Beginner Shoulder Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Beginner Shoulder Workout You Can Do Anywhere

100 thoughts on “Beginner Shoulder Workout You Can Do Anywhere

  1. Great shoulder workout without any equipment. I must say Chris has surrounded himself with a great bunch of people, none of whom appear egomaniacs.

  2. That Hand stand walk against the walls looks super scary 😱. I fear falling on my back and break my spine ! Anyone who feels the same ?

  3. Hi Chris, could you please do a video on a routine that intermediate athletes can do and after a few weeks/months of doing the routine, people'll be able to perform a muscle up?

  4. Hey guys
    Awesome vid

    Add time lapse of the rest of the rounds for each video. In my opinion, I feel closer to the workout when I see you guys grind through it💪🏾💪🏾

    Till the next one

  5. whoever is reading this ~
    I wish u a good day 💜😇
    I wanna say that m a young photographer/filmmaker … If u care please show some encouragement on my last video on my channel💜💜 apreciate all

  6. Pseudo push ups for beginners xD Nice. Zero exercises for lateral (isolated) and rear delt. Hard in calisthenics to target them without equipment, but at least you could mention about this. Hard, but possible.

  7. I have been doing push up with my elbows close to my core. I have done same with all push ups. I just want to confirm if that is the correct way?

  8. Chris ♥️
    So i started with very weak core, I could not have handled boat hold for 20 seconds which is in my opinion terrible and after 2 months of whole body workout ( 3 times per week) now I started training every day except Sunday and 9 weeks has already passed away and now I progressed , not only I can do boat hold but L-sit for like 5 seconds almost , from barely 2 and incorrect form dips Im now up to 8,9,10 almost , from 2 pulll ups Im now on 5 from 2,3 chin ups myb Im now up to 8 clean chin ups, from having pain of 15 squats now I can f… do pistol 1,2 myb 3 pistol squat, from pike push up now I can wall handstand 30sec , only problem thats huge is : I cant gain on weight , I m eating like crazy, I have never eaten like this in my life , this much , and I dont eat anything junk like pizza hamburger,pancakes and so, as well as candy`s , maybe once a week some healthy candy thats ugly taste because it has like 3g of sugar and 1g of fat on 100 grams , cause I want to gain on weight with quality food like eating 0,50kg chicken for lunch (literally 0,50kg) , eating 4 bananas , drinking 1L of yogurt

    Chris thank you for your videos and advice , mad love from Croatia 🙂 xD, hope u read this, if so just leave a like so I know 😀

  9. No wonder my shoulders are weak. I’ve been doing pike push ups with elbows pointing out all this time. That tip saved my shoulder gains 5:30

  10. Please if you could SHOW US exercices with the bar fixed on the wall plzzzz and thank you ❤️❤️❤️😍😍💯💯

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