Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss for Women – 3 Things to Consider

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss for Women – 3 Things to Consider

so what is the best protein powder for
weight loss for women I got three things to consider when choosing your protein
powder coming up what is up 4 Faith family thank you
for tuning in to this video on 4 Faith fitness we talk about weight loss and
fat loss and that is it my only goal is to help you to reach your goals and end
that cycle of negativity associated with weight loss so if you’re new to the
channel please consider subscribing so the best protein powder for weight loss
for men or for women is really going to be the same this really applies to women
because it can be difficult for women to get the amount of protein they need if
they’re not meat lovers like a lot of men tend to be from animal sources and
so protein powder can really help you reach your protein goal which is
essential to your weight loss if you’re not reaching your protein goal you are
going to be losing weight at least slower but it really can shut down your
weight loss altogether so I’m going to give you three things to consider when
picking out a protein powder for your weight loss so the first thing to
consider is casein or whey protein you might have heard of both you might have
only heard of one you might not re– you might have been like I didn’t know there
was different kinds of protein powder and whey protein what you’re going to
see from whey protein is something that’s very fast digesting that’s good
for before and after workouts that’s good to increase calorie burn around
workouts and to fuel your workouts to ultimately help you lose weight but
casein protein is really good for something like overnight where you want
to spare that muscle you don’t want your body in that heavily fasted state where
it’s eating away at the muscle and so casein protein can give a steady release
of amino acids which will prevent the the eating of that muscle or the
breakdown of that muscle and ultimately lead to more weight loss there so they
both really help so what do I recommend well I recommend this is the the protein
powder that I that I use here I could find the front of it and it’s cookies
and cream we’re going to talk a little bit more about flavor later but this
particular protein powder if you can see here it has (this is hard backwards) it has three types
of whey protein don’t really look in the details of you know hydroxylate isolate
and concentrate and so it has three different types of whey protein egg
albumin whatever that is and then you got casein protein down here and so it
has a little of every it looks like it has more whey than it
does casein and and so that’s perfect for me I like to take that around my
workouts and if I need something late at night then I have a fast release of
amino acids which will give me that protein if I’m short on my protein goal
and then I got that casein as well a slower release of amino acid so
considering which one is is important if you have to pick one if you can’t get
something like this and I want to put the link to that in the description if
you want to get it but if you have to pick one I would go with weigh because
you want to time that around your workouts and and make your best bet is
to increase the calorie burn during your workouts and have awesome workouts that
fuel calorie burn for the next two days the best way to do that is get energy to
your muscles before and after the workout I would recommend timing-wise
if you had to choose one to take it after to help your muscles heal and to
get them the nutrients they need so the second thing that I want you to consider
when picking out your protein for weight loss is the amount of protein and the
amount of other stuff in it or fillers and I don’t necessarily mean ingredients
that you don’t really know the name of although you probably should look at the
ingredient label and and you know if there’s a huge list of stuff that you’re
like I don’t know what any of that is in general avoid that but what I’m talking
about is sugars and and carbohydrates mainly so a lot of protein powders will
kind of be disguised as protein powders when really they’re an all-around work
out almost like a pre-workout without the caffeine and so on this protein
powder here I’m not going to show you the label I can just read it to you real
quick the main thing that there is you got a little bit of cholesterol in there but
there’s 100 milligrams of sodium and then all of it is protein got 25 grams
of protein and 2 grams of sugar and so that’s what I look for something really
low on sugar a lot of protein powders are I should say some protein powders
will make their protein drink taste good because of all the sugars they add and
so you don’t really want all those calories come from sugar when you’re
looking for a protein drink for a protein powder or protein shake you want
that protein if you want sugars I mean you can add in fruits and stuff you know
you don’t need sugars in your protein drink so the last thing to consider is
the taste you have to like it if you’re going to
stick to it and you’re going to drink it and you’re going to utilize it otherwise
it’ll end up being a waste of money chocolate that’s a staple that’s pretty
good if you don’t if you don’t know if you like the taste of protein protein
powder always has a taste people have drinking it before or have
drinking it regularly know what I’m talking about that will never go away no
matter at least I’ve never found one that it goes away no matter the flavor I
mean from orange chocolate vanilla all the way to the one that I have here
cookies and cream you’re going to have that protein powder taste it’s not
necessarily bad some people really don’t like it but whenever excluding that
whenever you’re talking about flavors typically chocolate vanilla those are
safe staples to be able to put other things in and make a good shake but if
you’re looking for something to mix with just water and you want to enjoy it and
wants to take like the chocolate protein powder mixes water just to me just
doesn’t taste good watery chocolate milk is kind of how it
is and it just doesn’t taste very good to me I’m not looking to add those
calories with milk and and a bunch of fruit and stuff now sometimes I will if
that’s what I’m going for like a post-workout shake with carbohydrates in
it or something but if I’m looking for just protein to get some protein which
is mainly what you’re going to using protein powder for you want to be as
close to just protein as possible which we just talked about and you want
the flavor to be good enough to be able to stand on its own and so again going
back to the protein that I am recommending and not many of them
will work by no means is this a miracle protein powder or anything in fact you
don’t even need protein powder to be honest so but going back to this this is
cookies and cream and whenever I first saw it my wife actually got it she
wanted it for her and I never would have gotten cookies and cream just because
you know I just stuck to chocolate but it really is good it’s really good it’s
easy to drink and it kind of tastes like a treat which is nice whenever your
protein post-workout shake tastes like a reward I mean that’s awesome
and so that is I highly recommend that the price is good for how much you’re
getting I believe it’s somewhere around 40 bucks for this and maybe 50 and
again I’ll link it in the description so that you can check it out but it’s from
MusclePharm and it has 25 grams protein different kinds of protein which is
something I really like about it the ingredient label looks good to me the
fillers there isn’t hardly any fillers it’s pretty much just protein and so
this one just hits all those check marks but if you are not going to get that and
the things that I listed are important checking for the fillers making sure you
like the flavor which you only can really find out you know after you try
it maybe just get the smaller one at first and then the first tip which was
casein versus way I like them both in there but if you have to only choose one
I would go with whey protein so that is all for this video guys thank you for
tuning in for which protein powder helps you lose weight
I hope you’ve gotten some value from the video and if you did please give me a
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2 thoughts on “Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss for Women – 3 Things to Consider

  1. I can't mix protein powder with water. It makes me sad. I have to do almond milk or something. My brain / taste buds can't handle watery protein powder. I love MP products. They are solid! Thanks for more great content.

  2. I had tried whey and the MP combat and I love them both. I usually mix it with either water or 1% fat milk and both taste the same.

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