10 thoughts on “Best Protein sources FODMAPs

  1. just use bv biological value index which whey is 100 and also has most bcaas , meat is like 73 so not the best also with 2 less bcaa out of 21 compared to whey, or use eggs which is 100 aswell.

    i prefer concentrate over isolate due to 2x longer to absorb at about 4 hours and costs far less

  2. Completely on the wrong path – look at 7000 studies showing whole food plant based diet to prevent all desease and lose weight

  3. Awesome! Thanks 🙂 I agree with all of this except the soy protein. Soy can be dangerous for some people, since it increases estrogen levels. Men, children, and pregnant/breastfeeding mothers should avoid soy for the most part. A bit of soy sauce, etc "won't kill you," but be cautious to not overdo it. (Disclaimer: this is just from what I understand and have learned; I am not a professional. Do your research though, please – for your own good.)

  4. Thank you for these fodmap videos. I don’t eat meat or dairy and am trying to figure out the source of my digestion issues – your offering of vegan options helps immensely.

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