body type, however when I wear t shirts with my jeans, I feel like I am giving off somewhat of a pear-shaped body type because there isn't enough of a V shape in my torso, or my hips are big. Do you have any tips and exercise suggestions that I can do to help this situation?

  19. Builtlean should I do this every day, or every other day? What is the rest period for this routine? I dont want to do too much or too little

  20. TheKlyde, I would recommend that you do this workout 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days. Rest for 1-2 minutes between each circuit. Remember, you want to work all of your muscle groups every week. BuiltLean primarily uses total body workouts for the greatest fat burning effect. You can do this push-up/ab circuit as part of a total body workout, otherwise be sure to include back and leg exercises at some point during the week as well.

    Kristin, CPT, CHC
    BuiltLean Coach

  21. Got a question. I see that your forearms are perpendicular to the ground. I can feel the tension move upward as I try to make my forearms perpendicular. Sometimes I angle my forearms, and I can feel the tension on my elbows. Any suggestions to keep my forearms perpendicular? Also, when doing triangle pushups (or diamonds), do you need to make the forearm perpendicular? It's kind of hard doing that with diamond pushups.

  22. The angle of your arm is related to flexibility and mobility. If you notice your arm is perpetually bent at an angle and you feel a stretch through your arm when you straighten it out, it's an indication that your shoulders, pecs, and biceps are tight. To correct that, you can roll the tight muscle groups with a tennis or soft ball or get a deep tissue massage, and strengthen your back/postural muscles. In short, stretch your chest and strengthen your back.

  23. what advice do you have for foods/supplements for having more energy during routines? I can do them I just get exhausted quickly. Not as in tired, but I just don't have energy I work 48 hours a week and can't diet the way I want

  24. @Kim: I would recommend doing this workout twice per week as a part of a total body workout program. As a part of a well-rounded exercise program, you should work each muscle in your body a couple times per week. If you do this chest and ab workout, during another workout you should also do some exercises for your back and legs. Ideally, in your workout program you will practice a squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, and bend to hit each major muscle group in your body.

  25. Im a little confused here. So first I do the wide hand push up to failure and then work the abs and then back to the mid hand push up? Or is there a set number I should do for each?

  26. I likes this workout very easy you not oning do one exercise you doing both I like that plus I work on my legs the next day and its works I do it one times a day because am working on the other parts on my body I let my muscles heals I do not do the same exercise every day I do some else this workout is great

  27. I'm slim 133lb with the average teenage fat. how long will it take me to get abs doing 100 push ups every every f s and Sunday?

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