what’s going on this is Derek Dusynski
national level bodybuilder, currently getting ready for the NPC Nationals
currently I’m about five weeks out. today we’re doing the Best Chest in the West
workout for you guys upper chest is the most important part
because it’s what stands out the most so you want to you want to really grow
the upper chest as much as possible that’s why I try to focus more on incline
movements than I do on flat or decline movement and that’s why I did pretty much four
incline exercises today we’re Metroflex Gym in Long Beach warm-up hit a couple sets on the Hammer
Strength incline press I just start with a lower weight I have just worked
my way up and that kind of warms me up in the process. starting out with a
plate and then you know just working it all the way up to about four or four and
a half plates on there for the heaviest set second exercise is a plate loaded flat
bench press machine I started out with like two plates and
then just kind of work my way up for my heaviest set usually my my presses and my heavier
exercise I start with a little bit lower weight and I work my way up into the
really heavier sets because that way it gets my joints warmed up the third exercise it’s a new one I’ve
never done this one before it was kind of like a hammer strength
incline but the grip got really narrow up at the top and a little bit
wider at the bottom this different it was interesting but I
got a really good you know good contraction and get squeezed with the
top the grip with you use on different exercises you know it’s also going to
make a difference in the part of the chest that you hit and the squeeze that
you get sometimes at the top of the movement we moved on to plate loaded dip machine
the angle of your upper body is going to play a huge role because the more you
lean back the more you’re going to use the triceps
the more you lean into it and roll your shoulders forward the more it’s going to
focus on your chest the seat then goes high enough so I had to kind of stand up
the whole time on it and really lean into it and then we moved on to incline dumbbell
flyes and I lost count how many sets I did on there I just kept trying
to go up and up and up kind of focus on going as heavy as I
could on those ones I usually try to work to failure by the end of every
exercise my last set on every exercise because I feel like if I don’t reach
failure by the end of every exercise it almost feels like a wasted effort you know it’s feeling good so we just
get moving up and that’s why I kind of lost track of the number of sets because
it just felt like I can do more it is I guess supposed to be a
finisher for most people but for me it just it works out that I can go heavier
and feeling better finally just to finish off and go a
little bit higher raps and and just work a little bit more blood into the muscle
just a machine flies for three quick sets something like 15 20 reps for each of
those sets and yeah that was the finisher so yeah it was pretty taxing especially
with the posing as well but but good I think I’ll be fairly sore tomorrow

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  2. seems like every person on here has some bad shit to say and not one mention to how big this fucker is and the work he puts in. you fuckin panzi little cry baby bitches should learn how to break a sweat when you work

  3. uuugh the muscles give me the creeps why I'm I watching this anyways? I think that person might kill himself it so scary

  4. not trying to hate…props to getting to where you are…but best in the west? no…i see black guys out here in Cali with naturally better chests… : /

  5. every one has upper chest issue, unlike me, I have little bit lower chest problem I need to rid off the little bit fat round that.

  6. On what planet is this the best chest? ROFLMAO  And of course, 1/4 rep, 4 plate incline hammer presses, so "let's add another plate".  When I see a guy miss a bench with 315 and then get up and add another plate per side, I walk away quickly, before he asks me to spot him with a 150 pound upright row. lol

  7. Wow this guy puts in the work. Thanks for the video man I will definitely finish strong on the butterfly machine from now on. I liked and subscribed

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  9. Who is this guy, the machine bro or something. Where's the incline/flat/decline barbell and dumbbell presses. Those are the real exercises that have been proven to build mass.

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