34 thoughts on “Beginner Ski Lesson #2.2 – Commitment Exercise

  1. Try this exercise I'm sure it will help the parallel happen,don't try and force the ski to come parallel commit to the downhill ski and let the inside ski slide in. Thanks hope it helps.

  2. Keep practising and bear in mind some of my advice and I'm sure you're skiing will soon become parallel all the time.

  3. Good spotting. We hadn't updated the link at the end of the film. It's been live for over a week and the link is all fixed now. Thanks

  4. Don't turn your toes towards each other think more about pushing your feet apart. The other thing that can make the skis cross is pulling your knees together to put too much edge on the skis. Hope this helps.

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  6. Not sure about ditching the ski poles; thought not having ski poles was more for small children! I did have a tendency to try to use them for stopping when I started out, but in actuality, they're really more or less a balance and comfort mechanism.

  7. I tried today and i just cant take turns. I just get the speed so high that i just fall.
    Very frustrating.

    I guess im not relaxed, im afraid of falling.

  8. Thank you I am going skiing today for the first time and I'm worried,
    But your video taught me how to ski! Thank you again

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