Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with bodybuilder Martin Rowlands

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with bodybuilder Martin Rowlands

while this day for a photoshoot so I've come back to you fit in Cardiff Cardiff super gym I love shooting here great place and I've come to shoot with a personal trainer at Martin Roland's he's also a bodybuilder and he's recently been competing so and he's got another show coming up very soon so he's living in shreds Ville right now and we've spoken before the shoot and we've got plans we know what we're gonna do I think we're gonna try some dark stuff today lots of shadows and things so enjoy the rest of this video so now I'm gonna just try some portrait shots with Martin gonna go real dark and shadowy I hope so we change the the Alpha and yeah let's see what we get so we fell a nice dark to the stuff not awesome it's very other camera the setup I'm using for this is I'm shooting with a softball small softbox speed light really high up straight above Martin I've gone another layer the back as a kicker on a gel with a little blue gel on it so this add an extra drama and the color to the shots of things so uh yeah something pretty awesome so just finish the shoot where Martin went really well he was in a good condition good shape as you can see did all those different setups as we planned didn't always hit every single one but laughs how he goes yeah but I got some ones that I wasn't planning on that I actually thought came out really well so hope you liked this video if you did please comment like share subscribe and all that sort of stuff I look out for another behind the scenes video coming up soon happy days

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  2. Very much > "Liked"+Subscribed+That little bell ticked; so I get advises of new Vids 🙂 Great stuff 🙂

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