Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and Schwarzenegger in Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)  subtitled

Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and Schwarzenegger in Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008) subtitled

– ( gunshot )
– COMMENTATOR: And it’s a fair start.
1988, Seoul, Korea.
A Canadian sprinter
Ben Johnson
defeated his archrival
Carl Lewis
in the 100-meter sprintto become the fastest man
in history.
MAN: It sure got our spirit up.Just great.
Hey, Benny!CHRIS:
But 24 hours later
he tested positive
for steroids
and they gave the gold
medal to our guy, Carl Lewis.
COLLINS: There was an
international uproar
over the idea
that this Canadian sprinterhad gotten an advantage
based on his use
of anabolic steroids
for its performance effect.
And Congress responded
by holding some hearings. Ben Johnson would not
have been in the finals. He probably would not have
been on the Olympic teamhad he not
taken steroids.
CHRIS: Congress wanted to pass
a law that would control steroids
the same way as drugs
like cocaine and heroin
and they called experts
from the D.E.A.,
the F.D.A. and the American
Medical Association.
But they all testified that
steroids should not be treated
like illicit drugs. So Congress
disregarded their experts
and in 1990 they passed the
Anabolic Steroid Control Act,
turning non-medical users
into federal drug criminals.
COLLINS: This wasn’t so
much about health effects.
It was really on what
these things do that’s good in the sense that
they build muscle, they improve the way
that people can perform. And that
in a sports context was seen
as the ultimate evil. If we took a pie chart
of steroid use and we looked at
what percentage of that pieis comprised
of athletes
it would be a very very
small slice of that pie.
The overwhelming
majority of the pie
is comprised of the
recreational gym rat
who’s doing it purely
for cosmetic reasons.
The irony is
that we’ve addressed a sports cheating issue by creating a law that affects all the folks
who aren’t cheating in sports.CHRIS: Were you taking any
sort of drugs for that race?
Not what they
fined me with, no.– But you were taking other stuff.
– Other stuff, yeah.
But isn’t that
still cheating?
Still cheating, yeah,
like everybody else.So that’s how
you justify it-
– Everybody’s cheating?
– Yes.
When I interviewed Ben
Johnson he basically said, “look, everybody was
on something. ” Well, you know, Ben-
and bless his heart, he’s got to say
everyone was on something. That’s justifying
his own means. So he has a problem
with you beating- he has a problem-
he has a problem – of, you know, me beating him.
– Yeah. When we were taking
that victory stand, we were on the stand
and he got the gold medal,he didn’t smile.
He never smiled.
He never celebrated.
And the thing is,
he couldn’t really inside share
in the joy of winning. He cheated. You cheat.
Everybody cheats. Nobody in this world
is perfect. Nobody in this life
is perfect- nobody. They know that in 1988
six Americans at least tested positive in Seoul.
And they all shut upbecause the biggest money
comes from America.
So who’s gonna
get shafted, Americans
or Ben Johnson?DR. WADE EXUM: I think that Ben
Johnson was unfairly singled out.
I think that there’s
always scapegoats.
Is there a lot of drug use
going on in Olympics?
Oh, absolutely.
Absolutely.CHRIS: Dr. Exum was the
Director of Anti-Doping
at the U.S. Olympic Committee
for 10 years.
He thought his job was
to stop drugs in sports,
but his bosses had
other priorities.
He told me that over
2000 American athletes
failed their drug tests,
including Carl Lewis,
and they were
covered up.
Nobody believes Carl Lewis
ever failed a drug test.
– Do you have any proof?
– Oh, certainly.
We have just boxes of proof
for everything that I say. There it is,
book three. Here’s a letter from
then Executive DirectorBaaron Pittenger
to Mr. Lewis.
CHRIS: “I must confirm that the
analysis for your specimen ‘B’
was positive for
pseudoephedrine, ephedrine,
And phenylpropanolee-
lamine- – Is that what is is?
– Phenylpropanolamine, yeah.IOC banned stimulants.By policy of the U.S.O.C.,
this finding is cause
for disqualification
from the Olympic team
to the 1988 Summer Olympic
Games in Seoul, Korea. “
Wow.This is basically
a letter that said that you had failed
the test and that there was a
consequence to that failure. As we all know,
that didn’t come about. You actually received
a letter, or a call- – Yes. – -that you had
failed the drug test- – Right. – -because
of some stimulants? Yeah, it was like a cold medicine type thing,
the herbal supplement. They made up this term. It
was called “inadvertent use”-an athlete took something
without meaning to take it
or without meaning to gain
an advantage from taking it.Mm-hmm.
And so they made that up
to basically kind of
let people off the hook?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah. Carl’s story is-
it’s been a cold medicine;it’s been a tea; it’s been
some kind of a nutrient.
– It’s a stimulant. – CHRIS: So
you’re saying these athletes-
they know what’s on the
banned substance list? They totally know. They are bombarded with
the banned substance list. A lot of people say
you failed the drug test, you raced against
Ben Johnson, and that maybe-
maybe the gold medal – should go to the guy next on the stand.
– I understand. There are a lot of people that are
going to go to their graves saying, “I know he did it. ” and you
know what? To hell with them.DR. EXUM: You really cannot
fault the athlete for doing that.
You can’t fault Carl
when Carl’s belief is that the system sets some rules
and that you need to follow them.And they made an
exception in his case.
They made an exception in
a lot of people’s cases.
But it’s the systemthat actually teaches
athletes to think that way.
You know, for methe whole “level playing
field” was a myth.
If we could not do anything
to take doping out of sports then doping was
meant to be in sports. The first all-drug Olympics
opened today in Bogota, Colombia. Athletes are allowed to
take any substance whatsoever before, after, and even
during the competition. Instead of paying somebody on the
black market $500 or $600 for a kit.CHRIS: Or, if you have enough
money, you can get it legally.
This is the annual convention
for the anti-aging medicine-
Booth after booth of all the
taboo performance-enhancing drugs.
Stanozolol- hey, that’s
what Ben Johnson used.
Nandrolone- isn’t that what
Shawne Merriman got caught with?
Oh, and human
growth hormone-
They say Marion Jones
was taking that.
Human growth hormone
usage has been rampant in baseball
and other sports.CHRIS: Athletes use
H.G.H. because it works
A lot like anabolic steroids.
And the best part is,
there’s no way to test for
it. Here’s how you get it.
So did the President know
that his players were
on the juice?
You’ve admitted to using
steroids in the past. Knowing what you know now
about them,– would you have done it?
– Yeah, absolutely.
The National Football League
has talked more about steroid testing
or human growth hormone. And I know
back in your day you’ve admitted
that you did that. Your stand
on that right now? I think it’s good
to do doping tests and the trick obviously
to find a way of really doing
true testing. I think that
we have to do something about the drug use
in sports. And I think it does send the
wrong message to our children.CHRIS: So Arnold wants
to crack down on steroids,
but every year he sponsors
his own bodybuilding show,
The Arnold Classic.And they don’t drug-test
at all. Isn’t it unbelievable, the
shape these guys are in, I mean, how ripped they
are, how bid they are, how cut they are, their
posing routine and everything? I’m so proud of them. I tell
you, it is really amazing.CHRIS: This year
Governor Schwarzenegger
handed over the winning
trophy to Victor Martinez,
a guy who was busted
for selling steroids
just a couple
of years ago.
And a few days
before this competition
he was implicated
in another steroid scandal.
The bodybuilder
who won a competition sponsored by Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger this past weekend has been linked to a
steroid investigation.A spokesman for the Governor
says Schwarzenegger did not know
of Martinez’s links
to steroids.
CHRIS: Come on, Arnold, what
do you mean you didn’t know?
Okay, let’s compare.Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger
when he was on steroids-
6’2″, 235 Ibs.And here’s
Victor Martinez,
seven inches shorter
and 15 Ibs heavier.
Give him a big hand,
come on, a big hand.CHRIS: You know, I’ve been
calling Arnold’s office
For over a year
to get an interview,
but his people
keep telling me
that his position on
steroids is very clear.
So the only way
to get an answer
was to track him down
at a place I knew
he would show up-
Muscle Beach.It was just a few weeks before
the Governor’s reelection
And Arnold went to where he
knew he could depend on support
to cement
his voting base.
This was my big chance.
I waited for hours.
And finally
there he was.
And there was
this other guy,
the tall guy, the one
in the middle. He saw me.
This is how politics
work these days.
The important thing when making
an appearance is the photo op.
The tall guy’s gonna
nod at me.
Then he’s gonna point
Arnold in my direction.
Arnold, his instincts honed
by years of being a huge star,
instantly sizes up
the situation,
the various cameras
and decides to use me to
further his reelection bid.
Look at those arms.
Look at those arms.
CHRIS: And instead of
talking about steroids
and the cheating
culture of America,
he compliments me
on my biceps
and we end up on the
cover of the L.A. “Times. “
There he is.
Oh my God.CHRIS:
Not that I mind.
After all, it was kind
of like a dream come true.
Son of a bitch.CHRIS: But I still have all
these unanswered Everything I have-
my career, my success,
my family- I owe to America.CHRIS:
This is America.
We’re the greatest
country in the world.
You could call us
a nation on steroids.
But what are those
long-term side effects?
For me
and my brothers
steroids are not
the problem.
They’re just another
side effect
of being American.¶ oh, superman,
where are you now? ¶
¶ when everything’s
gone wrong somehow ¶

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  1. I see all the white Canadians cheering for Ben Johnson. Somehow it seems unseemly. Only black men can compete in this event. It is so obvious that it is only for black men, that whites do not have a chance. It might be nice to think that the whites are cheering for just another Canadian, but there is more to it than that.

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